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  1. Great Job Mladenius Maximus GREAT JOB!
  2. New EVENT RAFFLE Prize one first prize/ Winner take all MANANA STRONGHOLD Tickets are on sale now 1,000,000 Ya thats 1 Million credits to entry Must be a guild member to enter- I will be on Jedi Covenant to get you in the guild between 4-6PM CST Friday and again between 5-7PM Saturday Sunday 10AM Noon Be there or be square Once you are in the guild simply put your ticket money in the guild bank and you will be entered Any changes to the time I'll be available to get you back in the guild will be available here If all else fails just look me up on steam and tell me you are in game with toon name and I'll get you
  3. Yes at 8PM Central time tonight as a subscriber I had a 15 person que on the Ebon Hawk server duh. Who says this game is dying?
  4. The only thing thats getting support from the higher ups atm is the Console weekly night or thats what it looks like to me. And you really can't blame them the MMO's start with a flash and end with a thud. I thought Black Desert would have done better. There are some post about it in that section. I wasnt a member of that guild when I was playing. I played with the guild of US people I met on the KR servers when NA/EU opened.
  5. July 11th a new Operation will be unveiled in SWTOR
  6. Guilds are giving streamers like Sypher ( ESO long time streamer till Moorrowind) 1 Billion in funds to join their guild and advertise said guild on the streamers Stream. How they do this is make a rank in the guild for said streamers set their daily payout for 1,000,000,000. Then change it the next day. That much in game cash will buy you, a Tri Kzarka main hand weapon (+18) a Tri Ultimate offhand, and either a tri Dandy Awakened weapon or several pieces of DUo armor, or a few Duo accessories. People where complaining on the forums, I thought it was quite funny both the cash to stream and the complaints
  7. This guild is in the same state that SWTOR and Black Desert, it barely exist. Every once in a while there will be two people on, most time you're the only one if you're in game
  8. Agreed game is awesome. Don't see us getting the band back together however
  9. Darighaaz, Sorry to say, as far as I am aware, at this present time AJSA is not represented in any form in Black Desert
  10. As far as i'm aware the NA guild was disbanded, when the leadership decided it was going into P2W with the addition of selling costumes on the Market. And I agree the steam release has brought new players and old I guess with the release of the striker class at the same time of the Steam release. They added 7 new servers to the NA servers and that is still not enough at the moment. The Olivia servers at Prime time are all overrun, (thats BDO talk for full) there are 4 steam and 7 no steam Olivia servers All the non Olivia servers are crowded after 6pm CST. Game is alive and well atm
  11. I am not sure we have anyone on the EU side of the small pond
  12. Link provided for the Multiplayer changes. At that address you can click a link to get the whole patch notes
  13. Still doing BDO and SWTOR, tried the FFXIV thing but the leveling is so slow to start the game, It was even worse than ESO
  14. Title says it all Origin name Arreyanne Let me know if you're interested
  15. Thursday April 6th a new patch for the game is suppose to fix a lot of things the community has suggested. It's all on the BSN forums go take a look