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  1. Well I wouldnt be on at 4 in the morning my time to play with you. but i do wake up around 0630 EST so that should be about 0330 your time so we still will have several hours that we can play. However I do have two kids that I watch hence why I'm up so early so you might have to give me a bit before I can have a chance to sit down and play. Also will have several interuptions from the kids so I hope you don't mind that to much. Just send me a friend request and a message when you get on and ill add you and we can play together. I have some good guys I play with as well that early so you can play with more people than just me lol.
  2. As of right now i only know of one person that has the game. his gamertag is AgentTurtleAJSA, so if you want to give him a message or get in contact with him he will def play with you. He has been looking for people to play with
  3. It should be under AJSA when you search for it
  4. I have up to tier 5 on XB1. Been looking for some people to platoon with.
  5. Tayphoon isn't just any german either, hes a TURKISH GERMAN! So you know he is two kinds of evil lol
  6. I run the siege events on xbox every other monday at 7pm EST. our next event is this coming monday so add me on xbox and ill send you an invite when i start the event
  7. So xbox live core systems and social seem to be down. Also awakingrage is not able to get off his xbox green loading screen so the halo event might be a little delayed
  8. I want to get this and also rocket league to start doing events with
  9. Hey guys, how is everyone doing? I'm SnackAttack and I serve as a Sergeant in the Xbox One AJSA Community. I've been a long time member and for older members you may recognize me from our early Halo: Master Chief Collection events we did last year. I now help run our Halo 5 operations as Game Sergeant. When I'm not on Halo I play and enjoy several other different games. I'm always up for playing with AJSA on other games. Earlier this week Rainbow Six: Siege was released. I have been playing a good amount of the game. I have to say...it is fun to all hell and it really keeps you at the edge of your seat with playing the game! I'm not sure how many people have the game or who are planning to get the game but I'm putting out this "mobilization call" of AJSA players on the Xbox One to see if we can't get some fun game nights organized. If we can get more people to come join us and help build an "Angry" presence in the game we can see if we can organize an official event and see if this would be a good game to add into our rotation of games we currently have. With Siege there at this time there are only five people that can do multiplayer or terror hunt at a time. However a custom game can be made to have over 10 people in one game of multiplayer. So if we can pull together a full party we can run custom games together and hone our skills as operators with practice games. Try new a whole bunch of situations and finding the best way to tackle them. We can also do more with the multiplayer and have some fun shooting terrorists in the head and running away from the suicide bombers like children. Fellow AJSA soldiers out there that want to have some fun playing some Rainbow Six: Siege, this is your chance! My GT is SnackAttack1210, just add me and send me a message on Xbox or on here through the forums. You can also just leave your GT in the comments and I can just add you myself its your choice on either option. Also if you would like any more additional info about the game and how it plays feel free to ask me. Additionally if anyone here has the Rainbow Six Vegas games on backwards compatibility on the Xbox are also free to friend and message me. I'm down to play with fellow members who want to rock it out on the original Vegas games from the 360. Hope to see some of you to my right and to my left on the Op. Thanks all, - Snack
  10. im not really an officer but i can supervise you just the same lol. and im down with helping out when work allows me to as well
  11. Hey guys its been a bit since i've put up anything on here but here it goes haha. So Im thinking about doing some World of Tanks events sometime with xbox one. Their is not alot to do clan wise like on the pc but there is some good potential to get some fun games out of it for us and teaching methods to get better with the game. Now what i want to know for now is who all plays the game or wants to try the game out. Just leave your gamertags in the comment section with a yes or no and any other ideas you might have or questions you might have. My gamertag is Snackattack1210 on xbox and you can messege me on the forums as well. thanks guys
  12. hey i have like two day lock out before i can join the clan. just to let you know
  13. Hey guys just curious to see how many people would play with me and my brother-in-law if we started up a world of tanks clan with the AJSA. If you do not like this game thats fine dont say anything on this post then and keep on scrolling through other posts that fit your interests.If you do play the game and want to play with fellow members then let me know. Please people dont come into this topic and start bashing on this game if you personly dont like it cause this isnt for you to just bash on games. Anyway let me know whats up guys
  14. ill getting it. so close yet so far away haha
  15. and you never see it coming till sandbrains are all over the desert