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  1. Im listed as a recruit LMAO or two of my characters are.
  2. As I have not logged into a character on Jedi Convent for 30 days. I lost leadership of the guild to a F2P character named Seddihl. The guild looses certain privileges unless a subscriber is in a command of the guild. As I am the only sub left in the guild, it is now considered a F2P guild and certain thing will not eligible for the guild.
  3. Pearl Abyss the devs for BDO posted a statement about the games future updates. Big Water boss that will take multiple Sailboats to kill, big loot drop AFK leveling, yes buy a book from a trainer, go to a target dummy and hack away, will not be as much XP as hunting mobs but u can in the future level like doing Lifeskills, AFK New areas New gear for mid range players that will have bonuses but not enchantable You can check out the english version of that on the NA/EU forums
  4. Anyone interested in joining a 6 man RvR roaming team I have T1 characters and Mid Tier OH they combined T2 and T3 and gave lvl 16-28 a buff to be as powerful as lvl 30's so no one gets one shotted in Mid
  5. Well its actually called Return to Reckoning and its a EMU or whatevers its called kind of life SWG. Played 4 hours last evening it's stable, its alive. They added the most popular add-ons the game had in the download. SO no worry if you think that isn't available. It's the last patch before the servers closed down so most of the OP classes, (knights of the blazing Sun, Bright Wizards) are toned down to a respectable power level If this was your favorite PvP game just know it's still around and not living like a zombie
  6. youtube haters, content

    I subbed that year he did the most reviews, then he started doing alot of console games or that was my opinion maybe I was wrong but that what it seemed to me. So I quit watching his channel, didnt unsub but wasnt interested in what he was reviewing, showing, and then he added that other guy, which I cant stand, and if he's on whatever Joe's talking about I close the video. Other Joe is cool beard guy isn't. I think he might of went a bit overboard with his reaction video, and calling people entitled, I don't feel entitled. I just dont watch what I don't like. And to be honest there's been a lot of stuff over the past two years that I havent watched on his channel cause I don't want to watch that stuff. I also don't comment on his channel don't watch the Twitch or have a stupid twitter account. He can do whatever he wants with his channel and I'll watch what I want to watch and skip all the rest. Get over it people!
  7. LOL thats what I thought originally the article I was reading about the change said "SHE" was staying on for two weeks to help Casey get situated so i thought I was wrong LOL
  8. Returning players that have been gone longer than 30 days may play on them for a constant 100% XP buff. The level cap for staying on those servers is 58.99, and you get removed after 30 days.. There are no World boss's, no node wars, no sieges on those servers. Also new players can be there for up to 30 days and must leave at 58.99 also. Basically they are catch up servers.
  9. Casey Hudson getting to return as Aaryn's replacement as she stepped down
  10. What is suppose to be the last major patch of game was released. Still no word from BW "if or when" a DLC will be released. Also if you want to mod the Andromeda game someone has created a tool to mod all Frostbite engine games. This is different than the current DA:I mod manger. Unfortunately its use for DA:I at the moment is limited to just extracting This will according to the author and his team, be available for use in the new Battlefront game for the mod community. That is if EA doesn't change their corporate stance on mods. At the moment they have said as long as the mod doesnt effect multi-player games modding the games are allowed. However the dev's at GTA5 have basically disallowed mods in the game. So we'll have to wait and see if EA turns the page.
  11. Great Job Mladenius Maximus GREAT JOB!
  12. New EVENT RAFFLE Prize one first prize/ Winner take all MANANA STRONGHOLD Tickets are on sale now 1,000,000 Ya thats 1 Million credits to entry Must be a guild member to enter- I will be on Jedi Covenant to get you in the guild between 4-6PM CST Friday and again between 5-7PM Saturday Sunday 10AM Noon Be there or be square Once you are in the guild simply put your ticket money in the guild bank and you will be entered Any changes to the time I'll be available to get you back in the guild will be available here If all else fails just look me up on steam and tell me you are in game with toon name and I'll get you
  13. Yes at 8PM Central time tonight as a subscriber I had a 15 person que on the Ebon Hawk server duh. Who says this game is dying?
  14. The only thing thats getting support from the higher ups atm is the Console weekly night or thats what it looks like to me. And you really can't blame them the MMO's start with a flash and end with a thud. I thought Black Desert would have done better. There are some post about it in that section. I wasnt a member of that guild when I was playing. I played with the guild of US people I met on the KR servers when NA/EU opened.
  15. July 11th a new Operation will be unveiled in SWTOR