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  1. My "pops" doesn't want me to get a job... He says I should study for a public job... And 'treat myself'... Nice to see someone who have also been depressed giving that kind of advice... If you have been through what I am passing through, surely I can take it more seriously... But I'm so scared of getting a job... I didn't even go to college... I've recieved an invitation of a friend to go live with her in another town, but I can't leave my town because I just got a scholarship for a game design course starting next monday... So I guess I should try to find a job around here... Again... Yeah... I wish any of my friends could have me for at least a while... But as I said earlier, the only one who does live on another town and right now I have to stay in Curitiba... You can't just throw a scholarship away... I watch them, every day. It's not the same... But yeah, old games and flash games can be fun too, can't they? I can download the original Elder Scrolls for free, so that should be fun... I'm kind of afraid of getting a job... if I work on a corner shop, on a fast food restaurant, I'll just convince myself on quitting... I tried game stores and book stores, but it seems they don't want any more "teenagers" going to work there... My psychologist says I should I a job I take pleasure in... Some times I wonder if is there such a ting... But thanks for reading and for your replies, guys... I'll try to apply everything said in here.
  2. Let's say a person presents itself to you as a man. And looking at this person it seems like a man. Talking to this person, it seems like a man. This person and everyone around it treats him as a man... Would it change your perspective of this person if he had a vagina? Or the opposite. Someone who presents itself as a woman, acts like a woman, looks like a woman, is generally treated as a woman and later you find out that this woman has a penis?
  3. This is gonna be the 1st text on a series of first impressions I'mna be posting on AJSA, Facebook, and maybe a website in the future. Please, don't take it as a review, and academic critique or anything of the sort. This is just my personal taste speaking. So, GunZ 2... I grew up with the 1st GunZ. It was amazing! We could run on walls, make stupid jumps, explore the bugs of the level to get an advantage. There were LOTS of people in HUUUUUUUUUUGE maps, with lots of things to explore. And who the hell needed a storyline? You're a bunch of people beating the crap out of each other. That's IT. When they introduced the monetization systems, it was a bit of a pay 2 win... Mainly on the brazillian server. It was ridiculous. Not to mention the number of hackers and the game fell inside itself. But for a long time, GunZ was a great game. And I loved every single bit of it. But on a long time ago, we were promissed GunZ 2, and on the beggining of the year, it was available in an early acces format on Steam... I was a bit reluctant about playing it, but today nostalgia got the best of me and I decided to see what's up with the new GunZ... GODS BE GOOD, WHY? I knew something was wrong with the early access bullshit... I only played for 1 hour, so I can't really tell if the game is good or not. But I know I did not like it. It all started with the 1st screen... I needed to pick a character... There was a button to create a character, so I imagined that the selection was just for people who wouldn't want to bother with creation... Well, I was wrong. You HAVE to pick one, because creating a new character costs money. It was a downer... I like to create new characters, even if the creation is as simple as on the 1st GunZ... And now they want to charge for such a masic feature? Okay, then... On the lobby, the 1st thing to catch my eye was a Campaing mode... GunZ didn't have a campaign, so that's maybe why we have to pick a character... To go on the Story... Well... No. It has no voice acting, the story is just silly and generic, the A.I. is stupid and by no means it feels like GunZ... GunZ was a tough game filled with action and impossible maneuvers... My character can still do most of that stuff, why doesn't the A.I.? Why do I have to fight against... generic military dudes? The Campaign just feels like a corridor shooter. But it doesn't even have a cover system. Why make a corridor shooter if I can't cover? And most importantly, why would you transform GunZ into a corridor shooter? Allright, so the Campagin is kinda dumb, and kinda hard... I died quiet some times, until I found out... I couldn't respawn... Why was that? You have a limited number of revival coins, wich you have to use in order to respawn at the campaign... The damn thing needs to be bought with real-life money... I was like "SERIOUSLY? AM I ON THE WRONG GAME? IS THIS CANDY CRUSH?" So the campaign wasn't great. Let's try pvp, because that's what GunZ has always been about. I suck at shooters, so I didn't do too good, obviously. But sometimes, it just seemed unfair. From what I observed Snipers all work the same, and my guy had one. And I was put in a room with people much more experienced than me... You press the right button to zoom in, the aiming is incredibly steady and it has NO RECOIL! Well, gunz never had recoil, but it also never had snipers. Having it on this game just feels stupid. I ended up with people with their own snipers, much faster and causing much more damage than mine. This is where it feels unfair. I just logged in the game, and I am instantly killed by an over powered sniper. Not even fair... Wich brings us to the next problem: The Store. Guns and armor can only be purchased with in-game currency. Visual trinkets can be purchased with both in-game currency and real-life currency. But you know what can be exclusively bought with real-life money? Experience Boost, which is okay... Money boost which is... Okay?... Revival Coins, which is NOT okay, and in-game currency wich is COMPLETLY NOT OK. Considering that you can buy guns wich in-game currency, and some guns obviously overpower others, this is just another to make a Pay 2 Win... You know what was really nice about GunZ? You could dodge bullets with your fucking sword. This is not here anymore... I mean it is, but you need to fill your "Z" gauge in order to make your word to it. You can also use the "Z" gauge to use tose special abilities bound to Q, E and R. These abilities feel like a desperate attempt to make the game look like what it once was... And they make no sense. So... I didn't want to play any more team based modes... Turns out there's no all v. all mode available... Which sucks... That was the most fun mode on the original game. But, in order to avoid OP Snipers, I decided to go on the gladiator mode! it's still 4 v. 4, but this one has only meele! Your equipment is to no avail. Only the skilled shall prevail! THAT was when the skills started to make sense and actually added to the gameplay! But also made even clearer the very WORSE aspect of this game: The Levels. When it comes to level design, Gunz: The Duel was a very unique and shining jewell... It put PVP in HUGE labyrinthic maps, with lot's of players at the same time tryiung to hunt each other down. Now the levels are so stricted... I dare say that Call of Duty does a better job at desining their multiplayer levels... These were my thoughts on my 1st experience with this Game... It's still on early access, and I do hope it gets better... But for now I'd rather stay away from this game. Thank very much for reading, and I'll see you around. Bye bye, my dearest flowers ;*
  4. kawaiiiii *-*
  5. There's no question that this is the very definition of male as in sex. But there still is a difference between sex and gender. And still there are people in the world that don't produce sperms OR eggs. Sad indeed, but still a fact.
