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  1. What gets people banned, unfortunately, is that the person who is cheating might drop an item to "GIVE" to the player. This item was no doubt cheated into the game which however Fromsoftware does cheat detection is why people get banned. Unfortunately the innocent party picks up the item and thus the cheat system thinks they are cheating because they have a cheated weapon so they get banned. So the lesson is, if there is a cheater and they drop an item, don't pick it up. If you run into a cheater who wants to fight well your choices pretty much resolve around, killing yourself, getting to the boss fog door, or finding the means to trick them into falling off an edge. But you shouldn't be banned if you are invaded by a cheater, only if you pick up something that was dropped by the cheater.
  2. With the idea being the roster at least for the arcade variant to one day reach 50 playable characters I figured I would state a few characters I would like to see in the future: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - Zack Fair on the side of Materia and then Genesis Rhaspody on the side of Spiritus. While Zack does wield the Buster Sword like Cloud I feel he would have a different playstyle or could be changed up slightly. Fact of the matter is Crisis Core was a great game and seeing how two side series titles all ready are represented why not represent Crisis Core. Genesis due to the fact that usually there is a good and bad representative for each title and for the most part Genesis was the main villain for Crisis Core or who Zack chased after the most. Final Fantasy XV - Ardyn Lucis Caleum, or Ardyn Izunia. While he isn't seen often in Final Fantasy 15 he was a rather intriguing villain in his manipulation and the fact that while he was killed in the end, he did get what he wanted which was the end both the line of Oracles and the line of Caleum. Plus Noctis needs someone to fight against. Final Fantasy X - Auron. Granted the most I know about Auron comes from Kingdom Hearts 2 but hey he seemed pretty badass wielding that sword with one hand and all. Then I guess Seymour just for that villain check mark.
  3. Worked on my post a bit more. Pretty much there were a few others like Beyond Good and Evil 2 but I wanted to do most of my interests on games that had some gameplay to them instead of just those that had only cgi trailers.
  4. Anthem - Anthem looks to be what Destiny wants to be or should of been. Saying that though we have to wait and see if the game will be good or flop like a dead fish like Destiny did. On the plus side so far from the little bit of face stuff we saw the animation actually looks good unlike Andromeda but since it is a different team working on then Andromeda at least we won't have to seemingly fear that at the moment. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT - Dissidia on PS4, what more can I ask for. I played Dissidia on PSP, probably the most fun I had with a fighting game. Now if they just give me a Zack Fair costume replacement for Cloud (or separate character) I'll be happy. That and if they could just make Crisis Core for console that would be great. Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds DLC - Horizon was a fantastic game with a great story, though the ending was slightly sequel baiting but still we had a story from beginning to end that did what it wanted and now we are getting more which is awesome especially now we are seeing more of some of the other tribes, or at least in this case the Banuk. I'm curious to see what no machine guards the mountain. Monster Hunter: World: I've never played a Monster Hunter game but have wanted to for some time so this looks like a good chance to finally experience it. Shadow of the Colossus - Finally a true remaster. While on PS3 we got somewhat of a remaster it wasn't really what I would say a full remaster. However this seems to be getting the treatment that Crash is getting in his N.Sane Tirlogy, the only thing I would wish for really besides the upgraded graphics and a better camera, would be perhaps some of the Colossi that were scrap but so far it sounds like that won't happen but still I'll gladly buy this game. Star Wars Battlefront 2: Have to say from what I saw at E3 I'm impress. The only things I still desire for is Galatic Conquest and that the vehicles actually were on the map and not rewards or however they are doing it this time around. Wolfenstein 2: Didn't play the first and I probably should but this just looks like fun.
