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  1. No worries. Also glad Australia gets it just find it kind of weird if it does turn out that Red Barrels decided to censor all region versions of it. Hopefully Red Barrel explains a bit more on that last comment soon.
  2. Yes the original story, since then it was updated with to quote IGN's story: Thus suggesting that there has indeed been a change to the game for at least Australian to give it an R 18+ classification. The statement from Red Barrels suggests that what changes were made for Australian might of been made for the worldwide launch though there is no full confirmation thus IGN has reached out to them.
  3. Well good news the game is coming out in Australia after being edited: http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/03/23/outlast-2-will-come-out-in-australia-after-all Bad news (depending on how you view it), the edit might be on all worldwide releases, going off of part of the statement that - "There will be only one version of Outlast 2 available worldwide.” - suggests that this edit might be all versions worldwide will have been edited.
  4. First of all new update came out and after players have pleaded, we have gained the most glorious of things: That's right the Ornstein Plume has been added in the pre-patch of the Ringed City! Among other things, due to being pre patched people have dug up some of the new goodies that will be in the DLC so you have to watch out about that. The launch trailer for the Ring City is out. Starts out showing the end of Ashes of Ariandel with the painter talking about the pigment that Gael is seeking for. Leads into stuff we have seen in previous trailers briefly and then we see some new stuff with some new dialogue: From the trailer and previous ones I think there are at least three boss fights. We have the Demon in Pain & Demon from Below fight that has been the main focus. From the trailers there is the giant gray giant at the end of a bridge with those phantoms we have seen in a trailer. And now at the end of this trailer we see what appears to be an ancient dragon tainted by the Abyss. There are also some screenshots they released as well: http://fextralife.com/dark-souls-3-the-ringed-city-releases-new-launch-trailer-and-screenshots/
  5. The Fire Fades Edition of the game comes out April 21st.
  6. Yep the Alien butt probing part of the game was censored:
  7. AGAIN SOME SPOILERS, MOSTLY PVP STUFF BUT SOME PVE STUFF IF AVOIDING EVERYTHING THEN MOVE ALONG AND BEGONE! Some things were shown off yesterday in a twitch stream. We saw some weapons and shields, a bit of PvP on the two new arenas with said new weapons and a little gameplay of the Dreg Heap and first boss (though nothing new there and the person playing either was playing terrible on purpose to just waste time and not show much or just sucks). Anyways here are the new PvP arenas: The stream itself or at least the important stuff:
  8. \SPOILERS, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! So from PAX East some new gameplay footage has come out. Here are the videos showing off the Dreg Heap and the first boss we will fight. Just be warned that the commentary is terrible and the person playing is... Not the greatest to put it mildly. The boss fight has seemingly been changed from what was recently shown by VaatiVIdya. When Vaati talked about the boss it was called the Crimson Bat and we fought that boss until a certain amount of health was taken off and then the second boss appeared but now it seems we are fighting both from the get go and they have names now:
  9. Well have to go with one of my favorite songs to listen to: Then some Powerwolf
  10. New Crash gameplay shown off. This time of the first water level called Hang Eight in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
  11. With the next DLC around the corner Japanese magazine has released some new screenshots with image descriptions for the Ringed City. Don't look if you are avoiding spoilers: http://fextralife.com/new-ringed-city-screenshots-for-dark-souls-3-final-dlc/
  12. Game: Horizon: Zero Dawn Platform: PS4 Completed it last night and have to say great game. While facial animation could be better it hardly took away from the games world and story. Fighting and taking over the robotic creatures is fun. Aloy is a great character in her own right and for a new IP Guerilla Games did excellent. Game: Kingdom Hearts 0.2 A Fragmented Passage Platform: PS4 I forgot to put this one up a while back but this is a good game for any fan of the series that is in need of quenching their thirst while they wait for the third game. While it is relatively short story, it provides challenges that will take time to complete (or at least due to the fact that some are insanely tough anyways). It provides a bit of the tale on what Aqua has been doing in the dark world while at the end revealing what to expect in the beginning of KH3.
  13. I'm personally fine with that. I mean all I wanted was to see them allow character transfer over everything else though, sure I'm fine with loosing. They just need to prove they can actually make an interesting story without having to leave the game to go find the lore for everything. Oryx gave a taste that sure they COULD do something interesting for a DLC but they need to show they can do it with a full game as well as do something better with the strikes since those got repetitive fast as hell along with better missions. Basically they have the parts to make something cool but they have yet to show they could put it together properly and with being paired with Activision I have my doubts they can even do that.
  14. Sharing my experience, saw my first thunder jaw yesterday, yeah that is intimidating saw and just thought 'nope' and went the long way around it to the quest point I was working on. XD So far it is pretty good enjoy taking over machines to just watch them duke it out with other machines.