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    TF2,x-com,Strategy,Older Games
  1. Even if you actually read the article the score has serious weight on a basic psychological level, people like judging experiences by a numbering system. Not only that it is hard to determine if the good qualities of a game outweigh the bad qualities based on a review, mostly because it has to do with emotion, causing the reviewer to be vague. That is why the score is important, a low score tells you that the reviewer considered the bad qualities at the forefront and not just a minor neggle. So when the scoring system is misused the reviewer is basically lying to their audience.
  2. The trouble with that is the same as many movies, M night shyamalan showed potential until he was given complete freedom, then the happening was made. Restrictions are created to make sure the developers work pleases more than themselves, and keep half baked ideas off the table. Unfortunately this leads to many executives believing that they know the developers job better than they do.
  3. Well his sonic attacks are powerf--*whisper whisper* You mean that was his voice?!
  4. I liked 1 better than 2, mainly because I got 2 on the wii. I guess I just didn't think of it as a star wars game so much as a power fantasy simulator.
  5. You wasted a perfectly good Gordon Freeman joke.
  6. That would be awesome.
  7. Do what the american school system does and give it the abstanence talk.
  8. Curse Evee the false prophet, curse her false fossil whose name shall not be spoken. Speak the praise of the helix fossil "upupdowndownleftabababbabbbabupleftrightdownrightleftarightstartselectaaaba"
  9. Perfect. Now he just has to split the last movie into 3 parts.
  10. Ahh, the disney experience.
  11. A squadron of bodyguards to keep Michael Bay locked in his house?