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  1. I got Tomb Raider 2013 GOTY for something like 6.25 GBP on Humble Bundle. Boy was I excited at first. I was going through the lovely TR: Underworld game and couldn't help myself but to pick up the newest installment. Holy shit was I surprised. Is the game good? Not as a Tomb Raider game. This is Uncharted with boobs, cover system, and bloodbath. Story was nice but I would do it in a completely different way. Dakka, dakka, dakka all the freaking time. Exploration is there but minimal. The game just HATES pilots...and the crew which was on board the ship...just...I have no words for this abomination. First they butchered Thief. Now they butchered Tomb Raider. Reboot my butt. DON'T BUY unless you are not looking for a TR experience. After this purchase I am done with modern games....
  2. I wish for games and reboots that stay loyal to their originals. Games that are not dumbed down to the lowest standards. For PC ports being done skillfully and with respect to the platform. I wish to see less bullshots, better optimization done with player's wallets in mind (That game's looks does not justify the requirements etc.). Less franchise milking, more substance in gameplay and story telling...och many things Most probably I will grow old waiting as the gaming business is nowadays more business than gaming.
  3. I like the ending credits the most. That is the time when I can finally go out of my house and have a life. What is more, exploration and parts when you have that heavy sense of adventure going on in your head. Something that draws you deeper and deeper into the game. Nowadays it would be hard to pick a title. Most of them are too shooty or completely without substance. Recently Tomb Raider Underworld. The exploration and atmosphere is great. Dungeon of the Endless for the fun factor and addiction to finally discovering what on earth is on the last floor. Divinity Original Sin for the story and adventure that keeps you going.
  4. No other way....or just look for a game that clicks. Being good at something just for the sake of being good at something isn't good at all You need to feel that drift, be the game, yada yada yada, etc. Maybe those are just not for you? I used to not suck at Starcraft 2. I had a nice Diamond rank (At the time of launch it was the highest). I honed my skills with the team I gathered. We were getting better and better while having lots of fun. Then HotS came over and screwed sh** so badly I could never recover. Fun was gone and so was the skill.
  5. To be completely honest, I have no idea. Sometimes you play a game for hours and something clicks. Sometimes you play a game for hours and you suck even more than before. In principle, you need to practice, practice and let us not forget, practice. Would be wise to refer to some gameplays made by pros and dig into the very detailed mechanics of the game (where only the hardcore do not fear to thread). What is more, very often we suck at a particular title because, knowingly or not, we stick to the same behaviour pattern thus making ourselves an easy pray. So...try new things, practice, look up things from the pro players, go into details of the game mechanics, rinse and repeat.
  6. You will return to this game time and time again in the future. It is not an investment that goes to waste once you finish the core game.
  7. Sadly, it will happen after years of pain and most probably, our gamer pain. Did you know that many of so called "parents" are completely hopeless when it comes to computers? They do not intend to learn either. How on earth do you tackle that issue? That is why the parent should have the final say in the matter. The parent should act like a parent finally and not like a whiny pussy. Och but he hasn't got time, he works and stuff. Why on earth have a kid in the first place? All boils down to parenting which sadly is not organized at all in many cases.
  8. Mila from Dead or Alive 5 teaching me how to MMA I guess I played too much of that game lately. Apart from that I do not get to dream much. The time which is supposed to be the best for such brain activity is spent on Loadout.
  9. You definitely won a full time job from what I can see there
  10. A heated debate never killed anyone man Peace!
  11. Just because you consider it a myth does not change the fact that some people actualy care and widely worship a diety. It is a national celebration. China is not India. Indians are entitled to their own opinion. And so are you! Anyways, games are entertainment most of the time. There were a couple of titles that were smacked by the majority of gamers. They pushed the lines and got punished. I think most of people will have some sorts of a moral compas and will react if a game pushes it too far. Most importantly, it is all entertainment so we shouldn't see it as a general truth or something. Maybe sometimes small corrections, that do not change the whole artistic vision or game mechanics, could be implemented (Indians complained about Kali's depiction. I dunno, dress her more? That wouldn't change a single thing in the game and everyone would be happy).
  12. Firstly, I will ask you a question. Do you see Jesus crushing skulls and scoring pentas in games? No. Why? Because a company would be decimated and reduced to star dust after such incident. That is why. Most probably it would be followed by mass labeling games as tools of satan, tools of depravation of the youth, cause of all evil etc. I've read enough news on Diablo 3, The Da Vinci Code movie and a couple of others. That myth you are reffering to is actively practiced. Look up Kali Puja celebration on the internet. Maybe that will shed some light into your head. What is even more, the Greeks are no longer worshipping Aphrodite. I can't even understand why would you pull such an argument up. Do you know what "myth" stands for? Brutal Legend bugs you because there are symbols there that offend Christians. Smite has some content that offends Indians. In a normal world we would try and be respectful to each other. Sadly it is not the case. Offending Christians in some way is bad. Offending Indians is...who cares?! We can shit on their belief system because they are accross the pond so who would bother? We have one God they have millions. Lunatics! Same goes to you. I am sure that you could find many examples in which morality and good taste will speak against your statement. Would you play a game about raping women? Would you just turn it off and let others enjoy that? I kind of doubt that.
  13. Nope. By all means I do not consider anyone under the age of 18 an adult suitable for the content provided by games marked this way. It should be up to parents to decide if their kid is suitable for such content or not in the end. In the shops you should be forced to show an ID or GTFO. You don't sell smokes to underaged. You don't sell beer or vodka. You do not sell porn. Why on earth would you sell them stuff that is rated 18+? The system is fine as it is. Still, it needs improvements. There should be a law forbidding underaged people from buying such games. People who do not comply should be fined a reasonable amount. Maybe that would get some of the parents back to parenting and spare us the pain of listening to a 10 year old cursing and insulting everyone during an online game match. Seriously.... I would also say that more effort should be put into advertising the ESRB and PEGI solutions. Many parents do not care, but there is also a great deal of those who simply do not know where to look for advice. Help them and we will all have a healthier environment.
  14. I would totally disagree. The game "Brutal Legend" uses the same shock values like Duke Nukem. Only this time it hits the soft spot of religion to some extend. That is why some people might get offended or troubled. Honestly, I seriously don't believe a game with such humor is of any danger. It was rated 18+ and is targeted at mature audiences only. We are adults and we are able to act and think like adults. At least to some extend. What really bothers me in this topic is that....Since pentagrams are bad, and this is kind of connected with christian religion...why no one actually cares if in another game another religion is being exploited? HiRez studios -> Indian pantheon. Sadlyyy, they had to choose the ones that are actually actively worshipped. Indian people complained and even got a petition running. Nothing happned. I bet that if christians complained all hell would break loose and the game itself could be even taken down for the period of investigation.
  15. Oh maaan! Tell me about it I know such person in person so to speak. Lovely man, good friend, heart warming experience each time you talk with him. However, when a LoL match ends not in the way he likes it, all hell breaks loose. It is either his way or the highway. Some people from the group even started to heil him each time he went on a rampage Another good example was the "shotgun is so noob" argument. Usually comming from the mouths of those who seem not to understand that going against such armed individual on a short distance is a bad idea. Worse thing is that they do not seem to learn Och well...BANG!