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  1. Cyborg-Rox liked a post in a topic by Faravahar1200 in How I lost my social life to gaming   
    Topic maker
    Thx for sharing your story hope things be better for you now in this year 
    My story is very different ,you could say it is based on players I interact with from different countries in online games like coop or pvp so I will call it my view towards racist players 
    I usually use my second Language English to talk with other gamers whenever I get a chance to play with and it is funny as I am from Iran and my main language it's Farsi I really Find English more easy ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha 
    Anyway back to my story whenever I bump into wrong crowd players who are being racist it gets very frustrating and I totally recommend do not even bother to argue,  if you also getting same thing  just  hope you find a good team member to play co up games with and don't forget to file a perfect camplain of players that do that  it really works 100 percent if it done right .
    That's the only issue I get in online gaming
    I also find it very odd that sometimes strangers  who want to add me on friend list call me freak or insult me whenever I honestly explain to them that why I am not adding them on friend list they just lose it even I am not insulting and formally explaining why xd 
    like this massage I wrote here
    oh nvm that is private hope you enjoyed my story  
  2. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by RuneX in Nudist Gaming?   
    I play in a full ghillie suit.
  3. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by VolatileShoke in By The Claw Of The Lynx   
    Hey everyone!
    I'm... still not entirely sure whether or not I actually introduced myself or not yet to the site, but I am a massive fan of AngryJoe's reviews and let's plays! Not to mention soon I'll hopefully have access to a brand new gaming PC that'll let me play right along side all ya'll boys and girls!
    As a Canadian who doesn't quite win at much when it comes to gaming, I do try my damned hardest to get better to improve at every game I can from Civ to Cuphead!
  4. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by o ChocolateMilk o in How I lost my social life to gaming   
    mine social was kind of destroyed when i was younger, not from gaming but from my dad working at as cop. once i was around 13, people didnt really want to hang out with me outside of school because they legitimately thought they could get arrested. i was told by this from a quite a few people years after high school,  most likely because they started smoking weed at the time. it really slammed me into depression because i couldn't figure out nobody wanted to hangout with me. it warp my brain until i got my first girlfriend then everything became balanced, normalized. i know i wasn't a weirdo at the time.... well this is what i thought. maybe i was but idk. this is also why i dont use facebook, still salty about people trying to me my friends now. but i still have one so people can have the satisfaction of tagging me in "gamer" stuff.
    i did gain a some what of a social life from gaming. went to gamestop 2014 to buy metal gear rising. 
    kinda went like
    guy that works there: i know you
    me: i know you too from high school (that knew my dad was a cop and was cool with it but never actual talked).
    guy: you like fighting games?
    guy: meet my other friends that plays fight man games
    me: awesome,  we best friends now 
    guy :yes
    but i learned anyways find a scene in a town you moved to  that shares the same interests. if you can deal with frustration of a fighting games are the easiest easy to find people to hang with. but once i began to go to tournaments i started to gain more friends. 
    also as of right i kind of in the same position because i just started to work 9pm-6am. 
    i originally came to this site today remove my full name just encase employers wanted to google my name and look what happen.
  5. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in How I lost my social life to gaming   
    You're not alone. Take it from me, I was pretty much the emotional punching bag from elementary all the way to 8th grade, and gaining friends was no easy task for me (Not to mention my parents would always fight 3-4 times a week). Gaming was pretty much my only way to wash out all the terrible shit I went through school wise and home wise. It wasn't until High School where I became The Cool Cat Gamer. Till this very day, I can easily gain friends, but at the same time I still struggle to physically socialize. You can say the gaming world is where I feel more welcomed and at home, (regardless of preferred console and skills) where as in certain parts of the real world, I feel like the main character from "Welcome to the NHK".  Gaming is my way to gain friends and socialize, and I'm always grateful for that.
  6. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Im back..? Im not sure.   
    You will need to ask the community  manager @Legolas_Katarn about changing your name, as for the rest your fine.  Also allot of the chatter now happens on our Discord Server.  Welcome back!
  7. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by thejay14 in Im back..? Im not sure.   
    Hey! Its been a few...years....since I posted here. (Oopes.)
    I joined the community back in 2014, but due to some medical and other personal issues I ended up leaving the community. 
    So uh, without going into to much more. Im back! And hopefully I can hang out with everyone. 
    However..I do have a question and im not sure where to post it. I dont need to apply again do I? And also I will need to change my name...not sure if I can. 
  8. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Cyborg-Rox in How I lost my social life to gaming   
    I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this, to various extents. Here I'm going to share the story of my gaming life. If anyone else also have something to share, please post it here, and I'll gladly read through your stories as well!

