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  1. 31 views and no replies? Nobody sent me a message to join the team either. Don't be shy, we aren't that scary.
  2. The Angry Armada has already been created but I need folks to have a level 12 account. I did warn people about that more than a week before the patch dropped...
  3. Ever see a Kraken Yorck's spine snap under the weight of the world? Do you want to?
  4. I really hope so. I love the mechanics they developed for the team battles so far. They function much like ranked battles (tier range, map type, ship limits) but you get to pick your entire team and even hire mercenaries. I imagine the team ratings will have some sort of reward linked to it eventually also. The 5.3 patch will probably be out in another week or two. Ill probably be whoring my ships out to various teams until AJSA comes out of the shadows.
  5. I'm looking forward to team fights but I'm not too confident that we could participate as a group yet. While every thread seems to get about 20-30 views, I don't see a whole lot of audience participation. Its also rather rare to find people in the TS3 server. So, if many of you were waiting for team/clan fights, now would be a good time to get the ships that will be required to participate and gain experience with your fellow AJSA.
  6. The only problem I have with Warships is the player base. Tons of people crying for buffs or nerfs when the problem is rarely the ship and very few of them are willing to admit their faults. Luckily, I get to take out my frustration on them every time I queue up.
  7. USN 8" shells have the best penetration angles. From Pensacola to Des Moines, the AP shells will outperform other cruiser shells for that reason (as of 5.1).
  8. Just a few of my more recent Twitch stream highlights. If ya have any questions, fire away and Ill do my best to answer. How to: Furutaka! Konigsberg Mischief New Orleans Punishment
  9. The Emperor is a great battleship but... I've had my eye on the Warspite since I tried her on the PT server.
  10. You didn't catch my forum post? It was just on sale recently without too much of a retarded bundle. They might put it up on christmas too but... not counting on it.
  11. Nope, Warspite was the last premium ship I planned to purchase and I'm more of a fan of heavy cruisers and battleships. Ships have got to have that nice strong punch for me to perk up my interest. Premium ships have the added requirement of having an interesting history (like Warspite).
  12. The HMS Warspite and the Imperator Nikolai are for sale in the Premium shop for a limited time. I can't speak personally about the power of the Nikolai but I have seen her do monstrous things in the right hands. Warspite, I can speak for. She is very accurate for a battleship and very durable. Her only down side is a rather poor turret traverse. She also has a rather interesting history. Premium Shop HMS Warspite Wiki
  13. Ill be streaming every day the public test server is up from roughly 5 pm to 9 pm eastern if anyone wants to drop by and see the changes and ask questions.