  5. While Square stated there would be no apperance of KH3 at this E3 we have got a surprise trailer that appeared today for the game showing off gameplay and story elements for the final installment of the Xehanort Saga: Also to new comers here, this comment from Jimiquisition video of the trailer perfectly explains the story of Kingdom Hearts leading up to this game (unfortunately they didn't puncutate sentences at all and I'm not going to do it so yeah have fun):
  6. Trophy list was leaked. Now for the most part they are straight forward and pretty much if you've played Crash you know what to expect but a few hint at some of the new additions they might of added to the games. For example would be the time trials they they have talked about previously. Originally Time Trails didn't appear until Warped but in the remaster all the games have them. However another interesting to note is about two trophies that are tied to Coco Bandicoot, one that is for Crash Bandicoot and the other for Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. This is interesting because Coco wasn't playable in the first two games but these trophies suggest she will be playable. Along with that there is a trophy in the third one for Coco again. It is interesting to note since the only times you could play her in Warped were on either on the water levels that had the water ski, when there was Puma tiger, and certain flying levels. The trophy in the third one suggests she will be playable similar to Crash with her own moves. Three of the trophies for Warped pay homage to Crash Team Racing through referencing one of the 1999 tv promos for the game.
  7. Here's a list of the characters that are in the arcade version currently with the addition of Noctis if it is indeed pretty much the same thing as the arcade version: Final Fantasy: Warrior of Light, Garland Final Fantasy II: FIrion, The Emperor Final Fantasy III: Onion Knight Final Fantasy IV: Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind Final Fantasy V: Bartz Klauser, Exdeath FInal Fantasy VI: Terra Branford, Kefka Palazzo Final Fantasy VII: Cloud Strife, Sephiroth Final Fantasy VIII: Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy IX: Zidane Tribal, Kuja Final Fantasy X: Tidus Final Fantasy XI: Shantotto Final Fantasy XII: Vaan Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Final Fantasy XIV: Y'Shtola Final Fantasy XV: Noctis Lucis Caelum Final Fantasy Tactics: Ramza Beoulve Final Fantasy Type-0: Ace Dissidia Final Fantasy: Materia, Spiritus
  8. Also from what I'm understanding this is the same Dissidia that has been out in Japan in arcades since 2015. If this is the case then we know the roster which is up to 24 characters (including the newly announced Noctis being playable in it). This also means that either we are going to get ALOT of free characters or DLC characters because the developer has stated in the past for the arcade variant that their main goal is to make the roster have 50 playable characters. Even if they hit that goal they might go beyond that. So I can hope and dream one day Zack Fair is included. Or hell give me a skin for Cloud that just replaces him with Zack.
  9. At long last, Dissidia is making its way to consoles. So far there is planned over twenty characters, the only character thus far confirmed is Final Fnatasy 15's main protagonist Noctis.
  10. Finally some Crash Bandicoot Warped gameplay:
  11. You can access New Londo though going to New Londo (the ghost place) but it normally is suggested not to just for the fact there really is no point since the Four Kings are sealed until you get the Lordvessel. Only reason to go there is if you want to find Igward early and drain the place. You can get all the way to Pinwheel which allows the ability to upgrade the bonfire which is nice to get early on among other items that can be grabbed along the way for builds. The Undead Dragon route us pretty much pointless unless you have drained New Londo and want to go through that way or have accessed the forest and have that shortcut working, primarily you open the game with the master key and head to the Great Swamp since it bypasses a good portion of the game with no need to go after the Capra Demon and Gaping Dragon while also bypassing the lag of Blighttown. Again risk and reward and whether you know what you are doing or not but for the most part it is farily straight forward on where to go for beginners I feel. After the swing of things I pretty much always just went down to the swamp and took care of Quelaag swiftly after the gargoyles. New Londo while annoying the ghosts can be easily out run, just the first area with water when you first enter you have to be catious and time rolls. Also yes combat in the first game is slower then the second and third in the series. Dark Souls 2 is not terrible just that I feel it relies to heavily on the idea of groups of enemies near edges to act like a challenge when its more tedious then anything. Then the enemy placement was poor in some areas like how in Dark Souls in Lost Izalith there is a bunch of the back end of undead dragons down there. They make no sense what so ever to be there. Scholar of the First Sin version of the game at least fixed that issue a bit. Then the fact that it has so many weapons and armor. Armor I guess I can live with since I do love fashion (XD) but the problem with weapons was while they had a lot there was only a few to really go after especially for PvP purposes. The spear that had like three different weapon movesets attached to it dominated the PvP scene for ages until they nerfed it. A lot of weapons were just awful and served merely as something to give the collector in everyone an itch to collect everything IMO. Dark Souls 2 did have perhaps the best PvP I will say but PvE it was slightly all over the place for awhile and took time to fix. It also just felt to linear with little vertical to it. The DLC at least fixed that issue though having more complex level design. It's far from a terrible game and I did enjoy it I just feel that if I ranked them Dark Souls 2 would be the lowest one on the least. Of course just my opinion on the matter. Luck is in Dark Souls 3, useful for Bleed Builds and hollow weapons. Just wanted to say that.
