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Webster Hyperion

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  1. I only miss playing one game on 360 and that is The Darkness.
  2. WITNESS ME!!! *crashes mosquito into a galaxy and takes it down*.
  3. After talking to tons of fun I am more inclined to believe him more than Damion Rayne. I withdraw my previous comment.
  4. Does anyone play dying light on pc?
  5. When I was playing Day Z I snuck up on 3 other people sorting through things all huddled up together. They had guns but they had them holstered. I watched for a few seconds prepared my fire axe. Then charged in hacking 2 of them to death whilst laughing my ass off in voice chat. Turned to the 3rd one slashed him once and he bolted off down the street bleeding heavily. I shouted where ya going buddy I only want to be friends then he died from blood loss. Indulge your inner psycho and play day z, it's good fun.
  6. What happened to the old Angry Army tribe?
  7. I'm in
  8. I've added you m8 hope to form a fleet if I can get enough members to play the game.
  9. Loading times are very quick. I like that the most.
  10. Anyone getting Dying light for PC?
  11. Battlefield squad. Duhhhh
  12. Feel free to add me I play quite a bit of bf4.
  13. Titanfall community is dead
  14. Feel free to add me I'm WebsterHyperion
  15. Wa1ker are you on east or west coast?