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    Schererville, Indiana
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    Gaming, Video Games, Movies, My wife and kids. And no not in that order.
  1. I played this on my computer and to be honest, my computer didn't handle it very well. With the PS4 it should do way better since it is all the same platform. Plus my computer is getting old anyway. However, I will have to update it for Star Citizen which I look forward to. If you haven't heard about Star Citizen Angry Joe supports it look it up on Youtube.
  2. Sure, hopefully it is fixed by then. Right now to be honest it is great when it is working. Sucks ass when you get dropped out of a game near the end of a match due to a stupid error. Also please use your mic. I'm not a fan of players that don't communicate.
  3. Yes, also this happens during the game and when waiting for the next game. Starting to consider going back to BF3 on my PS3. But when I played one game there it was Troll central. Granted it was one game though. Also, is it just me or does anyone use their mic. Rarely do I jump in a pub and someone is using the mic that all of the systems came with. I find when I do play and I want to move as a unit to various objectives most people don't. And without comms I have no idea where they are going or doing. Yet when my team loses and they lose a lot I notice that I get killed by squads that move together. Quite frustrating.
  4. I know I'm late but YEAH to this game. It got funded like 5 days ago with 200,000 to spare. Great Job.
  5. Great thread bro. And yes, I too would like to squad up with all of you. I play a lot of engineer lately (love the the M2 Slams) I like recon too. Yes I can be a hated camper but It is mostly to set up a radio beacon behind enemy lines and spot and lase enemy targets. Not the best at sniping but getting better. In BF3 I would watch my squad spotting near by targets then try and kill them. However, I will play whatever is needed. Biggest problem I have found in this game so far (besides the bugs) is communication. Everyone has a mic yet nobody is using it. I know that will not be the case when the Angry Army squads up. Lone wolfing it is OK sometimes but is far less effective. I'm a very good little bird pilot, Good transport heli pilot, OK tank / IFV driver, Decent Attack boat driver, Riib boats, Jeeps and quads a loads of fun. Oh and the AA is a bit OP so long as no engineers catch you off guard. My PSN is the same - SilentNDeadly007
  6. Ok here we go...are you ready my PSN name for PS4 is what for it....SilentNDeadly007
  7. Sure why not...look to your left and add me.
  8. Well my PS4 has been temperamental. Thought I was cursed with the Blue Death, however after turning the whole system off like 12 times then it acted right. Then I had trouble logging into the PSN. Mainly when I had logged in on a different Wi-Fi at a friends house then back to my Wi-Fi at home it didn't pick up it up and I couldn't put it in manually. No Scan option at all, it apparently does that automatically. The power button which is not obvious at all didn't always recognize me touching it. Had to wait like 30 seconds then touch it again. Considering taking it back but since the problems aren't locking me out completely I am reluctant to do so. Now with the negatives out of the way the UI is familiar without being as rigid as the PS3. It tries to keep your most used and recent games, apps, etc in the foremost part of the UI for easy access. The controller is great save for the option button is too flush and hard to find sometimes. Has a headphone yes one headphone or ear bud that is very cheap. Came with a 7 day PS plus, 30 day music unlimited and even gave $10 for your PSN account. Aside from my BF4 being very broken on the multiplayer servers side and if my early woes don't come back to haunt me I look forward to a long time of gaming with my PS4. One in a million....sold.
  9. Man they need to patch this game quick. Looks bad when CoD comes out with nowhere near the problems of BF4. Finished the campaign and I can't even get on a server without it crashing.
  10. Yes, Path of Exile a friend turned me on to this FTP game. It is a lot like diablo without the big pricetag. Not expecting a sergeant to start a guild or anything. Just thought I would let anyone know if you want to jump in a game with me some time. My in game character name is BruneDaHammer because I bring it.
  11. IDK looks like the mecha game on steroids. Hopefully it works since the mechs look way faster and more agile then your daddy's mech warrior type of game.
  12. Oh, you haven't heard...They are coming out with the Steam Machine. Not sure how it will play out though. I wish them the best of luck.
  13. Yes this looks very good. But I had to make the hard choice and limit myself to 1 game at launch and for me that game is Battlefield 4.
  14. No problem when you get your PS4 let me know and I will try to help you out. Oh my PSN is SilentNDeadly007
  15. Hey, just thought I would start this since the PS4 is coming out in less than a week. So I thought start a thread that gets PS4 players together and make friends before the launch so we can friend each other on PSN. Then we can expand the AJSA faster. My PSN is the same as my name here. SilentNDeadly007 and no it isn't referring to James Bond farting. Although that is funny. To anyone getting a PS4 on day one send me a friend request. I look forward to playing with as many of you as I can. I plan on playing a lot of BF4 on the 15th.