    I grew up as a kid doing what pretty much everyone else was doing in the early 2000s. Hung out with friends, all of which I knew from my class, some even from other classes. We visited each other, played (real life) games, hide n seek, and a bunch of other stuff I can't name in English. I like to think I was pretty much a normal kid. Now, I have a big brother, 5 years older than me, huge respect for him and all. So he's got his own computer, and sometimes he'd let me play some games on it. GTA 2, Driver, Worms 2, NFS Hot Pursuit, all that good classic stuff, but I didn't get to play that often.
    So since our parents were divorced and we were living with our mom, we had to move around a lot since she was struggling with income. But funnily enough, we always stayed in the same exact street in town... until around my 4th grade. Then we were moving outside of town, to a farmhouse, with no friends anywhere close to walking distance. At this time, my brother also got himself a better PC. Now we didn't have any of that fancy schmancy interwebs stuff yet, but me and my brother managed to hook up both computers with local play, so we could play together, him on his new PC, me on his old one. Great fun.
    After a while, I started getting really into this. We'd play games like Battlefield 1942, Command & Conquer: Generals, Counter Strike 1.6, Operation Flashpoint. I'd still play outside a bit, with my little sister. Even made a fun little turret nest out of an old treehouse right outside the house there, but more often than not, I'd be playing LAN with my brother.
    When I started in 5th grade, we moved yet again, back to town, though a different part of town I still didn't know anyone around. At this point I was pretty hooked on my brother's old PC. He had the entire basement room to himself now (and yeah, that's just as stereotypical as it sounds), so I could just come in and use that PC whenever I wanted. At this place, my brother would have his friends over pretty often, and I'd often get to play with them as well. At one point, my brother finally managed to set us up with the wonders of the INTERNET... but only on his computer, which I rarely got to use.
    But oooooooohohohoho boyyy... The very first time I got to try it out, to play a game (Live For Speed) online... I got so insanely hooked! It was incredibly fun, interacting with a full server with complete strangers. I loved it, loved it way too much for my own good. But here's the real thing that nailed the coffin of my social life. Next year, we moved. Far away. From everyone. I knew. Even my brother, who stayed behind in his own place for high school.
    This was tough for me. I ended up with social anxiety. The first few weeks I spent all the recesses hiding away behind some school structures and trees, peeling the skin off of tree branches (yes, really). Even months later, all I did was stand alone somewhere. It took a long time to get comfortable in my class. Maybe even years. When I started 8th grade though, there was someone new in class (or well, returning, from before I started). He was really into PC gaming, and we quickly became friends. He lived close to me as well, so I would often visit him, bringing my mom's laptop, and we'd play games together in his room. Games like Roblox, Minecraft, Spiral Knights, and Team Fortress 2. He also had an online friend we voice chatted with.
    So... after living 3-4 years in this place, we moved yet again, back to the same area we were from, though not the same town. This was when I started my 10th grade. Once again I had no friends, no one I knew anywhere close to me. But this time... distance wasn't a problem. At this place I got my very own computer rig, and I got to play with my friend online all the time! Only problem was, it was the only thing I ever did. All the time. I never got to know anyone in my class well enough to want to visit them. And after one year, that was that, because then I started *ghasp* HIGH SCHOOOOooooo.....l. So yeah, once again a giant repeat, new class, no friends... Well, I made 2 friends, but we didn't hang out in our free time, and in my second year, they both took a different class at a different school so... yaaaayyy... no friends...
    Few years pass, we move again, I graduate, I get a job, I move out, buy an apartment, and now I'm sitting here. 
    21 years old, almost a year since I moved. I never go out to do anything, besides buying food, and the occasional family visit. I just stay in my apartment, watching Youtube or Netflix, and gaming with my online group. This is... where I'm at. 
    So yeah... I'm not very good at ending stories. Take from this what you will. Maybe it'll help someone, somehow...
    Don't forget to share your stories as well. Let's band together, in lonely unity!
  9. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by AJSA Valkyrie in What is your favorite GTA game?   
    So we all know That Grand theft auto is one of the most iconic gaming brand in the market today. It had a bunch of stellar games from the revolutionary Grand theft auto 3 to San Andreas which rockstar went all out and made a massive world with RPG elements. But I was wondering, what is your favorite GTA game? Leave your input at the bottom.
  10. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by tbolt1976 in just to let everyone know!   
    I just want to let everyone here know That I have read and understood all the rules! Im not here to personally interact with Angry Joe himself or Any of the higher ups. Im leaving that move to them.But to talk to him would be nice dont get me wrong but when I post somthing its to simply have fun of shoot the breeze about the latest video games or what not.  Not to gain merit or recognition from Angry Joe or anyone else. I have absolutely no problem following any rules that are laid down. My sole purpose here is to make new friends and share a common hobby! Video games!  So now that we got all that squared away. Let all have some fun!
  11. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by tbolt1976 in I gave cancer the big GAME OVER!!   
    About a month ago i was diagnosed with cancer  and now after a sucessful surgery I can now say I beat cancer!!
  12. DiaGuy liked a post in a topic by Faravahar1200 in Some Propaganda-Styled Art for AJSA   
    lol I like that image really really nice 
  13. Tex Arcana liked a post in a topic by Faravahar1200 in We are there.   
    welcome to angry army 
  14. Samurai Rabbit liked a post in a topic by Faravahar1200 in MGS5: The Phantom Pain Review   
    I have seen your video on youtube nice work panda yo keep it up 
  15. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Star Wars VII New Japanese trailer.   
    And we thought that last trailer last time is the final trailer for this movie. LIEEESSSS!!!
    New footages, BB-8 is definitely a practical robot, not CGI, Chewie is definitely in a costume, not CGI, and STILL no Luke and not a lot is known about the plot. AWESOME!
    Now I would say that I want to watch this movie immediately, but FALLOUT 4! 3 MORE FUCKING DAYS!!!!
  16. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Tex Arcana in We are there.   
    Howdy all.
    Joined up in here after watching the Angryman's vids for some time now.
    Glad to be here. And hope to be a solid (if minor) cog in what I see as a positive force in the gaming community.
    I have been "off" of the multiplayer gaming experience for a time; but am taking a serious look at jumping back into WoT.
    More than anything though: I was looking for a solid gaming community to shoot the bull with.
  17. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Ell in What do you guys think of my drawings? #1 (Mild NSFW)   
    It's been a long time since i haven't posted in the forums, well, here's my post about my drawings! About anime!

