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Everything posted by Svyaga

  1. Greetings, AJSA! You could have noticed, that Joe is not very good at the game now and coaching could help him to be more efficient much faster! I understand that he can find some more popular DotA streamer or something like that to get even more popular himself, and that's good, but until then, I could be of help. + I think he could use help of some skilled player, not just streamer (many of them dont understand much in DotA themselves ). I'm a pretty good DotA 2 player with 3400+ hours in it, 1800+ pub games and about 260+ screams and tournament games (Top 10 Pro ladder of StarLadder for quite a long time, team GpE - Growing Pique). My overall DotA experience (DotA Allstars + DotA 2) is about 9000 or even more, was playing DotA much more often before. I will be glad to share my DotA 2 experience and knowledge! I'll be very grateful if someone could give Joe this information
  2. Lol, Dendi has many more hours and games than me, especially tournament ones.
  3. I looked through the guide a bit and it's really cool and newbie friendly! Can't say that everything there is right (didn't read that much, mdae just a quick look), but I really liked pictures and overall style of the guide . It's a bit out of date (patch 6.79 not included), but I don't think it's a big issue.
  4. I didn't, but I don't think they will say something against their own policy . Even though they can give quite reasonable reasons, there is still no guarantee that they will be real ones, same as my guesses. Well still I maybe should try this. I'll write the answer if I do it.
  5. Greetings, Angry Joe Army! Title of the thread may seem offensive, but, as we say in Russia: "In every joke there is a portion of joke"! As we know (except Blizzard/Diablo 3 fans who just enjoy(ed) the game, there is nothing wrong about it, but I write my own opinion), Blizzard pretty much failed Diablo 3. Now they are going to release an expansion called Reaper of Souls (RoS), which can improve the game, and I'm really excited about it. So this is what we have now: USA preorder: 1) Standart edition = 39.99$ 2) Deluxe edition = 59.99$ 3) Game available (both preorder and release) - 3/25/2014 EU preorder: 1) Standart edition = 39.99€ = ~55$ 2) Deluxe edition = 59.99€ = ~83$ 3) Game available (both preorder and release) - 3/25/2014 For Russia/CIS it seems pretty normal as well: Russia/CIS preorder: 1) Standart edition = 1799 rub = ~56$ 2) Deluxe edition = 2699 rub = ~84$ 3) Game available (preorder only) - 3/25/2014 But now something smelly starts: Russa/CIS release: 1) Standart edition = 899 rub = ~28$ 2) Deluxe edition = 1499 rub = ~47$ 3) Game available (buying in stores) - 4/15/2014 (3 weeks after preorder edition is available for play) Now the questions. Tried to make them in right sequence: - Why can't I preorder RoS for these 28$ to start playing on March instead of waiting for 3 weeks? - Even if there are some delays with RoS shipment (or some other reason), why preorder costs 50% more? (I could understand some price increase in stores because of some shipment taxes and etc., but not the preorder!) - Let's look at it from other side: how it comes, that the game costs 50% less in just 3 weeks? - Why (Let's say europeans) even have to pay these 50% extra without such discount in 3 weeks? - Why do Blizzard split Diablo community by policy called "Pay 50% more or wait 3 weeks more"? (Well, this statement about splitting community is not 100% right, but still because of this policy there will be a noticeable difference) There are adequate answers for each of these questions separately, but for the overall situation I can only make some guesses. Some of them may be false, but I think at least some of them hit the mark: 1) Blizzard want to get as much money as they can, because everyone want to play RoS as early as they can (because even updates like "paragon 2.0", "loot 2.0" are useless without RoS. So without it Diablo 3 is even more dead than before, since everyone are going to swith to RoS either way). 2) There actually can be a discount for EU (and probably US), but Blizzard just don't announce (read guess №1). 3) Blizzard are removing real money auction house from Diablo 3, so they will lose quite large profit. That's why... (guess №1 again). 4) Blizzard are having some problems with servers capacity, so they both get more money from preorders and partially solve this problem (which is unnaceptable if I'm right about this guess, I mean to solve their own problems by limiting our possibilities + even getting more profit). 5) Blizzard are having some problems with shipment to Russia, so they made such a policy to get as much profit from it as they can. 6) Now a positive guess: game will cost 50% less in april because it's kind of an excuse for a 3 months delay. But still it's just an another guess. And I still don't understand why there is such a delay just for Russia/CIS when even for Korea and Taiwan there isn't, I think it's should be harder to ship the RoS discs there than to Russia. This is all what came to my mind, but maybe there is something else to it. I know, that some of you will agree with them without reason (and I accept this, even if I don't understand this) and some of you are ready to pay (or just can afford the price), but it doesn't mean, that Blizzard are right doing this.
