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  1. I've heard of it, but never really checked it out by the looks of screenshots it appears to be a spiritual successor to STALKER
  2. I would like the ability to set up a past like mass effect and you play through the past that you selected or just do what NV did and have no past at all. and I would like to have a more realistic shooting engine, no more sponges please!
  3. So, what do you guys think of the STALKER franchise? do you like it? or do you hate it? or are you indifferent? personally I enjoy STALKER: SoC, its got some good combat and its more realistic than anything to date but it damn does it have a steep difficulty curb and its easy to die even with standard armour and its a bit backwards in the franchise and it defiantly needs a sequel/spin off (it was but it was permanently frozen sadly) so, as said before...what do you think of it?
  4. the only things I agree with (in terms of hacks and cheats) are scripts which help players play there game and can help them improve, but if its abused than I have a problem with it
  5. happy to join, but I have to tell you that I'm only good with 2 characters in the game, razor and venomancer, add me and we can see If I'm good enough in your opinion
  6. DotA for the win in my opinion, but then again I haven't played LoL or HoN
  7. they could nerf the death prophets summon power, its too powerful and take down towers in seconds and gives an unfair advantage to her
  8. my favourite is Razor, why? because he can output large amounts of damage (if you know what weps you should buy) can get out of almost any situation quickly can steal other hero's damage causing him to be a killing machine of the sort and he just looks awsome
  9. hello all those who are reading this of course I am a fan of angry joe and I enjoy playing on games that my computer can handel and would love to play with other joe fans and would like to see what we can do online with games