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  1. It is worthy of commenting and cheering because they didn't have it. Simple as that. Yes, it's somehting they should've done since they started their services. Yes, it's long overdue. They finally did it. Yay. Every new consumer-friendly policy is worthy of praise and excitement. Even if it should've come a long while before.
  2. Some back and forth brought more to think about the people buying a game, disliking it, dropping a negative review and asking for a refund. I arrived to the conclussion that it would be fair for the review (favorable or not) to be deleted, to avoid this becoming a tactic of trolls targetting random games without risk of losing money. BTW, I've sunk hours and hours on games like "Learn to Fly" and "Monkey Tower Defense". There are many ways to replayability.
  3. If the game can be beaten in under 2 hours, that's a matter to be considered by the gamedevs. Maybe adding some replayability could help. Games giving discounts for other games could have their discounts locked after the 2 hours of gameplay are logged. I don't think Valve passes the money immediately to a developer, and it certainly adds to the dissapointment to buy a game only to watch it go into a sale the next day. If a developer/publisher is adding a game to a sale, they are aware of the diminishing individual payoff, and this is effectively making the discount available post-purchase as long as the times fit into the rules for refunds. This simple move is a serious reason to buy from them without fear of a surprise discount raining on a wanted game. Somehow, I get the impression that most of the process will be performed automatically, with human interaction only to validate a batch of "routine refunds" plus closer scrutiny of "sketchy refunds" and "probable abuses of the system". So, the system should be fairly quick. An automated process to scan for abuses would start by logging how many games an account/bank card requests refunds. If it were me, I'd light warning lights the third time in a month that an account requests refunds, and would have red lights shining all over the dashboard if it happens within a single week. That's what the whole "if we find you're abusing the system, we'll block you from further refunds" paragraph is about. Account buys a game, plays it for an hour and half, writes review, requests refund.... the third of fourth time, the account is analyzed and considered for excemption from the program. And this is why I mentioned the bank cards too. If a new account tries to do the same with the same bank card, it's the same person trying to wiggle out of the ban. So, it gets searched and pummeled into fine dust. Yes, some people will find a way around the system. No solution is perfect. But it will take time and lots of effort from their part.
  4. First of all, you have some time. Win 10 has been on beta previews for a while, and although this build is meant to be more stable than the previous ones, it may still have some issues. I'd suggest you (and anyone) to wait a couple months at least. Regarding privacy issues, Win10 is certainly cause to worry. Microsoft will log every little thing you do with the OS, so you'd better make certain you don't care about them knowing your PC's darkest secrets. On the other hand, Facebook owns whatever you post there, and Siri and the Android personal assistants are just as meddlesome and eavesdropping as Cortana, so we shouldn't be so unfamiliar with the feeling of Big Brother's breath on our necks..... Regarding performance, Win10 is meant to take the best of 7 and 8.1 and mesh them into a new, upgraded versio 8.2-- err-- 10. Yes, yes, 10. 8.2 codename was rebranded..... sorry for the slip...... Now, seriously, one of the earlier Win10 releases self-identified as 8.2 in some benchmark tests, so it should be compatible with virtually everything that works on 8.1. PS: Don't know who is enabling OEMs, but if your hardware is locked to use only "trusted OSs", it is either an option switchable at the BIOS/UEFI or hidden by the PC's manufacturer. It having Win10 installed or not doesn't have much to do with such low-level coding.
  5. Somehow, I feel you're just trying to spread a personal vendetta against that game and studio because people didn't agree with you. You made a video criticizing the game and claiming it was dead and that it's not "a real arena shooter" (a real scótchman's fallacy). People disagreed with you and you replied with insults and then got angry at being banned. Sorry, but I can't feel empathy for people replying with insults to criticism. So, thanks for bringing this up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Tough luck you got banned in their forums and Steam's. Please don't make it an interforum war. No. Never. We don't need any trolls at all. You're drunk, go home. It seems this description fits you too, since you don't handle criticism of your video well either. You went deleting posts that were critical of your points. Sadly, I couldn't link directly to the conversations, so they'll show below the youtube video.... but at least you didn't delete Reaktor account's posts. You denouncing Reaktor for a forum post criticl of your vid Reply from reaktor account to your criticism and later denouncing of you deleting posts you didn't like
  6. Law =/= Justice =/= Fairness. The (probably true) idea that this is legal doesn't mean we as consumers should shut up and put up. Just like John Deere and GM claim you don't own your own car, a console maker messing around with your console because they didn't like what you were doing with it runs contrary to consumer rights. And the only way for that to NOT happen is for the consumers to stand up and protest those anticonsumer policies. Yes, yes. Their servers are theirs, one has to agree to terms of service to use them and all of that. But the steel and silicon one keeps at home or takes out for a stroll are the consumer's property. Messing with the way those work because someone got angry at the consumer only serves to show these companies feel entitled to the consumer's money without regard to their rights.