  6. you By the way, honorable mention:
  7. Thanks dude. I might try it... your*
  8. What of men who posses organs that generate eggs instead of sperms?
  9. He's not rich, he's just well paid as a high-post police officer.
  10. Hello there, my sweet little flowers. I know you're all angry, after all this IS the angry army, but let's take a deep breath so our rage won't get the best of us... Shortly after I signed up for the army, I lost my PS3. The GPU broke out of effin nowhere and my PC is no good for games. With that I thought, what good am I visiting the forums if I can't play any videogames? Talk about them will just make me wanna play them even more badly. That was really frustrating because, since december I've been keeping money for a capturing board and a mic so I could record my own let's plays or whatever the hell would pop in my head. But I couldn't. Since then, I stayed away from everything that made me happy and feel like life is worth living: Games. Judge me. I've suffered with depression for most of my life, and this bought it back like a hammer. Still, I'd fight to live my life. Fight against the depression to the best of my powers... I was unemployed, so I decided to look for a job to keep my mind busy and away from the depression... Not only I coulnd't get a single job... This wasn't doing well to my state of mind either... It was then when I decided to get out of the closet again... Not in relation to my sexual preferences, but about my gender identity. I remade my facebook account with just a few close friends, and named myself Felicia instead of Felipe. Started wearing make up and women's vlothes ocasionally. And I felt happy. This created an uneasy mood in my house... Wich was the bad part... Mom wouldn't want to look at me waring make up, even though she didn't say anything... And one of my brothers would also pretend I was not at home when wearing make up just before going out or when I was coming back home. 1 or 2 weeks later, my father, this man who I rarely see and when I do we always fight, decided to give me and my brothers a new PS3. My parents are divorced, and my dad has a lot of money. When we fight he later realizes that he did wrong and try to buy our forgivness. So him buying a PS3 was to be expected... Me and one of my brothers were super excited, because, we've been so long without videogames. The other one didn't care so much. This one brother who got as excited as I did is just 12 years old... I'm 20, the other one is 18... I mean... I was going to start my channel, and if I worked hard enough, I wouldn't need to look for a job anymore! But of course, that wasn't going to happen... For 2 weeks I've been trying to get that channel up and running, but I could not... My 12 year old borther is a VERY spoiled little brat, since he was raised out of the guilt of my mom seeing me growing up depressed... He decided that the playstation was his.. And during those 2 weeks, if I maneg to get a single video recorded, was not thanks to him. My family knows that I need that bloody console to work... Do something with my life... Get my mind out of itself and it's constant harmful thoughts.... But they're on my little brother's side... He has priority in playing videogames because he's a kid and 'this youtube thing is not important anyway'. It saddens and angers mean, hearing my own family saying that 'this youtube thing is not important anyway'... I have to deal with comment about my sexuality, my clothes, my make up on a regular basis... Not by friends, collegues... but by my family... and now THIS. My family are the only people I know that don't give 2 shits about how I am feeling or about my opinion on any matter at all, except when my brain makes me do something really stupid, and they feel guily. But after they say that they're sorry, shit just go back to the way it was before... Comments, negligence (i don't even know if this is a word in english...). Most times I just feel like my family... Is not a family at all... I thankfully was able to record 3 videos from Okami, but that's all I was able to do... in 2 weeks... I did some things wrong, yes, like whenever I got my hands on the PS3, recording a video and later deleting it because I didn't think it was good enough... but it is hard to get started into something that you think is good when you can only use your material every now and then... I wish my family would put more trust in me... They always look at me as the "useless depressed boy" Dammit, I CAN live my life! Why won't you even get me a chance to prove it? I know this has nothing to do with games... But I needed to let it out... Idk why here, on the AJSA, but I already did it so, whatever. If you read all of it, thank you very much. See you soon. Byebye.
  11. Just One word: Now It's six.
  12. I couldn't have said it better. But, even though I HATE AC Revelations and AC4, I still think that AC is a brilliant idea that should be carried on. Maybe it's just that they put the wrong guys in charge of it.
  13. Thank you, Mr. MouseNo4. 'Twas most enlightening.