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    West Indies Hunting Whales
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    Have friends that like different kind of games and not just stuck in one game.
  1. I'll be waiting for this game,look cool to play it with friends,so yes I will support the game for the PS4.
  2. PSN:xJasper-R3D75 Feel free to add me,I have BF4,AC4 and KZ:SF
  3. AC3 was a disapointing for me,I have play all the AC games and they are all good but AC3...Conor is a bitch,you cannot free run in the rooftops(like in the previous games),when you finish a mission you dont get paid like in the previous games and the only way to get good amount of money is trading caravans and I feel that im wasting my time waiting for the caravans to finish to sell everything.But the game have a good plot because is based in the revolutionary war,and in some missions you are in the middle of a huge battle between the patriots and the redcoats.
  4. I watch the gameplay and its look very awesome,but I just know little info about the game and I really want to know when is coming out. This game is good to play it with friends.
  5. Thank youh,I hope to play with Angry Army soon.
  6. Hi there I just joined yesterday,I like to play every different kinds of gamesFPS,RPGs,etc.Im an Assassins Creed fan,I have a PS4 and PS3 if you want you can add me at xJasper-R3D75.I have been watching AngryJoeShow since 2 months ago and im glad to be a AJSA member.
  7. Hi

    I will buy a new computer soon to play games with the Angry Army(since I watch Joe Shogun 2 review I was looking foward to buy a new computer,because this one istoo slow)
  8. Hi

    Add me PSN:xJasper-R3D75