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  1. But Risen 3 combat is so cute when u use your spells as a Guardian, water and air banding
  2. So u wana i say: U just adore the game
  3. So, Risen 3 is out Any1 started? What do u think about the new installment of Pirana Byths?
  4. Yea, the game is really nice. Played it and 1st expansion, just take it easy and dont build just one char
  5. I agree, but as it looks now, the balancing is much much better. Now from looting or ship capturing u can get a nice amount of money, i think i did get around 3.000.000 from selling a captured ship:D Talked to a friend whos a gaming magazine journalist, the game is coming out soon. So they must be doing something better
  6. Ill like to show u the game im all in now... Starpoint Gemini 2 Its still in early access, but i can i say it has grown on me. Finaly a nice space sim with RPG elements, upgrading your abilities, your ship/s (there is like 70 of them u can get) from gunners to big carrier class. A lot of stuff to do in a realy big universe that has no loading between sectors. U can trade, try some pirating, mining, or just usual "lats try to kill the one there :)". A space sim Rpg with open sandbox universe, I hope ull like it as i did, and am still liking it http://www.starpointgemini.com http://www.incgamers.com/2014/04/starpoint-gemini-2-early-access-preview Some nice videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y0ON9hVciY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIofcY9sAw8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO1tfN5xtgM
  7. I vote for Tera and especially Rift... for a F2P MMO its a realy good AA game