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Lady Mutare

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  1. Deezyfesheezy liked a post in a topic by Lady Mutare in Wild Card trampling their player base?   
    I moved to a private server nearly a year and a half ago.  I assumed that at some point every official server would be shut down due to cost.  They arent, or were not charging anyone a fee to use the official servers, and at some point that would become unaffordable.  I spend alot of my free time in ARK, but folks fussing over the close down should have realized it would come one day.  There is no reason to  start a flame war about needing to be entitled because you were a Early Access tester... learn from this and move on.  
  2. Rain liked a post in a topic by Lady Mutare in Mass Effect Andromeda,Worth pre-order/getting it at Launch?   
    OK I have to admit I broke down and bought the game and accessed the 10 hour early stuff.   I was weak, what can I say?
  3. Lady Mutare liked a post in a topic by Rain in Mass Effect Andromeda will not have Paragon/ Renegade morality system.   
    If it's anything like Dragon Age, there won't be a definitive "good or bad" story arc like the original Mass Effects. If you've played Dragon Age, reading the responses is definitely required to determine your course of action/attitude and will most likely be the case in Andromeda. And they do a pretty good job writing out the responses to give either a 1. Nice 2. Neutral or 3. Asshole response with the possibility of even more options to choose from.
  4. PoppedHavoc liked a post in a topic by Lady Mutare in For Honor (MMO)   
    I was in the Beta...I'll wait to post my thoughts when we get to test more options.
  5. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Lady Mutare in Any Free MMOs out that`s worth the download?   
    Fallen Earth..yes its a bit dated and needs some love from the devs..buts its still a great game.
  6. J. Walter Weatherman liked a post in a topic by Lady Mutare in The witcher 3   
    I do not see them making any game with a strong female protagonist. They use rape and bisexuality to much. It would be too hard for them to make a strong hetero female character without using the rape trope.  I am not a Ana lover so dont start in on me please. I can never make a comment without someone being snotty or vitriolic of my views on woman in games and the use of rape to move the story along. 
  7. Lady Mutare liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Dragon Age Inquisition no spoilers   
    Being a strict M+KB user on PC, and having played DAO and 2 on M+KB. But thanks to the god awful tactical camera, and holding down the left click button to attack instead of auto attack, this game is a pain on M+KB.
    Fuck, even Metal Gear Rising did better on a M+KB compared to this.
  8. mrfool liked a post in a topic by Lady Mutare in Fallen Earth - Re-Submission   
    I have played Fallen Earth since Beta in 09. It is by far my favorite mmo. The Crafting in FE far outweighs the crafting available in any other MMO. I dont do much PVP, so it would be unfair for me to comment on that aspect.  I love the game Lore and like Lightbearer faction the best.  yes, this is Nebby, say Hi in FE.
    Mutare Nebula