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  1. So you guys in joe army or not ? if you are now welcome
  2. Welcome to Angry joe community
  3. this looks good going to try my luck today hopefully admin will see me lol
  4. I love it all as long as I am not involve dancing with cockroaches those things so scary I need to go blind folded to take care of them
  5. I love them all :] but hate that female human crew with biotic skills she has problems and bully
  6. I knew it the moment metal gear games are going to be use in title name by Konomi without Kojima going to suck as hell I am so glad joe hated it so much and review it with epic style ever that is a Show I like to see.it should not be allowed to be even call metal gear game when it has nothing to point out anti war game and has zero ties with Kojima itself . I really can't believe some players rate it ten out of ten justtttttttttttttttttttt phewwwwwwwwww I really hate Konomi for what they did at Phantom pain thx to Kojima once again story and gameplay was awesome but I can not help to think it could have been way better if they did not screw around with game I am not going to spoil anything about story but I swear it feels odd ending feels very odd
  7. I like it when Joe use that Alarm song
  8. This is interesting show lol it is way better than some 2018 shows I seen for a long time ha ha ha thx for sharing this one like on your topic from me some admin add it there is it has blocked me adding like on topics 10 times a day only jesus
  9. Hello Army lets see what cop game you looking forward to play Ok There are two upcoming police game I find promising and want to play so bad. my first top one it is police 1013 simulator game which I have been tracking it for years and their progress on it they are very dead serious for this game and it looks amazing but I highly doubt we are going to see any Alpha or gameplay yet as it has an insane details of gameplay of United state cop game experience ever with so many different roles to take on and to do at same time I just hope they do not ran out of money while it is under development . release date unknown My second it is Police 2018 simulator game that is on steam which is coming out this year I really like the looks of it but that 10 13 has way better details and gameplay last for me is also contraband police game but not sure about it 100 percent yet
  10. I just avoid buying the games that ruin by online transactions but if we really want our voices heard indeed we need to be united but that really won't work at all from looks of it so far
  11. EA,KOnomi,Ubisoft I hate them all
  12. OMG that was another awesome game review about corrupted Konomi stealing Kojima games to think they going to make it awesome metal gear game those guys think they can be like Kojima ha ha ha ha poor greedy publishers And yessssssss Metal gear survival is garbage it is not even should be allowed to be name Metal gear I think I am really at it sorry guys lol
  13. Hello Army I need help and some wisdom from experience members who have this can this be run on online too like playing with all other cop players online ? I really love it they freaking nail it feels like totally different game as a cop
  14. lynx

    Hello Volati I know how cold it most be in canada right now my uncle lives there too welcome I am a big fan of joe too nice reading members topics like you