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  1. Yeah, the title has nothing to do to what I'm gonna write. So I'm gonna leave the AJSA due to the lack of things to do in this army. Sure we have butt load of games to play, but the timezone difference and the amount of people actually playing certain games has kinda make me pull off. So sayonara, people. But don't worry, I'll come from time to time if you have an event going on, that assuming if I have the game/my laptop can handle said game. -DCR
  2. Just add me on steam. If I'm online, just ask me. I might join up.
  3. I remember how bad I was as a spy back in the day. Never trust me with a Dead Ringer.
  4. Welcome to the army, maggot. Hope you get well aquainted to the lads at the Destiny division. -DCR
  5. Welcome to the army, maggot. Hope you get well aquainted to the lads at the Destiny division. -DCR
  6. Welcome to the army, maggot. Hope you get well aquainted to the lads at the Destiny division. -DCR
  7. Welcome to the army, maggot.
  8. Welcome to the army, maggot. Enjoy your stay here.
  9. I enjoyed the game, and I'm waiting for it's new update to come out. At the moment it's not really easy to do a clan grouping since there's no clan system and bandits can easily wreck any base.
  10. Safe to say I got bored as a F2P. I don't see why I would get a membership when there's better MMO's out there nowdays. Plus Jagex really went down the toilet over the years.
  11. 3rd person shooters aren't my thing (as evident from my experience in Warframe) but I did see a lot of potential on this game. Shame it's underrated.
  12. True, there's a lot of space-sim games in the market. But there isn't a lot that AJSA supports (at least from what I know) other than Star Citizen and Star Wars: TOR. Maybe when we get a lot of space games this would be a decent idea.
  13. As ProJared said: "You can polish a turd as much as you want, but in the end you'll just get a shiny turd.". Anyways, I think it would by a nice idea, though it'd be unnecessary. Opinions are opinions imo. Notice how a lot of people still play ESO.
  14. We all had one, or met one with that moment. I thought it'd be fun to share 'em. I shall start first. I was playing on 2fort (matchmakers fault) and I had uber ready up so I brought it to a pyro to take down a sentry nest. But for some reason, he just try to melee the mini-sentry while ignoring the big one. Worst part is he missed repeatedly, wasting my uber and time. I never remembered his name, but since then I never trust a pyro as much ever again.