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  1. It would be badass if they have a Scenario where you play as Archaon trying to conquer all. Like if they went all the way back to the beginning of the story leading to the point where Archaon becomes who he is now. (from a devout servant of Sigmar to the Everchosen; the harbinger of the world's end) Basically a campaign option if you were to say pick Warriors of Chaos as your army.
  2. Not sure if I'm breaking a rule here.. but i would like to give these codes of mine away, since i do not wish to play this mobile game. I got them from online Games Workshop orders, there promotion codes for the mobile game The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault on the app store. Reedeem on the App Store Gold Card(s): LNNWYEN6PLH9Silver Card(s) H37E7FWHRR6F64NHRWNARW4HMYE3HTHAYPMALMALK4TWAFJW Take em if you want em. I'm sure some bot might just steal em all right away, but I guess that's better than them expiring. (yeah codes expire in 1 day)
  3. Yeah, I'm really hoping that doesn't happen here... I'm really sick of modern day DLC practices.
  4. This thread is to cover all things Total War and Warhammer Fantasy. As stated on the forums and on the interwebs, earlier this year evidence was uncovered in a Total War art book: The Art of Total War regarding a Total War: Warhammer video game. ("Total War: Warhammer appears to be on its way", PC Gamer, Jan 2015) Now its not 100% guaranteed that a Total War: Warhammer game will be released anytime in the future, but it does at least give some hope that Creative Assembly and SEGA may have something in the works. As a huge Warhammer fantasy and Total War fan, there are no words to say exactly how awesome this is. All I know is, if this comes to fruition, there’s no doubt in my mind that AJSA will fully support this title. That being said, what kind of badass things would like you like to see in Total War: Warhammer... Well I would like to see: A large selection of all the fantasy armies, including badass Vikings.. I mean Warriors of Chaos (my favorite... BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!)BeastmenBretonniaDaemons of ChaosDark ElvesDwarfsHigh ElvesLizardmenOgre KingdomsOrcs & GoblinsSkavenThe EmpireTomb KingsVampire CountsWood Elves Awesome Stories and Events to go with the Awesome Armies (Current Example: End of Times) Massive Unit Customization (Unit colors, weapons, armor, marks, gods they worship) I really could keep on going so ill just leave this here Greatly improved Battle Mechanics and AISingle player campaignCoop campaign and ConquestPre battle speechesA Hero system (kind of like Shogun 2)Awesome badass visuals and Sound Like I said, I would love to see what you all have have to offer on thoughts and information on Total War: Warhammer. Discuss away. Edit- Warhammer has now officially been announced... woooooooot woooot. Heres the trailer if you haven't seen it already. Watch now or else you will be depriving yourself of awesomeness. oh and its also available on steam.
  5. I'm still trying to recruit more members to this server, a bit hard atm because of the low population. If I could ask of some of our members to try to fill some slots to incite others to play that would great. Happy farming!
  6. Move Topic to General Discussion. Please in the future just to help keep things organized, take a bit of time to find the appropriate category before posting. Thanks. That being said. I believe there is a possibility for improvement with the new Mirrors Edge, key word "possibility". The first game was alright in my opinion, but it lacked something that i just cant put my finger on at the moment. Anyways the developers for the new game have said that there have been some innovations for Mirror's Edge 2, lets just hope that this something new is an improvement and not a detriment.
  7. Bah, that sucks. Was wondering why I was unable to connect last night.
  8. Glad to see another fan of AJ to join the community. Welcome to the forums!
  9. I’ve played a good amount of this game so far and my conclusion from the start was that it was just another run of the mill MMO... Which unfortunately it is. This is the year 2014, I demand and expect a bit more innovation here. When will we see more than just a hotbar and grind quests to collect a few items and exp. This game being nothing more than a remake of Final Fantasy XIV, I just can’t see myself paying a monthly fee for little to no effort given by the developers. Not entirely fair to give the game a full rating atm. But if I were to rate it based on what I have seen so far, the rating will be a 5/10.
  10. Dark Souls / Demon Souls is by far one of my favorite games. Demon Souls I thought was a bit better than Dark Souls... I guess I just liked the PVP more. A lot of people dont really like PVP, but I always loved envading peoples games and slaughtering them. Dark Souls had it so it was a bit harder to envade by using the shard items. You could join the DarkWraiths and get the item so you could do infinite envasions, but u basically had to finish the entire game before doing that. Thus there really was no such thing as low level dueling in Dark Souls.. which in my eyes was a big chunk of the game being removed.
  11. Without a single player / campaign, I believe the game is only worth around $40.
  12. As much as I loved World of Warcraft, I just can't see myself getting back into it. In my opinion It just consumes way too much time for me.
  13. Call of Duty is in fact a great game and I to wouldnt mind supporting it with the AJSA. I usually play COD on console though, not sure how well it is on PC.
  14. Nice to see another member starting to play Dota 2. Have Fun! Just a tad bit of information. Once you hit level 10 in Dota 2 you will then be able to play Ranked Mode. Upon playing 10 matches, Dota will assign you an MMR (Match making rating). This rating will help match you against players of your skill level.