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  1. Do you really want an answer to that question, Apex?
  2. for honor

    Anyone that would like to do some duels with me, (so I can get better) I would sure appreciate it Thanks Arrey
  3. for honor

    well I bought it and play PC running thought the campaign atm. trying to learn the controls blocking on PC is hard for me as I'm one of strafing queens in mmo's and everytime I move the mouse the block goes somewhere I dont want it. Going to try mapping it to my G13 like I do everything else see how that works
  4. Currently until the first tuesday in April: 250%xp bonus 250% Command rank bonus XP
  5. Anyone else seen the footage or reviews on this?
  6. Didn't want to start a new thread so I necro'd this one DCUO 9PM Central Nov 25th, 2016. Ques for Members 3 min up to 10 mins for F2P I was like WOW
  7. Tuesday Nov 29th I will be on between 10AM Cst and Noon And again between 6PM and midnight CST If you need an invite to the guild that would be the best time to catch me online Imperial Side
  8. Watched about an hour of game play on a stream last weekend. All I can say is "Yawn" Won't be getting it.
  9. Well looks like BW listened. The new expansion will be mostly about 4 man group content, or that what it seems like from the twitch streams. More info at SWTOR Twitch channel, they have 4 30 minutes twitch streams so far about the new expansion More info at SWTOR website. Sheck out the dev tracker for the lastest post
  10. Its a good game. If you like Star Wars it has a lot to offer. A new expansion will be coming out December 2nd
  11. Finished with some, processing time for about 100 enchantment stones and trips to bank when over weight limit, never did run out of inventory space, just got way too heavy in the 40+ grinding zones Total time 13 hr 26 min Playing time Total cash( silver made) 23 Million and some change. This included purchasing a liverto talisman, and a +10 trinket. It was fun may try it on another class before the awakenings and Valencia 2 hit at the end of the month
  12. Well having gotten kind of meh about BDO and being 55, almost 56, on my ranger I decided to try something. I created a new sorc and decided not to give her all my cool stuff on my ranger and see how fast and how much money I could make, Oh an BTW Im on Edan Some highlights so far: 1 - 19 Did the tutorial, up to the point I got my first ability from the trainer, then killed ever Imp, fox, wolf, bug on the way to the Western Guard camp got there at 13 and a half. Did the awakening quest so I could enchant things and got the 2 bag inventory slot increase I have no XP scrolls cept for the 10% from the value pack Finished that got to 16 on the way to the wheat farm with the scarecrow. at that time I had a 58 AP and 20 DP. Made close to 1.4 million just selling thing to vendors and the junk item that stack so bought a Yuria amulet that I had enough stones to get to +6 and a talisman to +4. Bought a pair of +5 Agerian gloves for the Att and casting spd Got to 19, started the cultist 58 AP 20 DP getting to 19 took, 57 minutes Finished the cultist at 24 moved to the Monastary, got to 26 moved to Orcs. Finished Orcs a 32 moved to bandits, finished them at 34. During this time between 24 and 32 had to make a couple of runs to the bank closest was 1200 away and mostly was over weight so took some extra time Getting to 24 took 1 HR 48 Minutes with the trips to the bank, still 20 DP 32 took 2 hours 53 minutes AP 58 DP 48 now with Agerian drops and +5 armor hands, chest, feet, still using a starting head After starting the OWls at 34, they where all purple even the little guys. getting to 40% decided to go to Kuhoto cave instead, as Time to Kill IMHO was taking too long basic abilitys using Dark Wave 3 and claws and the 20 shard abiltiy. At 36 will move back to Owls and go to 40 there. I am streaming this if you're interested. Wont be back on stream until after 6 pm tonight
  13. Is the guild still active in BDO? Or is it like Most of MMO's listed and 5 or less people active?
  14. I havent played in like 2 years. Have an 80 of each class, quit because I found it boring. Not saying other games are not boring. It does or did last I played have some cool features.
  15. LMAO Feral Druid in Vanilla Stun lock rogues where the Boss in vanilla. DPS wise IMHO a Hunter with 1.0 attack speed pet would eat any caster for lunch. Aimed Shot would crit for over 3/4 of mages health back then. Stack agility as a marksman back then wohoo Once they finally got Paladin's fixed about a year b4 whatever the name of that first expansion was paladins where good. Anyways i haven't played WoW since the second week of the first expansion. WoW in my eyes turned to crap with that expansion only thing that was good was in that was Blood Elf's And I personally think the Honor system was better than anything else Ive played. If you didn't PvP as much as people you're rank you moved down the ladder. I never had a mage one shot my Hunter, Ive two shot a bunch of them