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  1. Ah yes! Have both series on Blu-ray. Picked them up for £12! Though still not watched them all mind, seen the first series.
  2. I have been using the Type-88 LMG. With a JGM-4 [4x] scope, laser sight, R2 surpressor and a folding grip. All wrapped in ERDL snow paint work.
  3. Firefly. That is all. I despise what they had to do with the film!
  4. Yes, this video is much better. A few things i'll just reiterate, some of the bullet point text is hard to read. Especially on Left 4 Dead & Garry's Mod parts. Dont have any sound as i'm at work. But some things for me is the black bars around the video clips of the games, maybe these could be framed better? E.G: http://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml?f=search&w=1&txt=image+frame&p=1 sxc.hu is a great website for free to use imagery also. They've a big database of images. And also if you want to spend minimal amounts of $ on custom artwork, check out fiverr.com. Or there are some graphic artists which just want to expand their portfolios and would create design work for cheap and maybe free. And also agree with the red and black. And also where is says "great games as" I think should be 'great games such as'
  5. And as for my feedback now i'm at home and have sound. It seems like the video clips of the games could be a little bigger. And the text on the left shrunk a little. Maybe put as bullet points at the bottom of the video.
  6. I managed to make it through the Autumn sale without buying anything. I think I might just pull through this one. We shall see if anything takes my fancy. I've already got far too many games i've bought in sales and not even downloaded. (Hitman Absolution, Metro Last Light, Sleeping Dogs to name a few)
  7. I personally think YOU are in the wrong here. And your manner about the issue is abhorrent. People are allowed to promote their content, in fact there is a whole section of the forum dedicated to this. The way you've conducted yourself makes me shudder. Edit: And I suggest you edit your posts accordingly.
  8. But you laughed. Amirite? I've blocked alot of signatures that take up literally 80% of the screen.
  9. This. And any name containing 'noscope' names where the s is substituted with a z. Almost all name, really. Names that use lower and UPPER case on alternate letters...
  10. Take a look here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ronimo/awesomenauts-starstorm
  11. Mines kinda similar I think. But my GDP is no where near that high. I will take a look in a bit.
  12. I was in the EU server earlier. I was the only one from AJSA on there I think. And there was only about 10 people on the server.
  13. What's E.T. short for?
  14. Yes. Today I had to redownload and install BF4 because the DLC didn't work. 28gb downloaded later.. it's okay.. for now.