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  1. The server is up and running. Took the better part of an entire day (24 hours) but its working and everything seems to be ok. Logging on early this AM arou7nd 4AM there were 4 instances of fleet. I havent seen anything like that of since 2011, ya since release. If you were considering getting back into the game, we now live of Star Forge, I will be online in game, in discord, from around 8PM CST to 10PM CST to invite/reinvite people whom would like to be a part of the guild.
  2. You can play both. I however prefer Destro
  3. It's on Jedi Covanant, IIRC its parked over Yavin 4
  4. Until November 8th, Bioware is offering SWTOR's first two expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan for free! In addition, a landspeeder mount is also available. Check out this link with the details and codes used to unlock the freebies: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20171023 The offer is mainly aimed at free to play or preferred players who are still level capped at 50 or 55. This offer will unlock all the story content for the two expansions and allow those players to reach level 60. Long time players may already have the speeder since it was a subscriber reward in the lead up to Knights of the Fallen Empire, but if you missed out, be sure to grab it while you can. This is nice offer and a sizeable chunk of content with a price that can't be beat! If you haven't tried SWTOR or let your account lapse back at launch, this is good excuse to jump in.
  5. As far as i know there is no AJSA presence in RoR, except me
  6. Honestly I would suggest after the merger
  7. Please see the pinned post For times for reinvites/invites after the merger
  8. The server merge is the 24th. The servers willl likely be down 12-24 hours while they do this. Thats my honest assessment of how long this will take
  9. Harbinger, Bastion, Begren Colony = NEW SERVER: SATELE SHAN Jedi Convenat, Ebon Hawk, Jung Ma, Phophecy of Five, Shadow Lands = NEW SERVER: STAR FORGE If you are a subscriber and have more than 50 toons on the servers being merged you will have access to all characters after merge. You will not be able to create a new character until you delete to under 50. Name changes will be determined though subscription, time played, and few lesser things. Subs will get first crack at their name staying, then if conflict total timed played, legacy, achievements etc
  10. SCHEDULE Here’s the plan for the remainder of this calendar year: New York CANTINA - October 6, 2017 Cantina on October 6, 2017 at Stitch Bar and Lounge, located at 247 W 37th St, New York (7-11pm ET) We have a special guest attending who will provide insight about Game Update 5.6 – A Traitor Among the Chiss! Members from the SWTOR Dev Team including myself will be there. We can’t wait to meet you! Lots of free swag, food, and drinks to share with friends and guildmates United Forces Foundation - Game Update 5.5 – October 10, 2017 Unassembled Components now drop off all Master Mode bosses Improvements to Galactic Starfighter PvP Bolster increased to 242 The Dark vs Light pop-up will now display less frequently and once a side has won, they will remain in a victory state much longer. This allows more time to work to defeat the world bosses and to reap the benefits! Substantial improvements to the Iokath Daily Area – we’ve dramatically reduced the Iokath currency requirements for a variety of the daily quests New Galactic Command Rank Legacy Perk that will give up to a 100% CXP bonus under Command Rank 300! New Companion Customization Vendor available in the Fleet Bazaar. The vendors will sell older Companion Customizations for “opposite-faction” Companions. Ex: A Republic player could now get an older Vette customization. Additional Class Balance changes Introduction of taxi points into the Yavin and Tatooine Strongholds for faster navigation Cartel Market Store changes United Forces structural changes (improvements not visible) United Forces Formation – October 24, 2017 As we prepare for the United Forces update, we are planning an extended downtime on this day as we need to rollout all the new hardware and vital infrastructure changes. United Forces Goes Live - Game Update 5.5.1 – November 8, 2017 Today, we forge our new United Forces galaxy from a broader set of server communities into a set of larger, but fewer Servers. An extended downtime is planned for this effort. For a full week, we’re bringing back Double Rewards (XP, Command XP, Valor, Requisition) Simply log in to play and qualify for the new Mini Mogul NM-1 mini-pet, inspired by one of our classic Operation bosses, Karagga the Unyielding! Unlock new achievements when you complete multiplayer activities using Group Finder and earn the merciless Darth Hexid Companion! A Traitor Among