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  1. I am not sure we have anyone on the EU side of the small pond
  2. Link provided for the Multiplayer changes. At that address you can click a link to get the whole patch notes
  3. Still doing BDO and SWTOR, tried the FFXIV thing but the leveling is so slow to start the game, It was even worse than ESO
  4. Title says it all Origin name Arreyanne Let me know if you're interested
  5. Thursday April 6th a new patch for the game is suppose to fix a lot of things the community has suggested. It's all on the BSN forums go take a look
  6. I;m a little late to this party but 67 hours into the game I can now honestly give a fair review. 1) It starts very slow; it reminds me of the first 7 levels in FFXIV, 10 hour to get to lvl 7 anyone, but thats a different game If you're going for 100% complete it's going to take 2-3 hours before you get off, The main space station.After the gameplay increases exponentially. 2) The default female's are some of the weirdest looking character in Gaming period. The default female Quanari in Dragon Age Inquisition look better 3) The UI there are a lot of menus to go through to find what your looking for 4) Leaving the space station the game picks up the pace and becomes much like ME2 in advancement. 5) Female Ryder has a ton of one-liners if you select the right response, nowhere near as serious as FemShep 6) Yes sometimes the facial animations leave you saying WTF And all the PC's and NPC's have what I consider dead eyes 7) I miss the mass Relays but can live with the travel scenes they gave us in MEA 8) Still not a fan of the Mako (Not what they call it this time) but it's easier to drive. A nice shuttle to hop around the planet like ME2 gave us launched from orbit would have suited me just fine 9)The skill system is improved I believe as you can become all or one of the classes in the Trilogy 10) the romance options are ok but like previous game if you are doing side quest on a planet and not advancing the story arc the romance doesn't progress. In short the Flirt options go away until you advance either you compaion loyalty mission or advance the story, pfft 11) Combat is pretty much as good as ME3 and ME2, cept you don't have elevated enemies a Vanguard cant get to like ME2 OH left my biggest gripe out. THERES NO QUICK SAVE I give it a 8.5 out of ten. Disagree or agree thats my story and I'm sticking to it.
  7. Personally Suvi, however its a bit irritating that after the initial conversations you really don't get but a couple of chats with her until way later like haven't have a flirt option for oh 20 hours of game play
  8. Ya it's a good game but it to me is ME 1 in a new wrapper. Personally I liked 2 better than this, and once the community did away with Star Child ME3 was dern near perfect. As with all Recent BW games the character creator is garbage, and since this game is built on the same engine as DA3 there will be only a few mods, no more using Ashley armor, or Jack armor. The weapon system reminds me of ME1, and again here we go with a million zillion hours of exploring to get materials for upgrades. Yes I'll play it once with all the stuff I consider time consuming non essential game play and then will wait for the community, if they can, to give me the ability to start a game with all that stuff done. I doubt there will be a GIbbs save editor for Andromeda as there really isnt one for DA3
  9. I am announcing a SWTOR event that will happen this weekend, the last weekend of 250% XP for all activities The event is a leveling event to 70: 1) Character must be in the AJSA Imperial Guild 2) A screen shot of character must be taken and posted in this thread, while during character creation, this is to prove it is a new character 3) screen shot must be posted in this thread at the following character levels ( 15 or as close to that possible, 30, 45, 60, and 70 with the character names visible, it must match the character name in the first screen shot Rewards: 1,000,000 Gold for the first 70 Everyone who gets to 70 will receive 100,000 gold The first subscriber to get to 70 will receive a complete set of Naga Shadow's armor You can reach me on Steam this weekend if you cannot find me in game, to get your character invited to the guild
  10. 1) Starter planet, do purple quests only & ignore everything else till lvl 11. 2) Fleet to combat section & get intro pvp+the weekly/daily & finish it. You'll get 7-8 levels from 1 or 2 matches. 3) Find the Crafting Intro mission & talk to every crafting trainer so you level once. 4) Go to the fleet's stronghold section, talk to the holostatue. Go to your stronghold, & gain around 1 level. 5) Now you are level 19-20, go to the fleet's middle ring, find Heroic 2 terminal for starter planet Heroic 2 missions. 6) Use Heroics quick travel, finish remaining starting planet purple missions+2 Heroic missions you picked up. 7) Return to fleet for the 1st companion. 8) Queue for tactical flashpoints while doing Heroic2 missions to kill time as you wait for queue. 9) At level 34, head to the Alderaan's Ruur Kilik Burrows. Go into the cave & massacre the Kiliks. Each mob grants you 7-10k exp. 10) At level 55, go to Rishi & start the planetary quest by talking to the bird man (no need for Revan Prequel stuff). That+ 1 daily for challenging gangs gets you about 2 levels in 10-15mins (more with double exp event). Do FPs or heroics to level 60. 11) At level 60 go do the first chapter (the hunt) 4 times. That will take you from 60 to 66. 12) Do FPs or heroics to 70. In general: use exp armor, major exp boost, guild boost, legacy unlock boost and companion from level 1 for faster kills.
  11. You know I was wondering the same thing. I have no idea who or if anyone is in charge of the guild. It's probably like every other MMO the guild has played, meaning, about 6 people are left in what was once a 50-100 person guild. Like yourself I am in another guild at the moment
  12. Do you really want an answer to that question, Apex?
  13. for honor

    Anyone that would like to do some duels with me, (so I can get better) I would sure appreciate it Thanks Arrey
  14. for honor

    well I bought it and play PC running thought the campaign atm. trying to learn the controls blocking on PC is hard for me as I'm one of strafing queens in mmo's and everytime I move the mouse the block goes somewhere I dont want it. Going to try mapping it to my G13 like I do everything else see how that works
  15. Currently until the first tuesday in April: 250%xp bonus 250% Command rank bonus XP