  7. Hype will be there as certainly as gamers will be there, playing somehting. I don't give into hype, but friends have frequently commented on how "zen" I am and how they'd like to be as calm as I usually remain. So, I find my hype-less an anomaly. We DO NEED to slow down the hype train, because games usually don't deliver what they promised. But the last 30+ years haven't taught us to take media and ads with a pinch of salt, and gamers (passionate about our hobby as we are) set themselves on full throttle whenever they see the media machine spinning stories and images about how awesomester will the next games be. Unplayable releases like Unity and Battlefield 4 should be enough to have players NOT FUCKING BUY anything from those companies the following half year at least. But it seems gamers don't learn, and there you've got them... hyped for the newest AC announcement and raging because it has women (how dare they? [Remember how Uniti was criticized for exactly the opposite?]). Whatever. We're taught by society to become slaves to marketing, and publishers push just TOO MUCH money into it...... to get games hyped and sold before anyone starts finding bugs.
  8. If they are rotating their franchise releases, Fallout has to come out soon(ish). Hope it's real. But womn't het myself hyped for it..... and will most probably wait for a "uber-goty immortal edition" that comes with all the DLC they'll release for it.
  9. Blocking the XBL accounts is understandable. Suing the guys for violating the NDA is understandable. Blocking the system so that it can't be played, period? The freaking console and the freaking games were purchased by them! Microsoft already got the money! That's intruding into the property of their consumers. "Being a good citizen" and having it "not happen to me" is no excuse to approve of such an abusive system based on the "it only targets the bad people" premise. Over here, we have a saying: "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Don't just close your eyes and think evil's gone.
  10. Thanks for the announcement. I'll get this once all 6 chpters are released. I don't like waiting for the next slice of game.
  11. If the greatest thing they'll announce is Doom, they'll be wasting the show. They must be announcing something else to tag along, and one of theis big franchises would be best for last "surprise" announcement. I think I never played Doom. And if I ever did, it was in single player mode and absolutely not online. Remember watching Doom 2 being announced at a gaming magazine, though..... And I got word that it was a big thing a few months ago, watching the Tek. But FPSs are not my thing, and although I liked Hexen, I couldn't care less about Doom (just like I care not about another dozens of games).
  12. Exactly. Nintendo has been claiming everything that's uploaded to Youtube for years already, and their policy should be clear by now. We had a large outrage for a series of claims like... 2 years ago?... People claimed they'd ban Nintendo from their channels. Now they have everything clearly stated on their program. Joe should've known about it and read the specifics before launching the vid. That's part of his job: knowhing which content he can upload and which he can't. Ranting at a company for doing what everyone knows they'll do is like shouting at walls for not moving. If a channel registers individual videos, Nintendo keeps 10% more of the revenue. Also, according to Boogie's math, if a channel is already registered with a partner network and registers videos in this program, both networks will claims their parts, leaving around 25-30% of the revenue for the creator, after all companies take their slices.
  13. My stepfather had an Atari. My father once played Pong with me. My cousins got a Nintendo and we played together on weekends. So, I asked my father and he bought me a Nintendo too. The rest was just keeping the hobby alive
  14. Probably the best move Joe could've done was create a dedicated nintendo channel and subscribe that one to the Nintendo network. But meh. I can live without nintendo on youtube for their stupid policies regarding it. They deserve no free promotion.
  15. For platformers, many people have suggested Shovel Knight to be an awesome retro-style platformer, and it's not expensive. For RPGs, I'd suggest the Fire Emblem series. A friend insists on me getting Monster Hunter 4, but although I liked the graphical complexity (specially for a handheld), I didn't like the control scheme. There's a free playable demo on the Nintendo store, and Capcom has been releasing FREE DLC for it. I don't count the Pokémon franchise as RPG, but it's officially one, so those are must-reccomend games too. One of the greatest RPG releases in 2014, Bravely Default was named frequently as good last year. I tend to regard Legend of Zelda as platformer with RPG elements, but it fits the genre. A Link Between Worlds was also considered as one of the best from last year, and both N64 remakes are playable in the 3ds. I've heard Shin Megami Tensei a lot. I think its reccomend-worthy. ==