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  1. I played CoD for a while, some I didn't like so much such as world at war and modern warfare 2. Now the reason I didn't like these 2 so much is due to the fact I played ALOT of multiplayer. Now in Modern warfare 2 there was a serious amount of Noob tube spots going on into spawn. Also it was just a bunch of ballerinas doing 360's every single game trying to get their next montage no scope! MLG legit yo! In light of what I have just said you can probably tell where I am leaning towards why Ghosts just sucked in every single way possible. CoD was always about the fast paced twitch shooting. Which Modern warfare 3 and Black ops 2 took on board really well, also adapted very quickly. Ghosts however, not so much. The game had become so slow paced that I was literally bored of every single map I went onto. The maps were way too big for 6v6 game types and the FPS on PC was just tragic. Everyone lay down in a corner as soon as they spawned and was so slow paced I felt like I was falling asleep. They concentrated more on the animals than the actual gameplay. If you want proof of this I will refer you straight back to a trailer that everyone couldn't let go because all they spoke about was an next gen dog..... Are you for real ? Ghosts was a failure and since this happened, alot of people lost faith in the CoD franchise. Which is exactly why Advanced warfare had lack of pre orders. When a game actually kills your pre order sales, you have to wonder... Was it really that good ?
  2. Not a remake... That's all there is to it, they've done this twice now so to the op... The reason the internet is going nuts is because this is NOT what the fans asked for. We wanted a proper remake. As in graphics, gameplay even going as far as aesthetic touch ups. What did we get!?! The same thing we had already...
  3. Didn't see your previous post so I apologise. However I still feel that the whole which is better should be dropped anyway. Console is for someone who just wants to plug the game in. PC is for someone who wants to play that game with better graphics and sometimes better performance. Not every person cares about the extra performance and graphics so this "PC master race" thing and "Console fanboy" should just be dropped. Every single person is a part of the same community. Right now I have no idea what that community is but it is still a gaming community regardless. As you can tell I'm not a fan of this subject being brought up but again.. Apologies I did not read what you previously said.
  4. Yeah... Because that's what the PC master race is.... Lol some of the biggest games ever are out on PC. World of warcraft, League of Legends, Counter strike GO (Yes it is on console but it sucks) and many many many more that you physically could not even try and run on a console. For a race of dead babies... I think we're doing alrite for ourselves don't you. Especially since League of Legends alone has at least 100,000 people watching it on Twitch at any given time. Dead babies... You make me lol! Now If I don't mind breaking up the little tiff here I would like to say go back to the forum subject instead of straying off into a completely pointless and meaningless argument!
  5. The Nova plays were real. The situation is basically I won a skin on someones twitch stream so I decided to get a few kills on my StatTrak. This is what happens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMI9gKGHx-I&feature=youtu.be
  6. I only had to read the title and I already know this is a good idea...
  7. When we get a decent game we don't actually complain. We usually highly recommend it however this year hasn't exactly had any recommendations come my way. I'm still recommending CS:GO to people which came out a couple of years ago. As a gaming forum though you can't really blame the people that actually look a little deeper into the games rather than just the casual play through. There is people out there that look beyond the game and more into the development side of things and see things that are a little shoddy. Granted some forums do seem like they are just a complete complaint fest. (I have seen COUNTLESS of forums posts about EA and quite frankly it's getting really old) However sometimes you will find that forum post that yeah is probably complaining about the development side but has actually researched his findings and usually quite informative. These are the posts I watch out for. I refuse to look at a post that says "Ubisoft/EA have done it again" If you know they are going to keep making games you don't like.... WHY THE HELL ARE YOU BUYING THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!
  8. GTA V... I'm getting quite sick of hearing about this game if I'm honest and they STILL haven't brought out the heists... STILL!!!! This game has actually really annoyed me. No heists and still takes forever to connect to the online. All I ever hear is "It's game of the year." It's a new year... Please bring out something new Rockstar. I'm bored of unfulfilled promises!
  9. Dude you're simply assuming yourself right here. I am just repeating what most devs say. Please don't say I am assuming anything as it is getting you nowhere. The only thing you and the original op is going to get a reply with is "upgrade" and it is simply this. At the end of the day as games get better the memory is going to get larger. Compressed or not. You are eventually going to have to upgrade... Why wait if it is suddenly a problem ? You have literally came back to the same post that I have haven't you... Upgrade. If I was trying to make myself feel big with a one liner I would've said something completely different to upgrade. I would've probably threw an insult your way or something. Not something that is actually a viable option for the OP.
  10. CS:GO Arma 3 South park Civilization Torchlight 2 Path of exile Minecraft (Don't judge) Insurgency Alien swarm (Really fun FREE indie game) If you are going to get into FPS though then I would honestly suggest Counter strike or Insurgency. However Insurgency has a massive learning curve but it is quite cheap on humble bundle right now if I remember correctly.
  11. At least it's not big brother
  12. That's precisely the point I was getting at though, there may have been a reason for no compression such as maybe the compression isn't updated enough and could ruin said audio. There is always a reason behind why certain things are not done in games, usually the reason is due to breaking something in said thing that they are compressing. If it breaks it, why would you compress it ? Upgrade like the other 50,000 people who have been playing PC have been doing all these years.
  13. You have to remember that game res and textures are going to get better. With that game compression is maybe slacking ? Give it chance it will probably get better with time aswell. Honestly though you should probably just do what the rest of the world is doing... Upgrade!
  14. When all your bug n problems are fixed OP you can go back to being a hypocritical no life Try to watch what you say in a previous post before you post something as stupid as this xD
  15. This can explain one of the reasons that a game is so big however this doesn't explain some of the reasons other games are so big. There is plenty of games out there that have normal compressed audioor video that are looking at around 40gb+. Said games have been some of the best games that came out of all time and no-one called them lazy ?