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  1. If you were waiting for a game of the year edition of Dark Souls 3 it is out now:
  2. Well Namco Bandai has 'officially' revealed Code Vein. Unfortunately at the time no actual gameplay footage but the screenshots are nice: http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/04/20/gruelling-rpg-code-vein-releases-first-official-screenshots
  3. Found the screenshots or pics that were shown in the japanese magazine that Gematsu was reporting about: http://gematsu.com/2017/04/first-look-code-vein-bandai-namco-new-action-rpg
  4. Well some information on this new game has been revealed via Gematsu website. THe game right now is called "Project Vein" and is a new “dungeon exploration-type, hard action RPG” from Bandai Namco developed by the team behind God Eater. It is due out in 2018 for unannounced platform.: http://gematsu.com/2017/04/bandai-namco-announces-code-vein-new-action-rpg-god-eater-team
  5. Forgot to mention that the animation is inspired by an upcoming game, so the aesthetics of the game might not actually look to be what is being shown in the teaser so to speak.
  6. Bandai Namco is teasing something that currently has the tagline "Prepare to Dine", a full reveal will come on April 20th. Some observations: -Intentional vampiric allusions right off the bat. In addition to "dine" the first scene is a fanged person in what appears to be a helmet licking blood from the corner of their mouth. What appears to be clothing wraps itself around the person. -Gas mask enemy. Maybe spikes on back -Red cloaked person in ruined chapel with red eyed beast stalking outside -Bones of a large creature in pyre. Being watched by character with red cloth (skirt or part of one?) -Red eyed woman turns toward us with filtration unit (not quite a gas mask) -Possibly same person (but without mask) smears bloody hand on wall, turns and shows blood coming from mouth. Wooden architecture. Person leaves field of vision and shadow shows beast transformation -Hand flips over card (Ace of Spades) that is covered in blood and has a bite mark -Woman with beehive hair and rifle with bayonet runs around slashing beasts and confronts really large one...fade to black. Notable that this is yet another character, with red necklace Patterns: -Multiple characters shown. First person with helmet. Red Cloak. Red Skirt. Filtration Unit gal. Beehive gal. All different, emphasis on female -Numerous vampire allusions -Several lycanthropy allusions and beast allusions -Technology reminiscent of early 1900s. Architecture elements though brief, also seem to correlate
  7. New cinematic trailer for The Lost Legacy which will release August 22nd and should still be free for those who got Uncharted 4's season pass: Here's the first trailer as well:
  8. Nioh PvP Mode and the first DLC, Dragon of the North coming May 2nd: http://fextralife.com/nioh-pvp-mode-and-dragon-of-the-north-dlc-coming-may-2nd/
  9. Oh I agree the system is stupid. I do hope they still do something with the Kings because I rather enjoy the fallen stuff especially with how the Kings are perhaps the most powerful house with how manipulative they are of the other houses but the new cards seem to be pointing that we might not ever know. Hopefully though they are planning something big for the fallen. I do hope they improve as well. Now enough about the lore back to the topic at hand. I forgot about Battlefront 2. Another game that I do hope they have learned from the mistakes of the first but I have my doubts as well. As least they plan to have a single player, that's at least a step in the right direction.
  10. Destiny 2. Not because of the lore (though that crap better be in game and not force me to go to some website to learn stuff I agree) but because they rip important crud out of the main game to make it expansion later. Hell they all ready have two expansions announced, with leaked image of what the Expansion 1 and Expansion 2 image are which played key components in the first game. Expansion 1 has the Eye of Osiris for its logo and Expansion 2 has the symbol of the Warminds', more importantly it probably will deal with the AI Warmind that has been talked about the most and in the game, Rasputin. SO yeah, thanks Bungo for deciding to remove two pivotal things more then likely and make them expansions that probably won't be any bigger then the Crota expansion. Oh joy... So yeah while I do hope Bungo learned from mistakes, I also sincerely believe they haven't and they are going to repeat the same mistakes again (which with all ready two planned expansions up for preorder like the original game it seems to be the case). As for the lore, House of Kings we still don't know much but some new grimore card has the Brother of the Queen stating the House of Kings as being "a broken house, with a broken leader." or something along those lines. Perhaps when the Devil's found the Siva they struck the House of Kings breaking them. House of Kings after all seem to have left Old Russia by the time of Rise of Iron comes around. Either that or the Borther just really doesn't like fallen since in the same card it talks about him seeking the House of Kings guided by an echo of his sister, the Queen. He seemingly wishes to subvert the Fallen to his own end. Also another card states that the Fallen are seemingly leaving/withdrawing from their locations and burning their banners. Perhaps the real Kell of Kells is coming? As for the Cabal, it was actually a mission not a strike that tells you about the distress beacon sent out of the system, this is why Destiny 2's main enemy is the Cabal. I doubt we will fight the Emperor though, maybe like the champion of the emperor or something but the emperor himself I doubt would come to the system like Oryx did. The Vex are finicky things. While we did do devastating things to them I don't think they are entirely gone. They seem like coach roaches to me, no matter what you do they just don't stay gone, all they need is time which they manipulate. I do hope we are done with the hive for awhile actually kind of sick of them after Oryx.
  11. The music to the new boss fights in The Ringed DLC for Dark Souls 3:
  12. Just stuck on the last one now, the other two I think I solved and put them in my original post though I have one word in italics and the other one all in italics since I'm not 100% on those. The last one is proving difficult.
  13. Here is what I've got going line by line of the messages. The ones I think I've solved I have bold and underlined. Italicize means I'm not 100% on the word: 1st line: Hey I feel like we are forgetting something? 2nd line: Yeah like we've been putting something off for two years. 3rd line: 4th line: I guess it has been long enough. 5th line: What the, is someone? 6th line: Quick lock everything down, find out who that is! Last line: I'll work on the lines I still need to work on and post those up shortly.
  14. One idea I'm sitting on is that they want to keep what happens next secret (if anything more is to come) until the official release of the Fires Fade Edition comes out which releases April 21. That they are doing this so those who are waiting for that version of the game are not spoiled of what truly will be the end of the Dark Souls Trilogy. At least that is what I'm hoping for. Now Lore speak. I've seen some voice concern on Gael being the final boss yet thinking about it and after watching a video talking about his lore, it actually is quite fitting. In a sense the Slave Knights were very similar to the Ringed City Knights but instead of being ordered and forced into servitude and branded by the dark sign on their armor made from the abyss, the Slave Knights seem to willingly worked for the lords (or whoever their masters were). Their armor was made and viewed as a sign of honor interestingly enough, and like the Ringed Knights there were not given much recognition and forgotten in time used pretty much as fodder for battles. We know Gael is a rather old fellow but how old? Perhaps he has been around since the very beginning it's hard to say since nothing really states when he came to being just that he definitely is an old guy who is undead and after seeing Patches surface in the end of the DLC and the Iron Dragonslayer set stating that it definitely has been quite a long time since the adventure in Lothric, it would definitely suggest the undead can be immortal. So Gael being the final boss pretty much has the tale come full circle in a way. He has since it all and eventually only you and him remain in a dying world that cannot be saved, perhaps because of the curse itself the lords foolishly brought about or perhaps it was always doomed to this cycle to eventually be consumed.