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  1. SimplyMonkey liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Sony ps4 now scraping game trade to freinds and game trade-ins   
     Basically they're are referring to the content on the disk, not the disk itself. This more or less relates to their fight against piracy. A disk is considered hardware, just like a graphics card or the PS4 itself. You have the right to sell that however you wish. However, if you copy and reproduce the software (content) within the disk and sell it for your own profit, than that's what is breaking the TOS. That's why they say "You must not resell either Disc-based Software or Software Downloads." Also, notice how they say "based," which represents something that is from the disk. Anyways, they could have at least made it a bit more clearer.
  2. argetlam350 liked a post in a topic by SimplyMonkey in Sony ps4 now scraping game trade to freinds and game trade-ins   
    Pretty sure this is almost identical to every other agreement that has been on the PS3, PC etc.  It's not saying you can't sell your games, it's basically protecting against piracy.  When you purchase software you are using it under the premise that you won't pirate it or distribute it illegally.  Selling games, trading them in etc are all legal means of distributing the software and transferring the license. 
  3. Nitronik2 liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in The Last of Us SP DLC "World Premiere" 14/11/13   
    Can't wait to see that and what else they may show.
  4. Vale liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Souls Series   
    I'm a big fan of the Souls franchise made by Fromsoft. Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 2 (currently in the beta on PS3 and have to say so far it's great). Wanted to see if there were any other Soul players in the Angry Army. Talk about your favorite moment, or favorite character, or even favorite boss fight.
  5. ScreamingWasp24 liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Tonight's Walking Dead Episode   
    I like it, as a whole I have found this season to be perhaps one of the best seasons, season 1 still takes the cake but I feel that it has been an improvement over season 2 and 3. Season 3 wasn't bad so much until the final episode which was somewhat anticlimactic while season 2 was more about drama then surviving the zombie apocalypse, sure it wasn't entirely bad and had surprises with some of the character's deaths but it was kind of slow paced. But I'm getting off track.
    For this episode I really enjoyed it. It was rather interesting and exciting. For awhile I thought that maybe Hershel might not make it when all those walkers started to come out of the cells from the those who died of the flu.
    As for the Governor's return, well we have been somewhat wondering who's been feeding the walkers rats, who wants to bet it was the Governor? The Governor probably will want to kill everyone in the prison and might still have those two guys with him that he had at the end of season 3, so he could have others help him do that. I'm wondering though if he will die the same way he does in the comics, I won't spoil anything about that though.
  6. Viktormon liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Dragon Age Inquistion   
    Actually they confirmed you can be a Qunari as well as the previous races in DA:O quite some time ago.
  7. argetlam350 liked a post in a topic by DukeSilver in 720p in your face   
    Thanks for taking the time to sign up and be a troll, TC. You get the inaugural addition to my ignore list. 
  8. argetlam350 liked a post in a topic by DukeSilver in What is the stuppidest thing you have ever heard about PC vs Consoles argument?   
    "Stuppidest thing", poor spelling aside, the simple fact that people think it matter what way you play your games. 
    Who cares if you play on PC or console? It really doesn't make a difference in the scheme of things. 
  9. argetlam350 liked a post in a topic by noyram23 in PS4 blocking used games?   
    Found it. http://www.maxconsole.com/maxcon_forums/threads/268735-Sony-updates-its-PlayStation-4-Software-Usage-Terms?p=1466807
    No need to worry ps3 has the same TOS already, it's standard practice. It means that they are not stopping you from reselling it but they can prevent you if they wanted. Every single software company has one of these clauses because every single software company supports software-as-license rather than software-as-goods.
  10. Lival liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Dragon Age Inquistion   
    Technically the RPG section of the forum is a subforum of the PC forum, not everyone owns a PC so it is actually more ideal that it is here rather then just in the RPG subforum of the PC forum.
  11. Lival liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Dragon Age Inquistion   
    Technically the RPG section of the forum is a subforum of the PC forum, not everyone owns a PC so it is actually more ideal that it is here rather then just in the RPG subforum of the PC forum.
  12. RustbucketNL liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Dark Souls Review   
    This is a review I did on an old site a few years back and I figured I would repost it here since the other site is inactive anymore and probably will be shutdown eventually and I rather not loose the review.
    Dark Souls- Prepare to Die