  12. All right this is going to be long so bare with me: So we finally see the story which lucky enough hasn't been scraped and replaced with something else like the first game. Not only has the story remained the same but it seems to actually be a cohesive story where the Guardians get their butts kicked and go on a journey of rediscovery and finds what it means to be a guardian, getting the vanguard back together and taking on Ghaul and retake the last city. Better then Destiny that never seem to have any cohesiveness to it besides a bunch of people saying 'hey theirs some darkness, go attack it or something. Reason? Don't have time to explain.' So awesome a put together story. Will it be good now, we have no clue but it's better then what we got in the first game at launch. I hope there is slightly more then just finding the vanguard heads and a bit of creating a force to take on the Cabal forces. The only thing I'm not thrilled about how they have decided to just wipe all the progress from the first game when they originally stated before even the first game released was that we could carry stuff from year 1 to year 10. But fine whatever I'll let it slide at the moment. So some new locations, this one is good and bad. Going through the story we are visiting these places because we need to find the vanguard leaders who left to their own places because of the loss on Earth, well two of them anyways ran off, Cayde got caught and we have to go save him. On one side hey all new locations and planets cool, on the other hand- What the hell happened to the Moon, Venus, and Mars? Why can't we go back their? You made an entire new location on Earth but apparently couldn't for the three other previous planets. The Dreadnaught I can understand but three planets nope and I hope they do not plan to be like 'hey you can visit these planets... In the expansions.' So I'm disappointed that so far these three places seem to have just been replaced. Maybe I'll be wrong but if the main story focuses on around finding the three vanguard members and then taking on Ghaul well that worries me I might be right on that these three previous locations are gone. On a positive note at least we have new weapon types, sort of. At least one which is the grenade launcher, the minigun is apparently an exotic autorifle at the moment after looking at some gameplay. Also like how the weapon system is reworked for guardians. No new enemy types. While this could be just because we saw so little of the game itself, I'm personally disappointed the lack of new enemies. Yes we see new variations of the Cabal which is nice but I was expected from a race that has been described in grimore cards to conquered other worlds and use those they enslave in their forces like the psions, that there would be some new races seen among the ranks. So far we only have the warhounds that the legion have but nothing else. I'm slightly not expecting to see many new enemies but I shall wait and see on that. Also would of like to see the Fallen again because the House of Kings is still a threat to watch for since our Guardian never dealt with their kell and they are pretty much the only house still standing. But I have a bit of fear we aren't going to be dealing with much of them which to me is worrisome but again we shall see. Having viewed multiple videos of the strike, I can only assume we are seeing part of the open world aspect which does look nice but it's hard to tell what part will be part of the free roam and what is only part of the strike, my guess would be to the point of where the mine is will be part of the open world and stuff beyond that is strike only. I wish we had seen more of the open world aspect due to that being something promised in the first game but we never really got, more of just a linear path that went in a circle. I want more open terrain to explore and not the same loop open world we had in the first game. I can only hope they show that soon or wait for the beta so see. Overall I'm disappointed at what was shown because really it just looks more of the same. I was hoping for a little open world showing to show that they improved it more besides just showing that they have more indepth maps. Seen a bit more of the other enemies, since in the trailer we know that the fallen will appear but other then that we really only saw one vandal in looked like and then a few of the small guys. I know they are saving stuff for later but it just feels lacking IMO on what was shown and makes it look more like Destiny 1.5 rather then Destin 2. I'm not writing the game off entirely I just thought the reveal would of been a bit... better, to me it was just meh. Neither bad or good, just in between, something that could of been saved for a few more weeks for E3 rather then a separate reveal. Perhaps E3 will reveal more who knows. Also this doesn't help them either for me: Going by the symbols alone we pretty much know the main idea who or what these expansions will be about. Two expansions dealing with two rather commonly talked about characters in the first game and its DLC: Osiris and Rasputin. They are stuck behind a bloody paywall. Who the hell decided this? Osiris maybe but the Warmind, the Warmind that has seemingly found itself it nearly every story in some form, is going to be a damn expansion. That is one big no-no that should not be IMO, these two should be part of the main game not behind a paywall.