  6. Even if there are ways to bypass the situation it doesn't mean that the situation itself is right=) And why should we even find such ways? I was just a small example, but there are many others. And (for another example) I don't want my EU friends to split from their own community (I mean EU) in terms of progression just for me. I don't think every US and EU guy will wait for 3 weeks, right? I understand you point of view but in this thread I just want to look at it from other perspective. Not "What ways will be best to bypass this policy?" but "How did it come up to this? What was the reason?". I really want to know the reason and wish we get most realistic answer in discussion . P.S. I already have 60 lvl on every class (well only DH is lvl 53) .
  7. Thanks! If only Joe could make a "FAIL" video about this stuff, always loved these I think this situation deserves such a video .
  8. 1) Well TS is much better than Skype in many ways, Skype is just a bit more "convenient" to use. So I agree with you on that. 2) Yeah it's pretty sad. But I think Joe just doesn't want to be flooded in the guild by it's members (like he said about privacy in his Skype) 3) Yeah Delrith is pretty inexperienced himself to teach someone else. There is nothing bad in it, but if Joe wants to learn about the game, he needs someone who at least knows itembuilds on heroes This is why I made a thread about coaching. So I agree with you on every point, and have nothing to add at the moment. It's just not enough information to say about anything else since Joe has only started playing DotA .
  9. Well I understand your point of view, and agree, that even this situation has pros and cons. But (for example) I don't want to wait for 3 weeks, I really love Diablo franchise and I'm so excited about the expansion, but also don't want to pay 50% extra. I'll be glad to play earlier to test it and find bugs and get Blizzard fix them, so I can help to make the game better But they leave me no choice but to wait (well they do, but it's not a choice at all at the same time). And what if I had friends in EU? Well they can powerlevel me in 3 weeks or smth like that, but it still splits the RU Diablo community from others in terms of game progression very much. Well I don't mind that prices in EU and Russia are a bit larger than US ones (even almost 40% is understandable as it is), I know the stuff about taxes and etc. But then the actual release should cost more (even if it's 50%), not the preorder! (I mean RU one). It's just an ordinary online purchase without any shipment or taxes stuff. You buy the game, download it from internet and play. And even if we imagine that there will be shipment of preorder packages, there can't be a 50% difference in taxes in just 3 weeks, can it? No, it couldn't. RU = EU in terms of servers and etc. No difference at all. You can say that Russia is part of EU for Diablo 3, but just has different shipment time and prices (It got even more weird, didn't it?). And your question "why isn't it happening everywhere?" I made another guess: 5) Blizzard are having some problems with shipment to Russia, so they made such a policy to get as much profit from it as they can. I don't think that I guessed right, but I think it's somehow connected to the actual reason.
  10. Man I still didn't understand what were you talking with Mr Fool about :\ Maybe it's just my bad English (not bad actually, but it's still not my native language) or laziness to read first post more carefully
  11. Actually I didn't understand the sense of anything you said (and why here, it seems to be offtopic)... Coaching Joe to teach him to play isn't connected with these AJSA, officers, guild or timeline problems. Thanks for uping the thread at least .
  12. Thanks man for the response. I completely agree with you, DotA have been my favourite game for about 8-9 years now, and none of other games (even which I really love) doesn't stand anywhere near it for me. And I was quite excited seeing Joe trying DotA 2 and the fact that he liked it and agrees that it's quite hard and etc. made me kinda happy .
  13. Dyzzles Actually I got many more hours if I count DotA Allstars as well, I started playing DotA in ~2005 . So it would be about 9000 hours or even more, because I was playing DotA much more often before. Thanks, mate! GpE stands for Growing Pique. We had another name (WTML - Welcome to My Life), but we got some sponsors (GpE) (though still didn't get anything from them except advertising ).
  14. Greetings, Angry Joe Army! Name's Aleksey, I'm 21 and I'm completely new to the army (even though I have been following Angry Joe's youtube channel for quite a long time). My nick is Svyaga and it doesn't have any sense in any language I'm a pretty good DotA 2 player with 3400+ hours in it, 1800+ pub games and about 260+ screams and tournament games (Top 10 Pro ladder of StarLadder for quite a long time, team GpE). I really like Joe's videos and the way he thinks, that's why I joined the army! Also liked that Joe finally tried DotA 2! I will be glad to share my DotA 2 experience and knowledge on the forum . I would also be very grateful if you check my first thread about Diablo 3: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/11935-diablo-3-ros-preorder-blizzard-spitting-to-fans-faces/ P.S. Playing some DotA 2 with Joe or for example being a coach to explain stuff to him could be extremely fun
  15. Dual line mid was viable some time ago (CK+Wisp, Lich+some mid against stronger mid for example), but for now they are really rare and mostly don't work. I mean competitive DotA ofc But I didn't watch any DotA tournaments for about a week or a two, so maybe something could change, but I doubt it
  16. Clockwerk! I started to play him really often in my team and have already about 40+ tournament games or screams with about 75% winrate. I totally love him! Still waiting for the updated model to get cosmetic items for him :3