    Story-More Than Meets the Eye

    The story behind Dark Souls is one that not many care to delve into much, or won’t be able to delve into much if you’re a new comer to the series. The story isn’t thrown in front of you like in most games, all you get is the basis of the story which is that you are the descendant of one of the first four lords, the furtive pygmy, and that you are destined to destroy the other lords that carry the lord flames to ultimately destroy Gwyn and become either the new Lord of Cinder, to cast out the undead, and keep the Age of Lords going or to become the Darklord and bring the dawning of a new age, the Age of Men. Now to new comers of the series who want to be the heroes are going to think the ultimate good shall be to become the new Lord of Cinder and cast out the unholy undead that roam the lands, but is that really the true hero path? Is that what the true prophecy says about you? To get an idea on how to actually see the true story, you have to start at the beginning, to start at the Prologue before Dark Souls and where it all began:
                    Now so what we learn from this prologue is that, there were four lords who found the lord flames. Gwyn, the Lord of Cinder, is the father figure of the prologue. He also becomes the head deity in Lordran along with conceiving three separate children (that’s going to become important later on).
                    Gravelord Nito, the first of the undead, is also the champion of the undead. He has little care of those who live and those who are dead, only wishing for equality between the two. It is speculated that Nito is the primary source of the curse that ends up basically destroying Lordran making it mostly barren and lifeless besides the undead that still are there.
    The Witch of Izalith and her seven daughters of chaos are shown but they meet all in a tragic end. The Witch of Izalith creates the Bed of Chaos, one of the keepers of the lord souls, to attempt to duplicate the first lord soul flame. However it turns disastrous, changing her and her daughters into demons themselves, the Witch becoming the Bed of Chaos. Four of the daughters are shown in the game however, the other three are to be speculated what became of them.
                    Seath the Scale-less, the betrayal of his kind was due to his jealously of not having scales and perhaps even the way he looks for he appears to be more upright, with no lower legs and more of a lower half like that of a disfigured snake would be the best way to describe him. He becomes Gywn’s appointed Duke and dwells in the Duke’s Archives researching on how to recreate the scales of eternal life. Unlike his brethren who had scales, he will not live forever. Ultimately this frantic obsession leads to his insanity.
                    As for the Furtive Pygmy, little is known of the character, except that he found the supposed Dark Soul in his time and passed it down through his descendants until it ultimately came to your starting character of the game. Now we begin the journey down the path of what truly this story has to behold. Now before I continue I shall warn that you are going to see tons of spoilers of this game so turn back now before this sucks you in even more.
                    Now, after the defeat of the Dragons that lead to the end of the Age of Dragons and ushered in the Age of Lords, things were peaceful for the time. Then the undead appeared and people began going hollow and becoming undead as well. To try and stop the undead from spreading, they locked them up in the Northern Asylum. This is where you begin, you are a part of the undead yet you haven’t lost your mind. With the aid of an “unknown NPC” you escape and find yourself on pilgrimage to Lodran. Lodran has few humans left; most are undead and have gone hollow except for a small few. Humanity has become scarce in the land as well. The flames of lords became weak over the years and now you are the chosen undead said in prophecy, but the question is-What is this supposed prophecy? Before you know, you are ushered onto a quest to ring the two bells in Lordran, one in the Undead Citadel and the other in Quelaag’s Domain.
                    After ringing the bells you meet the primordial serpent Frampt, who says that you are the chosen undead to take over the corrupted Gywn’s place and relink the fire, but is that true? By now you do learn somewhat that the prophecy says that you are the chosen undead who will put an end to the undead, but not succeed Gywn. Several events up to this point also make you question some other things with the prophecy and what Frampt tells you. So now you have to choose, will you listen to Frampt and continue your journey to relink the fire, or go even farther down the rabbit hole and learn truly the purpose of your character. The rest you’ll have to figure out yourself.
    Enemies and Bosses

