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  1. I moved to a private server nearly a year and a half ago. I assumed that at some point every official server would be shut down due to cost. They arent, or were not charging anyone a fee to use the official servers, and at some point that would become unaffordable. I spend alot of my free time in ARK, but folks fussing over the close down should have realized it would come one day. There is no reason to start a flame war about needing to be entitled because you were a Early Access tester... learn from this and move on.
  2. OK I have to admit I broke down and bought the game and accessed the 10 hour early stuff. I was weak, what can I say?
  3. Some of the story lines wont be available until after the 10 hour limit...but the whole AI story..the implants and the AI not going insane and not controlling you. How do the krogan plan to deal with the genophage if they left before Femshep could cure them? Why does no one else question why a 20 year old is now the pathfinder? I mean I am a veteran and I have a 20 year old..No way would I allow them to lead a team to save us all. At 20 what have the Ryder twins done? Been to school and maybe a few jobs? Not seeing why they are the pathfinder. If you answer"because their dad was" then you have to assume Cora is going to be a maniacal insane power hungry control freak like the Illusive man, or that the cooks children will always be cooks etc. Just a lot of bad story designs so far that are full of holes. Not even going to discuss the PC animation issues and controls being off..nor the difference in combat. I dont like not being able to tell my team exactly what to do. They dont assume cover very well and they wish to tank it too much. Joe will wait until he plays the whole game probably to do his review..but I dont think he will give it over a 7. Why a 7? Because the MP is ok, better than the main game.
  4. I love the series as well, but I choose to NOT preorder. I was very disappointed with DAI PC K+M controls. I have yet to see any footage for Andromeda on an actual PC with a keyboard and mouse and not a port. All the vids I have seen so far have what I consider to be subquality graphics, with faces a tad off. The lip syncing and the voices seem off as well. I also don't find any of the males attractive (woman are not my thing), so if I play I probably wont be bothering with the romance options. All that being said, I will buy the game because there just is not much else available for PC's right now and I do like gaming.
  5. The old Heroes of might and Magic 1, 2 and 3 games.
  6. Its 30 days out from the scheduled release date. I am looking at teh Origin website and they still do not have the PC system requirements listed. Am I missing them? Also looking at new character they added named Jaal. Not sure if its a gal or a guy, or some hybrid mix of everything. Still not sure how removing the paragon/renegade system will work if the choices arent clear for folks like myself who have no sense in social situations.
  7. I am then worried that every choice will have to have a lore save because what I think I may choose may mean something else to the game and that will irk me. If I meant...he is an a hole and kill him..I meant just that choice..not send him fluffy berries and be nice. ANd anyone have an idea when the official PC specs will be released? Also looking at the "romance" options...Seem slim pickings for a straight female. Males are related or wimpy looking.
  8. I wouldn't mind an update from CD about Cyberpunk 2077. I will probably buy Andromeda even though I was disappointed with Inquisition. There really isn't else I am looking forward to on PC. Seems to be a dearth of good PC games.
  9. I was in the Beta...I'll wait to post my thoughts when we get to test more options.
  10. Fallen Earth..yes its a bit dated and needs some love from the devs..buts its still a great game.
  11. Fallen Earth>>old MMO designed in late 90's, so graphics area bit dated, but for exploring and crafting it is still a fun game. Its free to play now at Gamers First. The PVP has gotten a bit dry as long term vets dont log as much, but faction PVP is still busy. Group team raids are usually done Monday evenings at 1900 EST and 3rd Sat of the month at 2200EST. Yes I am a fangirl of Fallen Earth so my thoughts are biased.
  12. Level 35 on singleplayer but I have not really tried MP yet except to pop in a few servers and test them.
  13. Dr Zeus with AJSA begging for free stuff on this server. I mean seriously, begging dude? Either steal it or get it yourself..but stop the begging.
  14. Do we (AJSA) have a server for ARK? Or does anyone have a server up yet? I dont have time to set one up and I dislike blindly joining servers. Nebby
  15. I do not see them making any game with a strong female protagonist. They use rape and bisexuality to much. It would be too hard for them to make a strong hetero female character without using the rape trope. I am not a Ana lover so dont start in on me please. I can never make a comment without someone being snotty or vitriolic of my views on woman in games and the use of rape to move the story along.