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  1. RuneX liked a post in a topic by NATIVE RAZER in Gamertag Listing - Xbox One AJSA Battlefield 4   
    Hey guys,
    Please add NATIVE RAZER to the list.
    Can't wait to play with you guys.
  2. BSB liked a post in a topic by NATIVE RAZER in EVE ONLINE - VOTE FAILED   
    Eve is awsome and it is very rewarding to learn. Plus it takes real teamwork to get your corp up and running. Great game for everyone who likes nerd stuff
  3. NATIVE RAZER liked a post in a topic by Berserker in MS Says Thank You for an Epic 2013   
    To be honest, I don't think price is that big a factor in the Console Wars. The PS3 was 600 at launch, yet it still sold remarkably well.
    But hopefully Microsoft takes last years escapades to heart, and now with Don Mattrick having fucked off, they'll be able to do right by their customers, and pay more attention to feedback.
  4. Qnz917 liked a post in a topic by NATIVE RAZER in MS Says Thank You for an Epic 2013   
    Yeah I am impressed on how well the console did I think Microsoft is too seeing as they underproduced it thats why they ran out in retailers.