    Demon’s Souls was notorious for its tough enemies and bosses, and Dark Souls deliveries the same helping again to the series. If you’re new to the game don’t think you aren’t going to be able to change difficulty to aid you for this game only has one difficulty and it’s going to make you earn your place to play or make you lose a controller.
    Now that being said, the enemies are not impossible to kill nor are the bosses, what it requires you to do though is to know your enemies. You have to pay attention what their attacks are and learn how to counter them by dodging, or using your shield. Once you get that down, you’ll be able to enjoy the many fights you get into, but don’t get too ahead of yourself, the game has quite a few traps and you might find yourself being surrounded by a group of enemies or at the mercy of a boss’s grab attack. So though the enemies can easily be understood, it’s best to keep your guard up and play a good offense along with a good defense.
    Covenants-Praise the Sun!

                    In Demon’s Souls there was a world tendency system which was based on a white world tendency or a black world tendency. Dark Souls scraps that old system and now offers covenants instead which changes perhaps how you play and unlocks quite a few unique items depending on the covenants and your ranking within the covenant you join. It also decides on how you play online against other players.
                    Now, unlike having two choices of world tendencies, you have nine covenants to choose from, all unique in their own ways. Here are the covenants:
    -Way of White: The lawful-good covenant that serves for Lord Gywn, this covenant allows the player to join others who are in the same covenant easier when they are summoned to another player’s world. It’s also one of the few covenants that don’t have a ranking system to it.
    -Princess’ Guard: The neutral-good covenant that serves under Lord Gywn’s daughter, Gywnevere. Like The Way of White Covenant, this covenant allows players who are within the same covenant to find each other’s soul signs and be able to be summoned to another player’s world much easier. It also has no ranking system.
    -Blades of the Darkmoon: The covenant of chaotic-good, that serves under the Lord of Cinder’s son, Gwyndolin. In this covenant you are a supposed assassin for Gywndolin who will serve justice to those who break the rules of the covenant. This covenant does have a ranking system that goes off of items known as Souls or Reprisal. You get these items by invading the law breakings of the covenant and defeating them, or by killing Harpies in the Painted World of Ariamis, though they are a rare drop.
    -Warriors of Sunlight: Praise the Sun, with this lawful-neutral covenant ran by the ever faithful knight, Solaire of Astora. In this covenant, you give aid to other players in there plights of fighting the bosses in the lands of Lordran and in return you’ll receive Sunlight Medals to increase your ranking within the covenant. With also joining this covenant, you’ll be able to be summoned a bit easier by other people in the same covenant and instead of being white when you are summoned, you’ll be a golden yellow color in the summoner’s world so everyone shall know you serve the Warriors of Sunlight and praise the everlasting sun.
    -Forest Hunter: Within the depths of the Darkroot Forest lies this true-neutral covenant. The covenant is run by Alvina of the Darkroot Woods along with her second in command, Shiva of the East. Alvina will let you join and in turn, you’ll be summoned by her whenever she needs you to take care of invaders that enter the covenants domain. Unlike most covenants and normal PvP, there is no limit on who you might fight, for example, you might be a level 30 fighting off a level 120.  To gain ranks within this covenant, you need to win against the invaders of the covenant.
    -Chaos Servant: Deep in the domain of Quelaag, lies the chaotic-nuetral covenant ran by Quelaan, Quelaag’s sister.  Like the other sisters of chaos, Quelaan changed into a demon, looking similar like her sister Quelaag that you fight before you can find this covenant. Though unlike Quelaag, Quelaan’s seems to of not gone well, causing her to appear a bit mutated. She’s in constant pain and needs humanity to get rid of the pain, which is where you come in to aid her. Humanity can be found in game but you can also invade other player’s worlds to fight and gain humanity as well. Giving her humanity also increases your rank within the covenant.
    -Gravelord Servant: The lawful-evil covenant ran by Lord Nito, Champion of the Undead. You’ll be fighting for items called Eyes of Death so you can increase your rank within the covenant, though these can also be found on Basilisks though they are quite rare drop. There can also be bought from a character called Patches later in the game. However, Eyes of Death are also needed to be able to invade another players world and gain another Eye of Death for the covenant so choose wisely with what you do with them.
    -Path of the Dragon: Deep down in the Hollow, lies Ash Lake and this neutral-evil covenant. It’s ran by one of the last living dragons, the Everlasting Dragon. In this covenant you’ll be hunting down dragon scales to boost your ranking. You do this by invading other people’s worlds or from killing Drakes in the Valley of the Drakes though they are extremely rare. Be warned that some weapons also use Dragon Scales to upgrade certain weapons, so use the scales cautiously.
    This covenant is the only covenant that is impossible to betray except for switching covenants.
    Dark Wraith: The hidden chaotic-evil covenant, locked in the abyss ran by Darkstalker Kaathe and followers. What lies in store with covenant can reveal much truth to the character that you play. In this covenant you give Kaathe humanity to rank up which can be gain in game or from invading other player’s worlds.
    Multiplayer-Jolly Co-operation!

