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  1. Even if it was a rip-off, I'd still get it on the PS4. I didn't get around to buying it on the PS3 because I already have a big backlog of games but a friend has continued to nag me into playing it so why not go with the better version of it?
  2. So I'm sure a lot, if not most of you, have heard that Epic Games sold the rights of the Gears of War franchise to Microsoft Studios who has now put their subsidiary, Black Tusk (formerly Microsoft Vancouver), to work on a new Gears of War. Now I could make an entire thread dedicated to this news alone and I'm there there are already some out there on the forum but I just wanted to talk about games being made by different developers in general. My best friend is a huge Gears of War fan and he's rather devastated by the news however he's mostly concerned about the story rather than gameplay changes because he felt that Gears of War should have ended at Gears of War 3. He thought Judgement was okay because he felt that they tried to make it more modern rather than just completely changing the game. I pointed out that people bitched and moaned when they found out rocksteady wasn't making Arkham Origins, then bitched and moaned that the game was too similar to the others. People bitched and moaned about the DmC remake and thought that was a lot more drastic than just a simple change in developers, he as a die hard Devil May Cry fan, loved the game even with it's admitted flaws. Going outside the realm of video games I also pointed out that people complained when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker (him included) and that turned out to be one of his favorite portrayals of the character. So getting back to the point, tell me AJSA community, how do you feel about a developer taking over the established franchise of another?
  3. This i can very much agree with. I have a lot of fun playing DC Universe Online but that's only because I play with my friends, if I attempt to play alone I get bored pretty damn quick as it just does't do it for me. I really like the idea of being able to choose if you're a hero or villain though, being mentored by already established heroes or villains.
  4. As the title says, what is a game you would love to see and why? This could be from anything: A video game adaption of a book or movie, a sequel or prequel to an existing series, a new story from an existing series, or something you come up with from your own imagination, you get the point. If you can see why it would work, how it could happen, or even if you know it wouldn't work or would never happen, let us hear it. - For those of you who have heard of, seen, or read what I'm about to mention you'll probably be very angry with me. Those of you within that group who have heard of, seen, or played the abomination that was already attempted, you'll be even angrier with me. However with that said, I'd still very much love to see a well done Fight Club game. The 2004 game was fucking awful and an obvious cash grab but I feel like a game with a decent fight mechanic, well written, well told, and interactive story, as well as today graphics and some top notch acting would succeed not only among fans of the book and movie but of people who have never heard of or seen either. Imagined wanting to see it sort of like Mass Effect in a way while not being a total Mass Effect clone. Being given options as to what your character does that alter both minor and major things in the story, that allow you to create and shape your characters own reason for joining Fight Club and how they got involved with Project Mayhem, so on and so forth. I admit I'm pretty basic with the things I listed, I actually ended up writing this huge thing, paragraphs long, about the 04' game and the another huge thing, paragraphs long, about what I'd like to see in a re-done game and why I think it would work but after I finished it I felt like it deviated from the original idea of the thread and turned into a rant/review, so I muddied it down to this. Fight Club is both my favorite book and movie of all time so all in all my real reasoning for wanting this is wanting some justice done to something close to my heart. I also don't want to wait for the sequel coming in the form of a graphic novel...
  5. It's better when they have puppies! This conversation is going down a dark road.
  6. Personally I love GameStop. Of course they some issues that a lot of people complain about like employees that aren't sufficiently knowledgeable and the ever persistent underpaying for trade-ins and so on but I've personally yet to meet an employee who wasn't able to answer my question and I never trade in unless there's a special going on so I usually find myself getting at least 30 dollars. You can argue that for the value of the stuff I turn in that 30 dollars is way too little but they are a business and yeah you'd be right but it's usually enough to add something decent to the ever growing, then shrinking, then growing once again, collection.
  7. Welp, sound legit to me.
  8. How goes it people? I'm yet another new member of the Angry Army! Well not exactly new, I've been watching Joe for quite a while now and I only recently got around to joining. Honestly I kind of hate that, that was the case because from browsing these forums this place seems pretty damn awesome. Like me. Awesome, like me.
  9. This. This right here. The game was an incredible disappointment for several reasons. I bought it during Black Friday and it was a choice between this and Skyrim, I chose this because I figured that because my friend owned a copy of Skyrim I could play it anytime. He traded it in two days after and I was stuck beating this garbage.