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  1. Well, A few of my Skype friends and I have created a new Youtube Channel, and to kick it off, here is us (my POV) trying to get through Minez! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irq7sJ8cBbI
  2. Definitely helping, I helped when we were getting the idea out there.
  3. It is good to see that the forum was made. I am pretty sure im on the list of people (in case you don't remember me, I helped in December-January)
  4. Sweet. It's good to see that the forum is almost done
  5. Same here. Greatest. Demo. Ever! Looking forward to the game!
  6. Big companies coughEAcough.
  7. True, I know it takes a while, that is why I have been working on learning Unity 3d.
  8. No kidding. A bunch of great games for the gaming community would be the best thing to happen to it in a while.
  9. I like the forum setup that you guys have (also I won't be posting as often now that school has started again).
  10. lol ok, i was a little too excited last night
  11. YES! IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN! Yes I know I'm late to see the news (watching Family Guy) but I'm so happy for us! So, should we change our signature to Official AJSA Game Development Team Has Been Made Possible?
  12. ok, I have looked at unity3d, and I've got to say, it's a LOT better than when I tried it out a few years ago. I support it.
  13. One of the best 3DS games in my opinion.
  14. Hello, people! Your friendly NextDoorDarkrai here, bringing you my newest video: Bravely Default Demo Overview in 5 Minutes or Less! Hope you enjoy! What game should I review next? Let me know, and I just might review it!
  15. I don't believe you! (Checks Youtube) Wha-no, he can't be gone... (Checks Again) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!