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    Xeo Exode

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    New Hampshire
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    Dota, Fifa and Dragon Age Connoisseur.
  1. Quick question. Get game on 360 (with previous play-throughs of DAO and DA2) or on Xbox one(This will require me to buy an Xbox one) ? PC is not an option (DA on console is WAY better)
  2. We have professional team? Pls teach me how to play like professional player like Xboct (4)
  3. This patch is ridiculous.........pubs are going to get a lot more annoying thanks to the new ursa and huskar changes and lich right now in my opinion is broken. Twrs can gain frost armor??? BTW can someone explain to me the manta style change??
  4. Let the first game be a fun game to lift up spirits....like an all mid tuskar fight.
  5. Dota is all about dedication..........hard to learn, easy to improve, a nightmare to master.
  6. Dragon age franchise...........only game which i did not regret missing classes for.
  7. Nice to meet you as well mate, hoping to game with you and a lot of others in this awesome forum.
  8. I love heroes which fight like mans-singsing. Seriously tho i love heroes that can initiate by just running into 5 enemy heroes without any hesitation. !. Abbadon- my favourite hero from dota 1 because he was actually the death knight Athras. Awesome voice acting, very versatile ( play very defensive or offensive) 2.Skeleton King/Wraith King-Tanky and Reincarnation 3. Chaos Knight-I have played dota for a long time and of the few things i can say that makes me scared shitless is 6 (8 from illusion rune) full slotted chaos knights using reality rift on an opposing hero. 4. Naix-Every tanks worst nightmare. A hero I can compare myself to Xboct or Era with
  9. Lets do this, invite me for some fun gaming. Pls no furion or earth spirit
  10. Sup everyone My name is Don (I also go by Ghost or kutano) and I just recently join the angry army. I'm a huge RPG fan, super Bioware fanboy ( Dragon age is my best game) and i'm also big into games like fifa and dota 2. Hoping to meet some cool guys here to game with and wreak havoc online Right now I play a TON of Dota 2 so hit me up for party invites or what not.