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  1. Updated the doodle now that i have my Schedule.
  2. Filled it out, but it is subject to change as i have not recieved my new schedule yet
  3. Interesting subject. I have been seeing her in the support role, for some time now and at first i was like "Why?" But when i started to play ADC (i usually hang out in top, so i dont always keep a eye on bot) with a annie i started to see what the fuzz was all about.So i came up with a CON/PRO list on what i think about Annie Support PROS: - She have a "auto-hit-stun" which in my opinion is a lot stronger than most supports skills shot stuns/hooks. When she wants to engage she will stun you - She have a shield that makes the ADC not want to hit her cause she will take damage in doing so and Annie gains armor which lowers the ADC's damage on her, which is flatout better than Leona's W out of teamfights - She have Huge Damage potential, kinda like when people build support lux, you mainly go damage items. - Tibbers. Really.. A Full teamhit-stun-tibbers is DEVASTATING just like a Sona Cresendo, The only difference is that tibbers hit a smaller area, but lands INSTANTLY, This makes for some Frightning brush ganks. - Tibbers again: He can tank turrets if need be! CONS: - Annie have no heal, (i am aware that other supports dont, but that is still a con for all of them) which means the lane lacks Sustainability. - She is very item dependant. A Annie without AP items, is not much of a threat in the teamfight and late game. - Stun Wind-up time. She probably have the longest Stun wind-up time, since she need to cast other spells for it to be ready. If she misses that stun, by accidently Q'ing a minion in lane or Miss casting tibbers in wrong area, The fight can easily turn in the enemies favor. - Low utility. She got no gab-closers unless you count flash, she can't buff her teammates and if she gets caught, she have no means of escape. She is a Balls-to-the-walls Damage support. This is of course my personal opinion and others might feel different about her in certain aspects. TL;DR: She is a strong High-burst damage Support with a "always hit-stun" But lacks utility, Kind of like lux. All in all a Viable Support.
  4. I would assume the lack of Feedback and response to the Doodle have a say in it.. I still haven't been able to be on at the same time as ADZip to ask him to fill out the doodle :/
  5. I Do believe that Counters are a thing within league of legends. Of course You should never pick a "counter" if you have no idea how to play him.. For example i have been playing against a lot of teemos as Nasus, and if the player knows what he is doing i have a hard time getting close and do any damage to him.. Yes i can slow him, but if he knows how to use the brushes to his advantage, i do not want to follow him in there. cause shrooms... Some of the less good teemo players will use the blind aggressively which makes a opening for me to do some hard damage on them... There will be Mechanical Counters. But you will need to know how to play Said champ against the opponent to efficiently counter him. In my opinion though i think builds also have a lot to say in the end. You need to adapt to what is happening, and not just stick with a certain build. Build so that you can survive against who you are up against... Building pure AD on riven wont help you if you are up against a ranged champion. you need to be able to survive TL;DR I Believe in Equal Skill counters. But a Skilled player can win against a counter if he is less skilled
  6. I remember playing in the beta of Age of Conan, where they gave you the first 20 levels, And this game felt AMAZING!!!! Though they had spent so much time shining up the first 20 levels that they apparently forgot everything else. The game was released and anything past the first 20 levels was TERRIBLE! there was a lack of quest, where you sometimes were stuck farming repeatable quests for 4 (YES 4) Levels before you would get your next story quest. The game kept crashing for unknown reasons, and over all just broken system.
  7. Hmm lets see.. normally i am really got to Tunnel vision on a game and play from start to finish in a few days But there are a few that i haven't finished mostly because i am not having fun while playing it. some of these are: Star wars - Knights of the old republic. I love the story, but the gameplay is killing me man... i can't get myself to finish that game. Witcher 1&2. Tried them both, got pretty far in the first, but i was no fan of the combat system, and felt there was to much Going forth and back. 2nd game i played for 1 hour and just never came back to it. Dragon Age 2. Starting to see a pattern here?
  8. I feel like i have been posting in every second thread here But here we go again Crainial http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/20508717#profile
  9. I would agree. If we could get server channels based on what Region you are from i would be amazing, and a lot easier for people to group up! Looking forward to see if they will do that
  10. I started playing roughly 3 years ago. November 2010. I remember that Leblanc had just been released when i started playing. A few of my friends who were really into DOTA told me to try it, so that we could start playing together. I started playing every once in a while, nothing big. But when Season 2 came out i started playing even more Normal games by myself to try and practice. Mainly as support as that was the role there usually was left. I later came to a few chances of playing top as Irelia, and i was instantly stuck with top. late Season 2 i started practicing some ranked, and all through season 3 i have been staying in top lane as much as possible.
  11. For the next to weeks My Available schedule is as following All other nights i either have plans or work. i will also update this is anything comes up. 25th - 27th Nov 29th of Nov - 5th of Dec
  12. I simply cant wait to get my hands on this skin, Sadly due to my economic situation i wont be able to get this until January I love the new voice over her will get with this skin. Simply just Nasus letting go of all sense and give into rage
  13. I got to disagree with you. The game is AMAZING. The ending is horrible and anti-climatic Something Completely different, I love your Jeanette Siggy
  14. I was really surprised with many of the changes, because i thought many of them were amazing. I must admit i have not being playing Since the end of the Cataclysm, though i have followed every bit of lore since i am, like you, A lore-whore. I have not played anything in mist of pandaria, but still i am the guy correcting some of my Not-so-lore-whore friends in the story. which i find funny. As for good changes? Hell that list is too long to list here. I love so much of it but i think the most interesting part for me is going to see all the orcs we have heard so much about and see how they were Pre-corruption (except Gul'dan who still drinks the blood) Bad things? I am so not a fan of the whole time paradox thing, Though Blizzard have said "Just forget of all possible time change possibilities, we delve into that. we just want you to experience a fantastic story that we couldn't show in the game in any other way" If anything was going to bring me back into World of Warcraft it would be this expansion. That is for sure.
  15. Well they have announced that they WILL make new Mass effect games, HOWEVER they will not feature Shepard story. It is over and it is told. They want to continue the universe with a new story, They have not said if it is a prequel or sequel. But it could even be at the same time following other guys. Personally i think the Mass Effect universe have a AMAZING potential. As they could easily make it into a lot of different games... A RTS, where you play the First contact war, against the turians, A more gritty/horror based game, where you are trying to escape from a reaper (or something else) invasion of a planet. maybe a more open world kind of game? As for the ending of ME3, Yea it wasn't all to great, and they could have done that better. Though i still think that Mass Effect 3 is a FANTASTIC game and one of the most engaging series of games i have ever played. Do i want a 15 minute ending want to spoil the almost 40 hours storyline (just the story not all the sidequests) i have pumped into mass effect? No not really. I have hopes for new mass effect games as long as they are as engaging as the others.