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    Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Snowboarding, and Fixing and Building Computers. My favorite game types are those that I can play and compete with friends. I also like a game with a good story. I however am not a big fan of racing or sports games.

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  1. I guess it would help if I included the server info lol. Seph'sTheCenter/PvE/BushPeople(3XP/3H/10T) List of mods NPC Bush Peoples V6 RAWR Beacons StackMeMore (v1.07) Advanced Rafts Bridge Structures Plus Platforms Plus Meat Spoiler Pet Finder Death Helper
  2. With the tek tier dropping really soon, I decided to get back in to playing Ark but had a hard time finding a server that I liked so I got my own. I figured I would let anyone from the community join me if you so wish. The server is set to PvE to help alleviate any drama that comes with tribes fighting each other but I did add the bush people mod. This puts NPCs in the game that build their own bases and raid yours. So if anyone is interested in joining in the fun, feel free to let me know. I currently have a 40 slot server which should be plenty but I can and will expand if needed. I also plan to run a cluster server in the near future, so people can jump between the different maps and keep all their stuff.
  3. If combat is the only thing you are considering let me name a few. Black Desert Online, Blade and Soul, and Wildstar. BDO has a fairly unique combat style where the abilities you use are based on the key combinations rather than the standard hotkeys you normally see in MMORPGs. The game is buy to play and is fairly grindy. Blade and Soul has my favorite arena pvp in any MMORPG. The combat in this game has hotkeys that change based on conditions such as air attacks, ground attacks, attacks from your back. You customize your skills by selecting from a skill tree, which will change some skills so significantly that it becomes a completely different skill. Wildstar offers, in my opinion, the best instanced pve content in any MMORPG and this is due to its combat which is completely free targeting. You are only able to have 8 skills on your hotbar at a time so your make builds for different types of encounters. That some one buy to play and 2 free to play games for you to consider.
  4. Now I was assuming you meant that the monitor was going black and not turning completely off, if the monitor is turning completely off then that's a separate issue entirely.
  5. Are you getting any error messages? That sounds a lot like the graphic issues I had with a and card a while back as side from happening at specific times. The artifacts and screen going black are most likely video card/video driver related. Now if it is happening at a specific time every day, I would check to see what you are doing that may be different at that time of day. There may be something running and eating up all your resources. If you do end up getting an error message or worse, a blue screen, a quick Google search will usually net you a forum where someone has had the same issue and someone else has already gave a resolution.
  6. When you say it's freezing, do you mean everything stops or does it look like everyone can move but you. If you have thever first case then it is most likely a software issue since your hardware looks decent. Now if everything isn't locking up then it's probably latency issues. When your Internet is slow or if you are having issues connecting, it will look as though everything is frozen but you or the game is playing without you and your controls are unresponsive. So to better help you, explain in greater detail what is happening.
  7. What are your names in game so I can add you?
  8. If you want to join red faction and it's full, just keep trying until it lets you in. I have had 2 people do this successfully now. If you are already in blue faction, you can pay 10s to change once you make it to jade village. It is the one where you learn how to craft. If someone wants to lead a guild feel free to do so and let me know so I can join it. Name is Seph sin in game. Otherwise, I will just play with this random one I joined. Also, if anyone needs help with anything, feel free to add me in game. I am getting close to lvl cap, been playing this game on the Chinese servers since 2013 and I'm currently gold in 1v1 arenas with a 2/1 win/loss ratio.
  9. Ya that was my bad. There are a couple of us on Master hong now and the way that founders benefits work, it would hard to transfer off unfortunately. As it stands, there is no official ajsa guild yet or any plans to make one. However, if someone is willing to step up and lead it, this can change. I will be continuing to play on Master Hong until there is a way to do character transfers if the ajsa guild ends up being on another server.
  10. I ended up settling down on the server mast hong if anyone wants to join me.
  11. Well I made my preorder characters on Old Man Cho. It is hard to tell how full the servers are going to be at this time though. If anyone else is playing and wishes to meet up, let me know.
  12. I was hoping more threads would pop up. I will be playing on a med population server when it goes live Friday for headstart unless someone wants to step up and lead a guild. Probably going red faction unless its full or people decide to play with me and want to go blue. I have a few of my own friends that are not directly tied to the AJSA who will play too. If anyone is interested in joining us, speak up, otherwise we are just going to do our own thing on whatever server sounds the coolest and isn't full yet.
  13. This is the first I heard about people leaving over 5% of your coin drops being given to the guild with the guild giving everyone a 10% increase in their coin drops. If anyone did leave due to losing half of the bonus that we were giving them, I think it would be a little silly.