  13. Anytime. Really never understood the whole 'git gud' thing. I've used it as a joke yes but when people use it to somehow justify their opinion makes no sense. While we might not agree on opinion I do get what you are saying because when I first played Demon's Souls, I was indeed in the same boat. Was at a friends house he told me to try this game out I never heard of and I honestly got stomped, didn't even get to the first boss and said screw it. Then same friend showed me a trailer for Dark Souls and though 'hey this setting looks cool' and got it without realizing same developer of Demon's Souls. Beat Dark Souls and upon learning that it was the same developer decided to give Demon's Souls a go again and enjoyed it. So yeah I do get why some people don't enjoy it and yes I do see that there are some cheap things in Demon's Souls that they did improve upon with the later Dark Souls releases. One thing I will admit that Demon's Souls was poor explaining was the whole Tendancy system which if you didn't understand at the beginning would give new players who stuck with the game a hard time since they would unknowningly go into black world tendancy because of the issue that they wouldn't know that dying in human form while in a level makes it go that way and getting out of black world tendancy is tough. So yeah I get what you are saying just that I don't entirely agree but hey everyone has different tastes and there is no reason to get mad at someone with different tastes and opinions. Rather better to try and understand why they have that opinion and just talk. Much more enjoyable.
  14. Well if what you are describing is correct then you were in World 1-1, Boletaria Palace which yes you are correct, is the only place you can access after the tutorial. The confusion is coming from the fact you mention skeleton enemy as the first enemy you faced outside the tutorial but skeleton enemies reside in World 4-1 (yes this is the right number, not sure how anyone is confusing world 4-1 with 5-1), Shrine of Storms. Skeletal enemies don't reside anywhere else in the game besides world 4 which is thus where the confusion comes from in this entire conversation. Now to go into detail on being able to access pretty much anywhere upon competition of the first part of Boletaria well I don't see the issue. Most people will assume to progress in a numerical pattern which the game provides going from world 1 to world 2 and so forth. The ability to go to any location allows for the more experience to bypass the other worlds and seek items they desire. It isn't impossible to beat those worlds at low levels just hard especially when one does not know what they are doing. There is no idiication what you did was wrong because it wasn't, you are allowed to go anywhere, you chose world 4-1 and got beat thus telling you that perhaps you should try a different location. The game is based on risk and reward. The bonus XP would be from killing the enemy since they would provide more souls then the usual enemy expected for your level. While I can get where the AI might of pissed you off, no AI is somehow cryptic, they all have a pattern. Of course in frustration it is hard to visualize those patterns though like I said early the skeletons were in deed quite tough enemies. To conclude, and I don't mean this in any way as being mean but ultimately these games are just not for you.
  15. So wait you went to Shrine of Storms first after the tutorial on the first playthrough? Well that was a bit suicidal to begin with I'd say since the skeletons are indeed rather quick and agile enemies and commonly the Shrine of Storms is the last area that is dealt with when going by order of the stones from left to right beginning with the Boletaria archstone. While I doubt that changes perception of how you view the game but I thought I would share that info if not known since your post kind of suggests you never beat the game but ultimately I have no idea how far you ever got into the game itself unless you actually say. Though I will say I do agree that the skeletons were probably the most royal pain in the ass enemies in the game and were best to ignore after awhile and just run past them. But that isn't why I came around, merely came to state that I have to agree with Wade on the healing items, they drop rather frequently. Again can't say much on it though depending on knowning what 'zones' you did do before you decided to quit the game. Now on the topic as a while just so happen read this article a few days a go that was a rather interesting take on what could be done in the future to replace the idea of a difficulty setting: http://fextralife.com/video-games-need-a-mechanical-complexity-slider-not-a-difficulty-slider/