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  1. I read back to your post and I understand the confusion here; what I was referring to is that Dark Souls 3 when released will be on the PS4 just like Bloodborne. But it is not a sequel to Bloodborne, it is entirely different so because both games stand out from each other, someone who doesn't already own either one would have to choose if they can't get both. Hence competing with each other.
  2. I understand your logic, but I can't agree with it. I think we have different definitions of a 'breakout game'. To me Demon's Souls was the first 'Souls' game, introducing the concept and game mechanics to the world of what would become staples of 'Souls-like' games. I'm not trying to insult Demon's Souls, like I said I own it, but to me Demon's Souls was essentially a proof of concept; proof that a 'Souls' game has an audience in the world. Dark Souls is what made the Souls series blow up to what it is today. And while I understand your point here: "My point is in the grand scheme of things, people are basically complaining that a relatively unique game they love managed to multiply, with some of it going in one direction, and another going in another." To me it seems like an unnecessary split that has divided us into haves and have-nots. You and I don't have Bloodborne and others do. This could be a dangerous trend where sequels are bought up by companies looking to secure games for their platforms, it almost appeared to happen to Tomb Raider; Bloodborne is the spiritual successor to a multi-platform series only PS4 owners can enjoy.
  3. Sure, Bayonetta 2 is a perfect example of this. But I think Bloodborne could have been made by From Software without the help of Sony; I'm certain they were actually paid to make an exclusive game for the PS4. But regardless of Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 most likely won't need support to fund development because From Software has been making a profit with their games as far as I'm aware. I'm just worried that them being buddies with Sony and having made exclusive 'Souls-like' games in the past they won't shy away from doing the same here.
  4. I believe you suggested a situation describing this exact event in your original post, please correct me if I'm wrong and what your original intent was.
  5. I'll answer the questions as I see them in your post; I have no issue with Demon's Souls, I own it. But most people knew about and played Dark Souls before Demon's Souls. That (Dark Souls) is the game that people think about when they think of a 'Souls-like' game. And if you want proof, here are some links detailing the sales of Demon's Souls when compared to Dark Souls. Demon's Souls http://www.vgchartz.com/game/31689/demons-souls/ Dark Souls PS3 http://www.vgchartz.com/game/47349/dark-souls/ Dark Souls 360 http://www.vgchartz.com/game/47352/dark-souls/ Dark Souls PC http://www.vgchartz.com/game/70899/dark-souls/ Demon's Souls total sales as of April the 4th is 177 million copies globally. Dark Souls has 298 million total sales globally as of April the 4th. This is why I call it the 'Souls' series break out game. Yes if there wasn't a Demon's Souls there wouldn't have been a Dark Souls, but the same logic can be applied to one of my favorite series, The Witcher. (All three games mind you.) If The Witcher 1 didn't exist then TW2 certainly wouldn't. But just like TW2, Dark Souls was more popular than it's predecessor; because it was multi-platform. I'm not very knowledgeable about From Software's series besides the Souls series, forgive my ignorance, but I'm focusing on the topic at hand.
  6. It's alright IMO as long as that franchise either stays exclusive or upon switching to multi-platform stays multi-platform. Going back to exclusive after going multi-platform is a good way to lose customer faith.
  7. Just don't. You run the risk of buying stolen keys that might get blocked. I don't care how cheap they are, I can't trust their sources and my games and time are worth more than the risk of buying something that doesn't work or will get banned.
  8. But what would a PS4 user do then? Not everyone has the money or the time to invest in two 'Souls-like' games at once. And like I said, they would be competing with each other, ultimately harming sales of both games if they were to come out around the same time.
  9. Sorry about the technical errors in the original post, I had little time to compose it. I didn't know that Demon's Souls was an exclusive, and this shows to me that Sony and From Software are not shy about working hand in hand, which makes the future of the Souls series even more worrisome considering two of the four 'Souls-like' games by From Software are PlayStation Exclusive. But I am not concerned with the past 'Souls-like' games except in which they can help us predict what might be expected from Dark Souls 3. Like I said before, Sony has every interest in keeping 'The From Software Game' exclusive to it's platform yet this has the possibility of severely fracturing it's fans; let me put it this way, if Bloodborne were in fact Dark Souls 3 plenty of people would be upset with From Software, because most of them started on Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 (Demon's Souls might have been the first but it wasn't their break out game) in part due to there being multi-platform. An exclusive Dark Souls 3 directly following Dark Souls 2 would feel like a bait and switch. From Software runs the risk of appearing greedy and uncaring to it's fans if a follow-up game keeping in the lore to the last two in the series were suddenly unavailable to over half of its player-base.
  10. With E3 being soon, Rumor are has it that Dark Souls 3 might be announced. With this reveal many would expect a 'Souls' game to be mulyiplatform as all the other ones were. And yet here lies the problem: Bloodborne. Bloodborne is the most recent 'Souls' game, (don't pretend like it isn't) and yet it is also available to only a third of it's potential player base. If there were to be a multiplatform Dark Souls 3,it would be essentially competing with...itself aka Bloodborne. I know they're different games but they're both 'Souls' games and both made by the same company, and you can be sure Sony has an interest in keeping 'Souls' games exclusive, which brings up this dilemma. A fractured player base and competiting games that are both technically part of the same franchise.
  11. I'll wait till the game is out, but EA has done nothing to inspire confidence in this project for me.
  12. You capped your weight limit before Flotsam? Puts looters like Jesse Cox to shame.
  13. Too many of the characters on the fan made list are already in other fighting games; Viewtiful Joe (MvsC) Amaterasu (Playstation Allstars) Phoenix Wright (MvsC) or are too similar to already existing characters. Having another Zelda, Mario, Sonic character in the game would be a huge wasted opportunity to have a character not a lot of people know about or a popular third party character appear, giving them greater relevance. I'm rooting for third party characters because the characters from popular franchises already have wide recognition, third party characters would benefit greatly from the attention popular franchise characters already have. Shovel Knight FTW.
  14. I've played The Witcher 1 (my current favorite), TW2, and I own TW3 but haven't started it yet because I knew it would have problems on launch. That's something to expect from any game these days so I just wait a week or so afterwards to actually play so my experience isn't mired with graphical glitches, frame rate drops, and imperfect scripting.
  15. Being unable to deliver on promises is always a disappointment, no matter how much good will a company has. As is exaggerating on the quality of a product. Regardless of the fact CDPR had warned it's fanbase not to buy TW3 based on the 2013 showing... they kind of encouraged sales based on that showing anyways. Simply by showing TW3 in that graphical quality they are hinting, no matter how subtle, that TW3 would have graphics of that quality and even though the game sounds fantastic it did not deliver on that. CDPR should be held responsible for exaggerating their product, even if it was from a showpiece, because sales for their product could have been and most likely were generated from it with the implied idea that TW3 would look as good on a rig with an appropriate set up when it's sounding like that level of quality simply isn't possible regardless of what you're running because the showpiece was doctored up. And that leads to an unrealistic expectation for the consumer that isn't their fault, but of the developers for presenting their product in a wonderful and unattainable light.