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Everything posted by darthzash

  1. If you need a fleet invite. Please post your IGN ( character@handle) http://imgur.com/LakyQ0h
  2. I want a flag so I can wave it, in the public and yell out Never give up! never surrender! victory or death. As well have it, in front of my yard to promote the AJSA.
  3. inv plz jadziadaxx ALREADY BEEN INV
  4. linux distro. Debian, ubuntu, steamOS, opensuse, this article could help you out https://www.linux.com/news/software/applications/810295-the-top-11-best-linux-distros-for-2015 I use Debian and opensuse.
  6. I AM BACK is going through unofficial support?!
  7. inv send out !
  8. I had a feeling about this. I was just thinking of starting the support for it
  9. between windows 8 and 10 its definitely worth to upgrade. Unless you like the metro style and not have a start menu.
  10. who's replacing damion position?
  11. If you have a big head they are so uncomfortable, I stop using them and went back to my old headset and I had lots of issues with the razer software, The sound keep unbalancing it was annoying.
  12. are the servers still up for it? the mod is great, I remember playing this, I support this
  13. Only thing I am not fan off his the hybrid drive. I own one for my laptop and honestly its alright. It would be better to get a ssd and hdd, might cost a little more but you wont regret it. for a extra 120$ you can get a gtx 970 I updated your parts list, I am not 100% sure on that seagate drive. I prefer WD http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/Ykwvt6
  14. One problem, whats the point of streaming if you cant have any notification system?, or see if you get a follower? your not going to get many viewers by using shadowplay. most people use OBS like myself or xplit.
  15. The reds drive are design for 24/7 operations. Not design for on and off, Not a good idea for a desktop drive. Unless your making a FTP server, cloud server etc.
  16. inv send out sorry for the delay. the website is slow
  17. First off the 6tb green drive are ok. Its only 5400 rpm drive, not really fast. I would rather get a 4tb WD black much faster(7200 RPM) and its WD top of line HDD Crucial makes good ssd but theirs no software that does the trim, performance boost, I own a samsung evo 850 500 gb, I payed 230$. The samsung does run slighly better then the crucial one. I would go with liquid cooling, Since your going to do, lot of rendering and overclocking the cores. Liquid cooling would be best for you. (corsair h110(i)) this is my build. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3MGcLk
  18. Chaos Focus on the Mines and the starbase upgrades for now. if you have extra stuff you can throw it in the other projects.
  19. Inv send out
  20. Star Trek Online: Release Notes: July 1st, 2015 Patch size less then 100mb General: Resolved an issue which was causing players to have to wait a full week to earn the Weekly Reward from “Time in a Bottle” for the second week instead of being immediately available on 6/25/15.For players who experienced this, the Weekly Reward for the second week will be available to earn 7 days after the first completion of the episode on the first week.The Weekly Reward for the third week will be available to all players after 10:00 PST on 7/2/15 regardless of when the second week’s reward was earned.Resolved an issue that prevented the Arbiter Class Battlecruiser [T6] and the Fleet Avenger Class Battlecruiser [T6] from being able to equip the Cloaking Device console.Extended the Summer Event by 1 day to 7/17/15. Known Issues: Some of the new Summer Event clothing clips with other pieces of clothing as well as arms and legs of players.The Talaxian Trait "Salvage Specialist" is not working properly when damaging low-health foes.Occasionally, when accepting a new Episode, the sub tasks under the episode name will not initially appear in the mission tracker. MAINTENANCE NOTICE from 6am-9:30am PST STO servers will be Offline
  21. Area to post updates and maintenance notices only
  22. inv will be send out once the maintenance is over
  23. STO Event

    Our fleet has been in the shadows too long. It's time to get back into the action and help out the federation. Klingons, Romulans, Voth, Iconians and many more enemies are threatening our existence. We will do whatever is takes to stop them. Fleet admiral DarthZash, vice admiral Tyrm and mike are requesting your aid. We are calling all captains in the fleet to aid us. We are mainly going to concentrate on the iconians, They have destroyed one of our starbases. We must retaliate, we will infiltrate their sphere and do whatever damage we can cause. The Elachi have shown and their gateway must be shut down! The min level for these types of missions are lvl 50. (if we have captains lower then 50, we will do other missions such as federation starbase blockade and federation fleet alert) When: Friday July 3rd at 4pm est 9pm GMT http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/29516-star-trek-online-event-friday-july-3rd/ Where: At our Starbase in the Aldebaran sector (http://i.imgur.com/JlvaBk3.jpg) Join our steam group: http://steamcommunit.../groups/AJSASTO Need a fleet invitation? To find your character@handle name http://i.imgur.com/LakyQ0h.jpg (make sure you’re on a space station or planet) Then simply message any officer to get an invite to the fleet. (check our forums section as well) All AJSA fleet members have the ability to send fleet invites. Admirals contact information: STO Fleet Admiral (Leader): DarthZash@lordzash1 Steam = DarthZash STO Vice Admirals: Mike and Tyrm Mike Steam = theoncomingstorm STO = francis@TH3_ONCO1NG_S7ORM Tom steam = Tyrm STO = Tyrm@pyroaxe7
  24. inv send out
  25. I am not the best at builds at any MMO. I tend to use romulans plasma beam array. http://imgur.com/5j7d6qV and have engineer consoles to boost my resistance , since I am a tank . Here is ways to post your builds, either take a screenshot of your build or use the skill planner http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skillplanner/