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  1. I'm more of a strategist and sharp shooter. I play loads of strategy games but when it comes to shooters I prefer the long ranger. Sniper in TF2, the arty in WOT, etc... etc... So yeah, I can coordinate with a team, put do a lot of lone wolf stuff as most sharp shooter do. I'm also known as the guide in some respects. People have refered me as the 'navi' when I overlook other people playing.
  2. It looks awesome man, keep it up.
  3. With the disappointment that is the Wii U, Nintendo is trying to stay alive by all means in order to continue the fight in the console wars. Thus, in a surprising announcement they are planning to produce a brand new console which will blend the conventional console system and the hand held system into one. Unlike its predecessors, this nintendo console will feature state of the art graphics cards and other hardware that could make the other new gen consoles run for their money. Anyway, watch the machinima video on the subject for all the info. Edit Note: This was first posted before the whole Machinima controversy blew up (or at least when I knew about it) so don't be quick to judge why I followed this source material on the subject matter.
  4. All right, well we all want to have or become some awesome fantasy character whether through books, movies and RPGs. Thus, why not have a topic just for that? If anyone has some good art they want to show just post the link here and show the rest of the Angry Army what you are made of. http://mccoda.deviantart.com/art/Fox-Warrior-427226753
  5. At least it was not an early access game where the developer can make excuses like, "It's in beta or alpha stage so don't criticise us!" They waited until they at least thought the game was finished to make their money. It was still too early but at least it will give them experience for their next titles. So as long as this does not repeat in the future like some of other *cough cough* developers recently, then it should not be a problem. These people clearly did not try to make excuses, so hopefully they will fully deliver on their promises and make sure this does not happen again. Because if it does, they know we're going to be the first ones to jump on them and break them apart. So yeah, they'll get the slap on the wrist today since they are still green. But, all that means is that they will need to up their game in the future.
  6. Resident Evil 2 in the police station. Apart from the general scary environment, the part where you go into the interrogation room made me shit bricks (if you've played it you know what I am talking about).
  7. All right, I guess I should start with a basic introduction to this. I am currently an anthropology undergrad student at the University of Carleton of Ottawa, Canada. I am making this thread today for one simple reason, I need volunteers or participants who want to be interviewed with the hopes of gaining community feedback on what is the open world (or sandbox) genre. Basically, I am doing my HRP (Honours Thesis) on the cultural phenomenon of open world or free roam play in an ever growing category of games that has gained a huge communal and yet individual form of experience for any and all players. This will include interpreting individual gaming experiences and how it is utilised by wider grass-roots phenomenons and continued subsequent creations of open world games. Sounds complicated (kinda is) which is why I want to interview people who will let me in on their thoughts of how they play open world, what does open world mean for them and how it subsequently defines who owns such induced experiences. I hope this explains it a bit. Anyway, people who do want participate will have their views and opinions taken for academic literature. After all, participants are part of various gaming communities. Thus, your insight will hold a lot of value. All interviews will be done via skype, so no physical contact necessary. So who do I want to interview? Well, just about anybody who is active within the gaming community. People who do their own written or video reviews would be nice (although not a requirement). I am generally fine with anybody who does (or did) play an open world (sandbox) game, thus you do not have to be some professional or expert. So yeah, if you hang out and play WOW, Minecraft, GTA, any Elder Scrolls, etc... you are generally qualified. Now, there are some restrictions I do need to follow since this is being reviewed by my school's ethics board. They are: 1) participants will remain publicly anonymous. 2) You have to be a minimum of 18 years or older since this does require official consent. 3) be prepared to sign official consent form. 4) Get access to skype. So yeah, anybody who is interested can either message my account or email me directly at davidmcconville@cmail.carleton.ca. Once that happens I can give you the official invitation letter with all other additional information on it with me and the university's credentials. On this letter is my name, the university and the head of the ethics board to show that this is legit. Once you have this letter you can read it through and then decide whether you want to participate or not.
  8. Here's another one... What's the difference between Capcom and Julius Caesar's friends? Nothing, they know how to be pricks.
  9. When I saw that trailer I knew it was a buy. I don't pre-order much, last time I did that on a 60$ title it was Diablo 3 and boy was that a disappointment? However, knowing how the metal gear license is treated with great pride and respect I might consider placing money down for it. Can't wait to see Ocelot role out like a cowboy in the Afghan desert with his revolver moves. Just hearing Sins of the father during its climax was a treat and a half! I never felt this pumped from a trailer since Halo 3's 'finish the fight' E3 announcement. Seeing both the rise of Outer Heaven and the Patriots is going to be one of the best experiences for both the newer and older gen platforms.
  10. I can't wait to sink my teeth into this game mod!
  11. Pretty hard, Best I could do was kills one in a fluke.
  12. I'm all for it, let's support this game and get some guilds in!
  13. Okay, I can't add new attachments, so yeah just post what awesome Roman themed art work you got.
  14. With disappointing Rome or Roman themed games like Total War: Rome 2 and Ryse, I figured we can use a proper Roman fix by displaying some fun art work. This one here is probably more educational than funny, but a good read if you are interested in Roman stuff. Anyway, it's the first of 14 sets I did for a project not that long ago. Hope you enjoy! (I'll gradually put them all on) If you want to look at the unedited versions all at once: http://mccoda.deviantart.com/gallery/
  15. engulfed him with