                   Now it’s to go from offline story to jumping into the thrills and dangers of the online world and “jolly-co-operation”. Now though not all players may wish to go out and invade other players or just wish to play on their own, there will still be signs from other players that say they are near. Such as a bloodstain that’ll show you where another player has fallen in battle, the ringing of a bell from a successful player, or you’ll see the silhouettes of players near a bonfire that you are sitting at.
                    If you’re one of the players though that likes to pick a bone with others or give aid to, there are a few requirements that are needed in order to begin your journey of fighting or aiding other players or vice versa. One is that you must be human in order to have others to enter your world world. Whenever you die you revert to being hollow and in order to reverse that hollowing you must use humanity at a bonfire which will make you human once more. If you wish to PvP or give aid, you may either be hollow or undead in order to do so.
                    Now just because you can enter other people’s worlds, there are limits on who you can invade/aid. The second rule of being summoned and invading is that you must be in a 15% range of the other player’s level that you are summoning or invading, this prevents really high levels from getting the upper hand on new players in the game. Though some covenants bend that rule a bit so be careful. Now you’ll also need items that will allow you to invade or be summoned. The White Soap Stone will allow you to be summoned while majority of covenants have their own items that will allow you to invade other people’s worlds.
                    The higher your level, the harder it might be to find someone who’ll summon you or invading other people world’s however so if you really enjoy playing against others, there are areas in the game where players hang out at but you’ll have to get quite far into the game for some of the more popular areas. There’s also an issue with lag in the game at times where a player you are fighting is able to backstab you despite that they are not even behind you. So there are some glitches and quirks that need to be worked out still with the multiplayer.

                    Unlike the dark and grim locations of Demon’s, Dark Souls has lusher environments that captivate beauty and fear. Sen Fortress’s breath taking views that make you have a feel of awe, The sinister Blighttown gives the ideal feel of creepiness and wanting to be out of there, Anor Londo’s awe inspiring pillars take your breath away (as long as you do not go searching for the true sinister secrets it hides), The Tomb of Giants fearful darkness that makes you worry where you step and what you might run into, New Londo Ruins make you feel the sadness of how something great can crumble, and Darkroot Forest makes you feel a sense of awe for the forest along with the feel you might be being watched.  All the locations in the game have their own atmosphere to them that are well design to make the player have different feelings within those locations.  To fully appreciate such detail one must wander and look around and get a sense of all the locations that this game has to offer. From its magnificent greens to its dark grays, it’s a game full of color as well as death.

