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About AbeLincolnPrime

  • Birthday 02/11/2000

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    Jackson, Missouri
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    I like to play Battlefield 4 and also a lot of other games too and I like to play with friends
  1. alright, if you ever want to play my steam name is in my page
  2. Hey was wondering if anybody plays Arma 2 or 3 and likes to play wasteland because it is kinda boring not playing with people. I am ok at the game. I need work on calling out positions of enemies but I am pretty decent at shooting.
  3. ok, where do I find the teamspeak ip and I am a bit on the younger side 13 years old to be exact. But I will try not to be to loud
  4. Ok cool, my name is as states on the forums
  5. Hey, I am interested in maybe playing with a couple other Angry Army Battlefield 4 players. I like to play Battlefield and not to many friends have PC so they can play. And the game is sometimes boring but is fun with two of my other buddies play. But really most of the time I go solo. If anybody wants to squad up. Just reply and we can dominate on the battlefield.
  6. I agree that we need to take away the randomness. But I think that these games are more casual then previous titles.
  7. Yes but development is done for Second Assualt so they just need to port it.
  8. Yeah I like it a lot and I love it as well and yes there are issues such as the netcode and stuff need to be fixed. But I think it will recover.
  9. Now as much as a Battlefield fan that I am, I feel that Battlefield 4 has had many bugs and issues since launch. Some have gotten fixed but I want to know if anybody thinks that Battlefield 4 cannot recover from the buggy state. I personally like the game and have a great time playing because I like the way the game feels and the massive scale battles are fun. But some people are not satisfied with the the state of the game. And does anybody know when Second Assault comes out.
  10. I am sure I will. I have been watching Angry Joe for a while and for some reason I have just now joined this awesome army.
  11. Hi everybody, my name is AbelincolnPrime and I have been a PC gamer for about 11 months and I enjoy playing Battlefield,Hawken,Arma 2 and 3,Red Orchestra 2 and many more games. Big shooter fan and enjoy playing with others.