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    Barcelona, Spain
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    Videogames of all sorts (no prejudices), Anime & Manga, History, Music and Cinema.
  1. Hi everyone! I'm Lluís, from Barcelona (Spain) and i just joined today. I love gaming, though i don't own as many platforms as i'd like, but currently you will find me playing on PC, PS3 and DS3. I love videogames in general and i never hesitate to try anything new, so suggestions are always welcome! Right now I'm playing Catherine on the ps3, OSU! on pc, and Pokemon Y on the 3ds, but that's just what I'm playing now, as I start a new game as soon as I finish the one I was playing. Other interests i have are History (in fact, I am studying to become a History teacher!) and Anime/ Manga (for instance, now I'm watching Future diary, Black Lagoon and Watamote). So, just to break the ice a little bit, i will offer you a quick list of 10 games which mean a lot to me (or simply are damn good and i think anyone should play them, also, it's a very personal thing, so maybe I left things simply because i haven't played them yet) so if you wish to, you reply with your top10 list 1. Ever 17: The out of infinity 2. Catherine 3. The Metal Gear saga 5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Shadows of chernobyl 6. The Mass effect saga 7. The bioshock saga 8. Deus ex: Human revolution (I know i'ts nearly a crime, but I still have to play the original Deus ex) 9. Rise of Nations 10. World in Conflict *Sagas just take 1 place because if i didn't put them like this, Mass effect and Metal gear alone would take over the list XD Well so i just wanted to introduce myself and get to know anyone who shares interests with me or just anyone who wants to talk,Cya on the forums! ^^ P.D. Excuse me for the awkward english, i guess i still need some practise ><