    (Ryuko from Kill la Kill) 

    (Yoko from Gurren Lagann) 
    I use SketchBook Pro on my Macbook Pro to draw these. I'm also thinking of coloring them, but not now. 
  18. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Doctor_GLaDOS in Team fortress 2 poster   
  19. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Have you ever seen this video sing towards xbox console ? and do you know any more videos that same as this please share and lets have fun   
    Notice how your URL is https://youtu.be/KfmBzllkbUM, the forums doesn't embed that, instead it likes the full URL like: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfmBzllkbUM (with the https:// in the beginning).
    You can just copy and paste the URL here twice, bug you can add two more if you have and [/ youtube] before and after the URL. It won't embed a fifth video though.
  20. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Brokensteel119 in Fallout Music Video   
    Ya, ummmmm.... Guys, I feel really full of myself for doing this because this website is the Angry Joe Show Army, but I find myself doing it anyway. You see, I created this music video a long time ago late at night when I had nothing to do. Next morning, I woke and had almost no idea what I had done because I passed out on my keyboard. Lately, I decided to refurbish and finish it since I ended up actually putting time into this. Anyway- I am showing this video in honor of Fallout 4. I tried to tell the story of the Lone wanderer in Fallout 3 using one of the best themes I ever knew. It's pretty bad compared to the awesome stuff I have seen on Youtube, but if anyone watches it, Thanks. 

