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  1. well... to be honest this is a great idea for a game... it's just how well they will be able to execute it. With the tag "open world" or "open world environment" everyone is most likely going to be, oh this is just another GTA but in a Red Dawn situation. because im more of a multiplayer gamer and less of a single player gamer this is what im really hopping they will have in their game. - single player and multiplayer character customization. -Everything from looks to skills. these skills could range from creating distractions(from the trailer) explosives, driving, shooting, stealth, melee combat, possibly speech skills, even so far as to what weapons your character is most skilled at using. -having a system to where the coop campaign has adaptive AI, so the KPA wont just wreck you and your friends or just be running useless targets. -they may also change their tactics to how the player(s) are playing. meaning if the players are do more stealthy ambushes the KPA will most likely start moving with more caution. If the player(s) do more and more sabatge runs then they may began putting up more security. fun stuff like this. -an always changing or active map campaign map, with battle lines. - meaning, say if you secured a portion of the map and began working on another the KPA can try and take that portion of land back. however the Resistance can as well work without the player(s) in conquering/freeing portions of the map as well. This game has soooo much potential and thanks to my over imagination and overly needy wants from this game i kinda cant wait to see what else they have in store for homefront.
  2. These look amazing!! I can wait to use the p38 skin.
  3. I to am waiting on a key to play but this seems to be kinda like when they gave out L4D2 out for free and when they had the whole fall out series on sale for cheap and ran out of keys. just dont get to frustrated and just remain calm about it, they should have our keys to us in a day or so. if not just keep tabs on the stream forms because a good amount of people are having the same issue.
  4. well then... time to dust off my old Kar 98 rifle and prepare for the onslaught of new people lol. also i really hope steam starts doing more of these for one day (this game is free and if you DL it you keep it forever!) type deals!
  5. of all days it's on my birthday where ill be gone a majority of the day... oh well, best of luck to everyone!! hopfully ill join in the last 12 or so hours for fun!
  6. TheCrazedTortes. -will be there as much as possible.
  7. alright... so for those who haven't played hawken recently you may or may not know you now have to uninstall the game and re-install it on steam, which is not a bad thing at all. The thing that i am worried about is that "During the first phase of early access" they are requiring all new accounts to purchase a "bundle" that gives the buyer 9 mechs a repair drone, 3 skins, in game currency as well as real money currency and a pilot emblem. all for 30 bucks.... now i have not been play this game for long nor do i know how long this has been out as an open beta... but there should be no reason why people who want to play this game must pay 30 bucks to gain access to the game through steam. https://community.playhawken.com/news/_/game-info/hawken-on-steam-early-access-r333 what are your thoughts on this?
  8. i played it a while back before when it had a sub tied to it, but i never really got into it. would it be worth getting back into? also what faction are you?
  9. .......... wat?
  10. That was alot of fun. if you want to play some more send me a message or two and we can group up again.
  11. thanks for the video! It reminded me that i havent played RO2 ina while and after watching your video i think i may get back into playing it after my school semester ends.
  12. to be honest it seems they are going for a World of Warplanes kind of look, just in the star wars universe with the whole customized your fighter and earn parts/weapons for it. Also because it is in closed beta im sure they are keeping the player limit low to make sure that each small adjustment doesn't bring down the game or even just to make sure the game runs smoothly with 16 players first. Then once it goes live to an open beta im pretty sure they will bump up the player limit. also i do not mind at all having to wait for this game. if they want to take their time actually putting effort into this then please by all means DO NOT PULL a EA on this and rush it to give a half assed game.
  13. this morning i was scrolling through facebook and this shows up in my news feed. http://www.starwarsattacksquadrons.com/ im both worried and kinda excited that they are possible making a warthunder/world of warplanes type game but redone to starwars. i really cant make a big post on it because the only information they are giving out is this. - it's going to be a 16 players games. - 3 different game types. (free for all, team death match, base attack/defend). - will be able to customize and modify your ship. -and regular updates to push out new ships, items, and upgrades every month. now im wondering since it's a beta right now, what's your thought on it and or predictions?
  14. Ive played a bit of hawken and it is alot of fun for the time ive played. If you want to add me I should be playing that and WoT more now that im done with school for now.