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  1. MrMadakey liked a post in a topic by Eleglas in Is Assassins Creed III any good?   
    As a big fan of the AC series, a history buff, and a Briton I can say wholeheartedly that it is one of THE WORST games I have ever played. I downright hated Connor and the stick up his arse; how he preferred to falsely believe the whole colonist's side of the American revolution was all sunshine and rainbows.
    Generally the game's story comes down to this: The British are evil, every single one of them. In previous AC games the guards are just an obstacle in the way but in this one all Redcoats are shown as power hungry bastards. This was even shown around AC4 (which I loved) though albeit toned down; Adawale for example single handedly blames the British for slavery (no one else), yet historically the French were the largest slave captors. I'd also like to mention how Ubisoft seemed to keep the French out of both games as much as possible even though they should have had very big parts to play.
    Essentially it comes down to this: If you're a gungho 'Murican who hates everything British only from what you've heard on TV or history lessons then you'll probably love it. If you're a little more advised in these matters then you're likely to not; at least on the historical side of it.
  2. Kråkis liked a post in a topic by Eleglas in If Youtube refuses to back from their changes.   
    I can garantee that this will only result in a massive drop in Google's share prices, less marketing and therefore revenue for developers and a boycott of Youtube in some respects. If they haven't done something to fix this by even January then they'll start to see content creators leaving, they'll lose profits and will most likely be getting sued themselves by developers and other companies who never wanted this.
    In short: if Youtube/Google does nothing, they're done for.