    If that video was really bad then sorry for wasting your time. Here's a much better one to cheer you up!

    Actually, this is what originally inspired me to make the music video. A lot more epic as well.
  21. Brokensteel119 liked a post in a topic by Faravahar1200 in Fallout 4 launch trailer. 4 more days. Gaaaaaahhhh!   
    I know that feeling I am already dreaming it in my bed so bad 
  22. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Fallout 4 launch trailer. 4 more days. Gaaaaaahhhh!   
    Finally, they added body movement when you talk to someone! Instead of them just stand completely still like a plank of wood! Now is more like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, which is good.
    Gotta be honest, the graphic overall is great, but for the npc is, meh, ok I guess. Much better lip movement, though still stiff. The one on 0:47 though, that is one ugly woman right there, with some dodgy lightning for her left side. Which is odd since she's on 2:00, and the lightning is much better there. And she looks better. Oh well, perhaps when you actually play the game the animation will be much2 more fluid than in this trailer.
    But I don't give a crap about the graphics. There's still a lot of destruction and shooting going on, and that's what I care about.
    In another note, looks like the story this time is about racism against people that are secretly robots. Really much like Binary Domain.

    Fallout 3 does have that android in rivet city, but now looks like they have all become targets. Ckckck, I'm going to say that there will be situations where it turns out that the npcs that are REALLY against androids will turn out to be androids themselves. That's what happens when you can't tell which one's a person and which one is a robot. In reality, who cares? As long as they are still people and not a blank robot, just let them live like normal.
    Oh yeah, and I am very much anticipating the twist that you the player is an android himself. There's a couple of games that does this twist that I'm not even surprised anymore. If the intro of the game shows your character emerging from their vault without showing what's actually in the vault, then most likely your character is an android. Or perhaps you are still a person, but you uploaded your brain into an android. Or you are a person after all. I'm calling it right now.
    4 more days. 4 more days. 4 MORE FUCKING DAYS!!!! GIVE ME THE GAME RIGHT NOW GODDAMN IT!! NOW!!!!
  23. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Her Story game review. Murder mystery video browsing. Surprisingly fun and unique.   
    Just played this game called Her Story.

    The game's story is simple. Someone got murdered. You are a detective. You have to search the evidence that's in this oldass computer database through series of interviews that's done involving this woman. Who she is and what her backstory involves is up to you to find out. I will not spoil this game's great twists and turns.
    The gameplay is very simple. You're using this really oldass computer. And to search for evidence of the murder investigation, all you have to do is use this LOGIC database. Just like searching stuff on google!

    The trick here is that when you click search, only 5 videos will be presented. There's over 200+ videos in the game and your job is to search every single one of them to learn more about this woman's character, her personal life and her alibi during her husband's murder, which is actually really2 interesting. 
    So to get all the videos in this game, you have to type in different words on the search engine that will likely to show up in the videos you're looking for, like fuck or shit or murder which will give you different videos to watch, and then watch all the videos presented to you one by one. It's actually much more fun and interesting than it sounds, mainly because of the woman's acting in all of these videos. She's pretty good. And once you watch most of the videos, you'll be able to end the game, or if you want, get all 200+ of the videos. Or play Othello in the computer.
    This is definitely a unique kind of game, and not for everyone. It's cheap, only $5. Intriguing mistery game with a lot of twists and turns, and all the game is just you browsing for videos. I give this game the rating of "so good that you will remember the twists for a loooong2 time, and wish that there's a sequel."
  24. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by Raspharus in If I have phobia towards insects is it safe to play fall out 4   
    go there and show them who's the boss!