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  1. Here's something that I managed to pull off in ranked a few days back and felt like sharing. Just wanted to share. Also, while I'm at it what are your thoughts on Phoenix? I main him/her mid and it's usually really effective. I keep getting told that Phoenix is better as a support than a mid but I really disagree with that. I'd say mid wouldn't be the best choice for the team, especially if you have a mid hero that really needs farm on your team. In that case, Phoenix solo offlane should be considered to get the early levels advantage and actively gank once ult is up. Mid Phoenix is great if you're trying to shut down their mid, since he/she doesn't require items to be relevant, especially early game. I'd like to hear some opinions from you guys!
  2. Steam Name: Kill2liveand4fun (JiHeKied) how many hours/games played: 2816 hours MMR: 2339 mmr (I haven't touched ranked since I've acheived lvl 13 in Source 1) Timezone: Eastern Time availability: Weekday evenings and weekends what roles you can fill/you are most comfortable with: Jungle, semicarry, Offlane, Mid. any heroes youd like to play on team/Most comfortable heroes: I have an idea how to play any hero, but I excel most with Phoenix. dotabuff link: http://www.dotabuff.com/players/41036360
  3. Oh, I've been making some videos too. That's my newest one I've uploaded. Feel free to check out some videos on my channel too, I have a few csgo ones.
  4. Inb4 tl;dr Huehuehue I watched the 2nd match with NPO again because I love the rage of Dota2Danny. I think if you go to Jemenex's twitch you can see in his past streams where he was streaming the match. You can hear our TeamSpeak and when I flipped on that guy. That's why he quitted. He wasn't a team player and he was always arguing. I understand that some people on the team aren't that experienced with the game and I understand why he's mad. I know, I suck at the game (Not gonna lie) but he knew what he was getting into. We told him that we were just doing it for fun, and some tourney experience. He has his head up his behind raging like this was the Internationals or something. He tried to boss us around and thought he was the leader when he was just a stand-in. First tourney: yes I let him boss around and do whatever he wanted because I honestly didn't care enough. But this second time, nope. Alright, I'll stop bashing on the poor kid. He just gets over his head because his friends work at Valve or someshit. Nova, your matches were great, I might have been mad since the ragequit but overall I enjoyed the game. We knew we couldn't make it but we wanted to at least try and have fun while we're at it! GGWP Me ( Jihad-ed) as the least experienced team member right now on the team, since I spend most of my time on CSGO. I'm getting more into Dota and I'm trying to improve and widening my knowledge on more heroes. I didn't take any offence on that second game random, not at all. If Jemenex was streaming it, you can go and check, we were just confused and amused. we never take anything seriously enough to be butthurt about it later, I know things get heated when doing competitive stuff but at the end I manage to look back and laugh at it. Our team might not be as ready as yours but I'm honored to have had a match with one of the greatest teams I've ever played against. I hope we could have some private match sometime But till then, I have a lot to learn. By the way guys, since this has been asked a lot. Yes, UR2DIE is going to be definitively on the team. (Check Variloh's stream "NPO Vs Lucid Dream") Best Stand-in we had lmao PS:Both games was my first time Lich and Dark Seer. #Dofrsentries
  5. =NPO= Vs The Lucid Dream will be on Wednesday 8pm EST/ 12am GMT. Both teams USA so no lag issues <3
  6. Well, hello there! If you guys saw us play at the tourney, you would have noticed that we performed really poorly. Because we set up our own defeat. We didn't take the tournament serious at any moment and it was expected that we wouldn't have made it anywhere in it. From the inappropriate comments to the really bad plays and "strategies". This is our first Tournament and most likely won't be our last. I want to apologize to Craig910 for wasting his time, me and our whole team weren't acting mature and we were just being straight up disrespectful. I hope you forgive us. We gave a really bad name to US players (well, Florida players) on the AJSA community. Hopefully, next time we'll do better! PS:Milestone Gaming and Dwelling in Wisdom, you guys did great. Good job!
  7. Update: This match will take place at 8pm GMT
  8. OrganicFireGamers will be facing Dwelling in Wisdom at 10pm GMT *Might be earlier, will keep you guys posted
  9. Hmmm... Come closer
  10. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/nvidia-marketing-manager-killed-by-train-while-helping-man-off-tracks/1100-6417336/ I don't know how I feel about this. I don't know the guy or anything, but that's some of the bravest things to do. I believe he was a really nice guy, judging him from his actions. I don't know what else to say, I respect the guys a lot, he did a great job at Nvidia! I thought you guys would be concerned about this news.