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  1. SA is surprisingly good after getting China Rising. I'd say its definitely a good addition.
  2. The new game from the Left 4 Dead creators Evolve has gotten some new info on it. I have to say it looks pretty badass. Here's the main trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQo_yA_Tsy4 Ign also has a preview of the game http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/02/11/evolve-the-ultimate-big-game-hunt They also have some game play from the Goliath's point of view. http://www.ign.com/videos/2014/02/11/evolve-meet-goliath
  3. I like the idea of having specified troops, but until the game comes out I don't think we should start segregating our platoon just yet. Maybe after we have played a little and found what we're good at, then I would implement something like this. Overall good ideas though. Should be fun to send in the ground force in and then have the air follow suit.
  4. im game...for this game
  5. Obviously if the angry army wants any glory in battle we have to go Terran Republic...
  6. I made this thread awhile back, so there are plenty of members for it to be "Official" in the eyes of this site.
  7. Someone will when it is almost out
  8. Its all preference, just because I like strangling myself to sleep doesn't mean you do. Same goes for Fps on the consoles. On topic though PS2 will be awsome
  9. something's developers can improve upon other than graphics. -Better Ai. -Higher player count. 24 doesn't have to be the standard this gen. -Complete Destruction....for the love of god some developer please dust off the geo mod from RFG.
  10. You roofers are getting out of hand, it's time you were brought to justice... Roofing Academy
  11. Got home from work and was ready to play some bf4 multi...unfortunately sony wasn't ready. In fact I think I caught psn with its pants down.
  12. Of course it is your own opinion, but imo battlefield 4 is better in just about everyway(gameplay wise) which secures its place as a worthy sequel in my eyes. -There is the improved destruction which was so minimal on Bf3 its not even funny. -Coming from a console point of view, well there are 64 players now...hell yea -The dynamic water is amazing. It looks good and changes the gameplay so much for the maps that its on. Floodzone is meh, but parcel storm is awesome. -The maps blew in bf3. I'm very impressed with the bf4 maps -The UI doesn't suck anymore, except for a missing feature that really just bogs down this point actually. Anyway that's some of the reasons bf4 is a worthy sequel to me. The game has some major issues, but I keep coming back to it because the gameplay is so addicting.
  13. It would be amazing if a blue screen didn't greet you every half an hour....EA you seeing this?
  14. You mean knacked on...get it. So sorry I tried to resist typing this, im weak
  15. I wouldn't worry about it comedian. Mine flashes on and off occasionally. If it is really bugging you try going to battlelog and taking your tag out...refreshing it and then plugging it back in. That usually solves everything including my crappy router.