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  1. MrReed liked a post in a topic by Treeps in Official Guild Wars 2 NA sign up - Reply for an invite if you're committed   
    Invitation sent, MrReed! Welcome to The Angry Army! 
  2. MrDakka liked a post in a topic by MrReed in [AAR] 24 HOUR OP: War Stories and Media Log   
    1marten i think it was. Because i remember the hyper voice XD
  3. alaradia liked a post in a topic by MrReed in [AAR] 24 HOUR OP: War Stories and Media Log   
    Mmmm yes those poles my friend those poles..... XD
    We had all lost our minds by hour 14 so it was acceptable
    We was a bit evil to a lone bravo squad member though teasing him with our sunderer XD
    I was unsuccessful in my attempts to combine with Alaradia to create the ultimate super terran :'(
    And at the excavation point there was ALOT of amour its why it took us 3 hours they kept surrounding us
    Also if i remember rightly "KIll MrReed" was quite a popular game at some point  -.-
    We did actually get alot done as crazy as it sounds we were serious most of time
    And who was it that was getting chased around by an NC MAXX for 15 mins because they got stuck inside the tech plant shield? XD
  4. MrReed liked a post in a topic by Remylia_Scarlet in [AAR] 24 HOUR OP: War Stories and Media Log   
    War stories
    1. Apha squad's 3 hour battle over the Indar Excavation Point
    2 Esamir (no resistance) + alpha squad (comprised of mostly 24 hour endurance players) + 1 Atv and a capture point = hilarity and innuendos
    3. During one of our deployments, we loaded onto one of our squad leader's galaxy and before actually leaving the warp gate, got down to half health. As soon as we got out of the shield the enemy proceeded to kill the galaxy, forcing our squad to eject within 1km of the warp gate and running back to grab another.
  5. MrReed liked a post in a topic by Kedric in Gaming Headsets   
    A bunch of them. Personally I like the Corsair Vengeance 1400, but there are so many good ones. You really just need to determine what you want (wired, wireless, 5.1, 7.1) and your price range. Logitech, Corsair and Turtle Beach have been really good for me.
  6. TwistedPixel liked a post in a topic by MrReed in Hail to the King baby!   
    Welcome Dutchman!
  7. MrReed liked a post in a topic by Gone in The CoD's of there genre   
    Assassins Creed has been done to death. I made a post in another thread about it and it has been dragged out beyond a joke. If Ubisoft keep flogging this horse then sooner or later PETA will find out and make a strange website with porn and animal cruelty about it.
    Assassins Creed needs assassinating.
    Just make it stop.
    Pokemon ... shit in a handbasket has this been going on for far too long.
    To put it into perspective, I was in my early teens when this started .... i'm now in my mid 30's. It needs purging in the cleansing flames of hades.
    WWE games ... how in the sacred feth these are still being made i'll never know. They never get any better either. 
    Resident Evil ... either reboot it or kill it ... it's been a zombie for far too long and i'm pretty sure RE6 wanted to kill itself at some point. Play the disk backwards and it's probably asking you to put it in a deep fat fryer and end it's misery.
    Final Fantasy. There is nothing final about it ... the sodding thing keeps going. Rename the bastard thing to "No End In Sight Fantasy".
  8. MrReed liked a post in a topic by Commander Shepard in wow - anyone play it still? worth going back to?   
  9. MrReed liked a post in a topic by The Creator in Music\Poems, does it goes around here?   
    Greeting my fellow brothers and sisters of this army!
    I haven't been around alot, posted alot or anything similar to it, but i have been wondering, does this community takes kindly to music, soundtrack, poems, etc...
    I just not long ago started to write some blessings that looked kinda...poetic, so i took that as a hobby, and thought to start making up poems, i'm not going to say, i'm a professional, but music was a great part of my life, and i enjoy listening to it...made some covers on youtube...really few, again started not long ago...that information is kinda irrelevant...
    Anyway, why is your opinion about music? do you enjoy listening to it, do you like video game soundtracks, their music, the power it creates in you when you listen to it? and what kind you usually listen? (for me it's rock, metal, classic, orchestra, pop and sometimes really old jazz)
    Unfortunately i'm no composer which means i cannot create my own songs, i can write the words, but to add the music, i just envy sometimes those who can do it, these people have talent, i'm a listener, i stand on the side and listen.
    I'm probably wasting your time reading all of this, although i would be grateful for you opinion.
    I'm not sure what else to add on this topic, wished i had something on mind, which could be more bright, but i thank you for the patience and your will to share.
    Best regards!
    P.s: apologies for the bad grammar\spelling, English isn't my first language, so i may have made some mistakes...
  10. Gone_Holo liked a post in a topic by MrReed in MrReed Rocking the soul crushing Metal!   
    Mostly that kind of grind core mostly but some elements of melodic metal in there as well and cheers dude!