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  1. Lol ign: Ladypurpleheart roles: Mid, jng.
  2. I'l apply for mid when that time comes~
  3. I'm not done just yet. SN:LadyPurpleHeart
  4. I'd like to participate in this please thank you.
  5. Lol IGN: LadyPurpleHeart Rank: Gold 2 Lol exp: since season 4 Roles/mains: Roles: Mid, top, jungle, adc, support. Mains: top gang plank, lulu, lissandra. Jungle zac, elise, kindred. ADC Ashe, varsus, Ez, Corki. Support Thresh, Blitz, Annie. Mid Ahri TF, Orianna, Lulu, Lissandra, Gangplank What I know /can teach: Conceptual builds, thought process, reasoning, mechanics, farming, rotations, jungles clears. If it involves conceptual planning i'm your pick. What I would like to learn: Simply how to improve and be a better player. Other moba XP: None.
  6. I personally like it on summoners rift, and howling abyss is switching power picks all together, AOE champions are really good there considering how small the lane is.
  7. Why. Not wire or wife. Why. As in why you are doing what your doing.
  8. Hardcore 5am daily training till then.
  9. So I don't know about all of you who try to improve but something that helps me is motivational videos. To me League is a lot about mindset so here's a gift for all of you to help ya out
  10. It may be in poor taste to vote for myself as the winner but~ I did xD. Also calling it right now I will not get to play Ahri once xD
  11. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Lilly+Rose Lilly Rose NA I'd like to join.
  12. I'n fact ahri's passive was originally called "soul eater" thus stamping that solid fact she does brutally kill people. She isn't a succubus as much as she is a murderer. xD In fact ahri's story "The stray fox" the village that she stalks was under attack so she kills all the noxian invader's there one of them in particulari n a interesting way. Using charm to make him climb a tree and then fall to his death. The commanding officer of that party had his conciousness and soul ripped out of him. Ahri isn't even a succubus because succubus are more intimate and are emotionless where ahri feel's deeply about what she does. She does what she does out of compulsion and feeling to become more human. In the end of her story after she save's her village it mentions that she just watches the village daily wanting to be a part of it but she is scared because she consider's herself not human but nor a fox she is lonely and just goes on impulse and emotions.
  13. Actually both of you are wrong. Gumiho if you look up the legends that made Ahri. Ahri is more vampiric then that. She lure's you in then kill's you and then eat's your liver and heart raw to get that life essence.
  14. To much work xD. I like ahri's splash art's honestly. My only issue with her default one is it's emotionless. Beauty but no substence. you can feel it but have no connection to it.
  15. The meaning of life is stay hungery, stay foolish. Go to find your purpose unique to you and make that dream a reality then die for in the end death isn't the end but the culmination of a person's lifetime. Do you wish to go and live your life and do all you wanted then die. Or do you want to have a safe life? With no risk's, no chances. Nothing that you wanted and then die. That is the meaning of life to me.