                    The combat in this game is fluid and one that doesn’t take a lot of effort to understand. However don’t think you’re going to do great when you first learn the controls because this game has plenty of tricks and makes you think. This game isn’t one where you can just run in and hack away expecting to come out on top, if you do that you’ll only meet your character’s death. You have to strategize on what you do in combat and to decide when you can use your weapon and when to dodge or get out your shield.  
                    There’s somewhat a lot of running during the starting half of the game since this is an open world game, but with all the enemies, they’ll keep you busy so you won’t get bored and there are quite a few mini-bosses as well. Don’t get to complacent though and think you won’t run into any traps because this game always has surprises, it’s best to rotate your camera around to check corners at times.
                    The weapons all have their own unique feel and attacks. Knives and short swords are quick and do small damage that racks up quickly, while great axes will give a beating to an enemy with a few slow hits. There are a wide range of weapons to try to get the feel of what you like. If you are a magic user, you have some choices as well between pyromancy, magics, and miracles. Spells take time to cast but are useful, especially the powerful ones that can deal punishing blows and kill in one or two hits. If you like to kill at a range, there are bows and arrows, ranging from small bows to the large dragon slayer bow that is taller than your character. So though there are plenty of ways to die in this game, you yourself have a ton of deadly weapons that can enact revenge.
    Replay ability-Up For NGP and Beyond

                    The first play-through of the game, especially for new players, we’ll take most around 60 to 80 hours to get through, and once you beat the game, the game will start the story all over again, making the enemies and bosses tougher and stronger.  You’ll have an edge as well, by keeping all the items that you collecting within your first play through (except for some quest items). Along with all the bonfires that you upgraded will remain where you upgraded them to so you can keep more humanity at your side and the rank you are at in the covenant you are a part of. The games story along with the stronger enemies will give more replay ability for majority of players to quench their thirst some more. It won’t take as long as the first play-through but it still offers a ton of game time. If you’re a trophy hunter, you’ll also have a ton of replaying to do for to unlock all trophies it takes at least three play-throughs to unlock them all.

                    A game with a captivating story, stunning graphics, fun multiplayer, and awesome boss fights, this game is somewhat an overlooked game for fear of the challenge it brings but the game offers a ton of enjoyment with the exploring and great combat system. Definitely a game worthy to go down in history as one of the most challenging games of its times, along with one of the most artistic games with the environments you explore, from a dense forest to a snowy kingdom in a painted world. This game deserves 9 out of 10. Praise the Sun!

  13. Halavo liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Star Wars Battlefront 3   
    I loved the first two battlefronts so I can't freaking wait for Battlefront 3. However I hope they go with third person over first person since in the other Battlefront games I felt that was always the better mode.
    I also hope they have some random fights like they had in Battlefront 2 like how you could be a wampa on Hoth fighting rebels, or having Jawas fight Tuscan Raiders. Those were hilarious and fun to be.
    I also could see a zombie mode, something like the novel Star Wars Death Troopers.
  14. BrAwLy liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Favorite Last-Gen game of all-time?   
    Dark Souls for me. I've logged so many hours in that game that I can't even believe it.
  15. munchmagic86 liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Must Owns from this Gen we may have missed ?   
    MAG was one, I loved 256 player matches though I felt sometimes the players tried to all be lone wolves rather then work as a team. Shame Zipper Interactive shut down, they could of probably done better with a second game, or at least if they had the chance to of added more maps. That was always a big problem with MAG, it had so few maps.
    Demon's Souls is another, before Dark Souls, Demon's Souls was merely a cult classic game that got overlooked for it's supposedly overly hard difficulty. Though the game is challenging it isn't as hard as it may be made to sound to believe. Once you get past the learning curve it's really great.
    Burnout Paradise is another great game, really wished we would get a new Burnout game.
  16. Laelais liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in New Desolation of Smaug Trailer   
    I'm definitely going to see it, though the movie is by far different from the book but I think that's due to the book being rather dull at certain points. I'm curious on how they are going to make a third movie though since so far it seems this next movie covers the rest of the book.
  17. EmbersofChaos liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Souls Series   
    A thread for all the Souls games made by Fromsoft. From Demon's Souls to Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. Tell your favorite moments, your favorite characters, bosses, and classes. Maybe even talk about some of the Dark Souls 2 beta that has been going on with PS3 if you got in since the full Dark Souls 2 game will not be out until March of 2014.
  18. Vale liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Souls Series   
    I'm a big fan of the Souls franchise made by Fromsoft. Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 2 (currently in the beta on PS3 and have to say so far it's great). Wanted to see if there were any other Soul players in the Angry Army. Talk about your favorite moment, or favorite character, or even favorite boss fight.