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  • Birthday 09/25/1988

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    My family, gaming, movies, art, outdoors, and sports
  1. Anyone who wants a free Titanfall Beta key for Xbox 1 should let me know here. first post gets it.
  2. I kind of hope that the titles they would release would eventually go as far back as PS1 and PS2 also.
  3. Going to be playing a bunch tonight if anybody wants to grind!!!
  4. I personally think this game has the potential to take warfare games to the next level, Ubi could put so much content in this game, detailed character and load out customizing could put endless hours of gameplay at our disposal. I also know something with that much potential could also bring a colossal failure. -fingers crossed-
  5. Thanks for the hospitality, That gif was the highlight of the work night. co-workers found it hilariously creepy.
  6. I cant help but have high hopes for Tom Clancy's The Division.
  7. Recon/overwatch at y'alls service. PSN - xXBradSlammXx
  8. Hey all. Looking to have people to play with. I run recon so if you want a guy to get targets spotted for you and to let you know what points are hot then ill try to help you out. xXBradSalmmXx
  9. Hello everyone. Well, i guess i can start by saying my name is Bradley, you can brand me as Brad, Bradley, or BradSlamm. I am married and have a daughter who just turned one in December. I've watched the AngryJoe Show for a little under a year. I love playing video games, though i do not get to buy too many these days, which is why i started watching AngryJoe's reviews to begin with. This will be the first gaming community that i have ever attempted to be apart of and hope to have a good experience. If anyone has any tips or advice, or to simply point out the obvious, your help will be received gladly. I currently play on PS4 and the game i play at the moment is BF4. I stick to recon primarily unless the situation demands i rock a full-auto. My method of playing is to provide overwatch and spot the opposition, relay target positions close to my teammates/squad members, and i will take higher percentage shots (trying to keep enemy snipers off my guys/gals) and to ninja some points when needed. Also i do my best not to get stabbed in the back of the skull, which people love to do snipers (and i totally understand). I decided to join the Angry Army so that i could meet more gamers of all walks of life, relax and have fun while doing what we all love to do. I hope that some, if not many of you could use me on your side of the fight. Anyone is more than welcome to add me on PSN, gamer tag xXBradSlammXx. I hope this intro helps me make some acquaintances and i hope to see y'all on the battlefield. Roll Tide, BradSlamm