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    FC BARCELONA ! Basketball , Games , Cooking , Comedy,Swimming,Saling , Parties :D and powerpoint presentations :D
  1. wow thats cool .. i made char here Northen Shiverpeaks but i have ping like 200+ so i will go to EU ..On which EU server is Angry Army guild ? And since i already made char and when i delete it , will i lose items that i got with my game ... i didnt use them since i just finished first q and got level 2
  2. That helped me alot , thanks again i got the game i have still to think about which server to take hope to see you soon on other side.
  3. I dont have server yet i wanted to check first where are more players Is it too big ping if i play from Eu on NA servers ? And those different version like heroic edition or delux edition is it big difference with all those in-game items ?
  4. Hey guys, I was thinking about getting Guild Wars 2 there is big discount if someone wants to get it too. Also i would like to play with someone if anybody still plays it I never played this game but did some other MMOs i hope there are still people playing it . See ya !
  5. First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE My name is Djuka and am from Montenegro(ex-yugoslavia) . I watch AngryJoeShow for more than a year now , i dont even have to say how much i love what you(whole AJSA) do. I am more of PC guy i love FPS , RPG , strategy , in fact i love them all if content is quality. My favorite games in past were : Aion , CS:GO,L4D2, CODs,Battlefields,last Tomb Raider<3,AC etc... i dont like to talk too much i like to do stuff if you know what i mean Guess it would be all for now .