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    Modding, anything to do with modding. And Star Wars, anything to do with Star Wars. In fact throw Star Trek, The Elder Scrolls, Dragons, Sherlock Holmes, Humphrey Bogart, old noir movies, saxophone, and a million other things into that list.
  1. Hmm. Thanks for enlightening me. Either way though, this whole situation shows to me how little Ubisoft actually cares about PC. Their last few PC ports have been almost crap, and badly optimised, especially the Assassin's Creed games of late. I wonder if it's simply laziness or something on their part, or if this is something more malicious. Some people have come up with a theory that either Microsoft or Sony, or both, paid off Ubisoft to make their consoles look just as good as PC. I'm going to call that The Division will have downgraded graphics like Watch Dogs when it releases.
  2. I'm not 100% sure, I have no idea where the code itself came from but it was pasted here: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/40bed5f8fd163b8de7df It's been circling around Reddit for a while, along with the rest of this.
  3. Yeah it's no hoax, I use it myself now. It's a bit buggy at the moment, some stutter; but the PC Watch Dogs is always stuttery, terrible optimisation. The guys who found it are continuing to work out the kinks in it, so it should be even better soon. Also, it was found in the code that a developer wrote a comment that said:
  4. Blasphemy! Everyone knows the Great Sequel in the Sky is reserved only for those who have devoted their lives to the glorious PC master race.
  5. They're up there with GabeN, praise him!
  6. You'll notice it says below that it's a Level 50 horse, this is top level, it can't be increased any more. If you want another one buy another stable space (100g I think) and then buy another horse, then you can level that one from scratch.
  7. I've been watching TotalBiscuit playing for a while now, and thought I'd give it a try, since it's free and all; and actually I very much enjoy it. I'm still very much a beginner, but I have to say I'm quite good actually. I use a Hunter deck, mostly basic stuff as you'd expect but with quite a lot of synergy. I hope one day to be on a level akin to my mentor .
  8. I hate to ask you this, but are you sure you can run it? The game is very hefty, the highest textures require 3GB of VRAM, that's a hell of a lot.
  9. I believe TotalBiscuit's WTF video sums it up nicely. It's got some problems, and some of the visuals have definitely been downgraded; but overall it's very fun. I'm enjoying just walking around the city, very nice.
  10. Not true. I'm Veteran Rank 5 right now, just finishing up the Rift and I'm still enjoying it all.
  11. Yes, a lot of people are still playing it. The game is going well, I still find it enjoyable. There's no DLC yet, though there is a free patch coming soon that includes a lot of new end game content called Craglorn. Bug fixes are rolling out all the time as is bot control. If you want to find out the latest I suggest going to http://www.reddit.com/r/elderscrollsonline.
  12. Didn't you learn any skills on your main character? Mine only uses stuff I craft myself, Clothing, Woodworking and Blacksmithing. Also you'd have to purchase most of your mats, that's not a great way to earn money, unless you get them dirt cheap (and I mean 100 stack for 10g or something).
  13. More aggravating than funny really Also a lot of stress involved, when I got it I was terrified I'd do something wrong and we'd lose it. Luckily the team was well organised, they were giving me quick directions so I didn't have to check the map, and we got there pretty much without bother. Still, my heart though
  14. So I got my first Elder Scroll (Ni-Mohk) cap tonight (see pics ). But we nearly lost it entirely because of another guy who grabbed it first. I was part of the raid that secured the temple, he was not and just managed to get it first. Then it quickly became clear he had no idea what to do with it, for one he wasn't even sprinting to get away from the DC chasing us, he actually attacked them. When the raid was pretty much screaming at him, he threw a huffy and seemed determined to make us lose it by RUNNING INTO THE ENEMY!Then I'm not sure if he dropped it or died but another guy (still not in the raid) took it, but quickly dropped it when we asked him too (he tried to capture it in Fort Warden). Then I finally got my hands on it. Damn my heart has not pounded so fast. I also have a renewed appreciation for the "Path of Darkness" Nightblade ability. I took some pictures on the way back when we were safe enough: Most of the people you see were talking on Team-Speak too. But regardless I feel very upset about it. Why did that first guy to pick it up become such an idiot and try to spurn us? I stayed on him the entire time, twice he stopped to gather a plant and mine! But I suppose that's the mind of a troll for you.
  15. What I've heard WS barely has a story at all.