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  1. Can there be a Teamspeak 3 Channel in the AJSA for Naval Action since this game is going to be awesome. I don't see someone saying no to this since there is a Star Citizen Teamspeak channel that no one goes in. http://www.navalaction.com/#ageofsail
  2. Is there also a AJSA guild for the Horde as well?
  3. I do agree with this idea and its very smart for WoW
  4. Is World of Warcraft worth playing and subscribing to or is it just not worth my time and money?
  5. SMMCDemolition sign me up!
  6. Hey, I am working on geeting a job on the Midway.So, my schedule is once a week Friday, or Saturday I sleep on the Midway with the staff then go home the next day. These schedule with stay the same when I get the job.
  7. Russia: *Yak-3/3P / *I-185 England: *Typhoon 1b-late Japan: *KI-84 Ko these are the only planes o have no unlocked yet, but working on it.
  8. Thorin Oakenshield.8730 Lets rock in the angery army!