the Chiss - Game Update 5.6 – November 28, 2017 NAHUT - The 3rd Boss Encounter for Gods from the Machine Operation New Flashpoint on Copero – Find out what Theron’s been up to with the Chiss New PvP map New GSF Map set in the Orbit above Iokath Group Finder Revamp – Significant upgrades to how you queue for multiplayer and solo activities – huge bonuses for all Random play choices, but also allows for easy selection of individual activities such as Daily Areas, Flashpoints, and Operations. Class Balance changes and a variety of utility adjustments Launch of Legacy-wide currencies for Credits and Unassembled Components Galactic Command upgraded disintegrate system – this QoL improvement changes how disintegrate works and instead of CXP gives you legacy-bound Unassembled Components Ensign Raina Temple returns! Distribution of Special United Forces Rewards Anniversary Celebration – Game Update 5.6.1 – December 12, 2017 Quality of Life changes Star Wars: The Old Republic Six Year Anniversary Celebration! Wookiee Life Day Celebration begins A Look Ahead to Early 2018 And, just a few tidbits about what’s right around the corner: The conclusion to this chapter of the story is coming where the Traitor reveals his true plan once and for all via a new Flashpoint The final bosses and details about Master Mode for Gods from the Machine Operation An upgraded Conquest system and new Daily Activity system with great rewards More multiplayer gameplay experiences for both PvP and PvE PLAYER COMMUNICATION Over the past few months we have worked to increase communication and transparency. The amount of feedback and input I have received from you as part of this process is overwhelming and humbling. I feel proud to be at the helm of a game that has such dedicated fans. We make games because we love to watch the fun and competition they bring to gamers like us. Thank you for listening, reading and responding and please continue to share your feedback with us on the forums, on Reddit, on social media and on other fan sites. We value your comments and we are listening! The next Roadmap update will arrive in the early part of 2018 and will highlight the changes we plan through subsequent months. I’ll leave you with this quote as it sounds like me: “I'm not one to dismiss an idea just because it sounds a little crazy.’ —Sith Inquisitor, in a conversation with Talos Drellik. Respectfully, ---Keith Lead Game Producer Star Wars: The Old Republic LINK TO TORIGINAL
  11. Pearl Abyss the devs for BDO posted a statement about the games future updates. Big Water boss that will take multiple Sailboats to kill, big loot drop AFK leveling, yes buy a book from a trainer, go to a target dummy and hack away, will not be as much XP as hunting mobs but u can in the future level like doing Lifeskills, AFK New areas New gear for mid range players that will have bonuses but not enchantable You can check out the english version of that on the NA/EU forums
  12. Anyone interested in joining a 6 man RvR roaming team I have T1 characters and Mid Tier OH they combined T2 and T3 and gave lvl 16-28 a buff to be as powerful as lvl 30's so no one gets one shotted in Mid
  13. Well its actually called Return to Reckoning and its a EMU or whatevers its called kind of life SWG. Played 4 hours last evening it's stable, its alive. They added the most popular add-ons the game had in the download. SO no worry if you think that isn't available. It's the last patch before the servers closed down so most of the OP classes, (knights of the blazing Sun, Bright Wizards) are toned down to a respectable power level If this was your favorite PvP game just know it's still around and not living like a zombie
  14. youtube haters, content

    I subbed that year he did the most reviews, then he started doing alot of console games or that was my opinion maybe I was wrong but that what it seemed to me. So I quit watching his channel, didnt unsub but wasnt interested in what he was reviewing, showing, and then he added that other guy, which I cant stand, and if he's on whatever Joe's talking about I close the video. Other Joe is cool beard guy isn't. I think he might of went a bit overboard with his reaction video, and calling people entitled, I don't feel entitled. I just dont watch what I don't like. And to be honest there's been a lot of stuff over the past two years that I havent watched on his channel cause I don't want to watch that stuff. I also don't comment on his channel don't watch the Twitch or have a stupid twitter account. He can do whatever he wants with his channel and I'll watch what I want to watch and skip all the rest. Get over it people!
  15. LOL thats what I thought originally the article I was reading about the change said "SHE" was staying on for two weeks to help Casey get situated so i thought I was wrong LOL