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  1. Here are some humble bundle links for ya guys -Daikatana -Anachronox -Deus Ex: The Fall -Hitman: Absolution -Nosgoth Veteran Pack Enjoy
  2. i was looking at getting this and wanted to know what the game was like? i played the open beta for a bit but didnt get far into its becuase i only played an hour.
  3. OK Thanks! So does anyone have this game and you tell me what you want in return?
  4. has anyone got a key for dawn of war GOTY or dark crusade?
  5. just wondering does the AJSA have a guild on this game or does anyone have a guild i could join please? Ive just started
  6. i listen to a lot of celldweller and blue stahil when i play games.
  7. i know their is a roumor going around that they are just scrapping the game and releasing the game and something completely new (we still keep it though) so their will probably be a new map to learn and alot of new features so i wouldnt be surprised if there is will be a map like in minecraft once this build is released.
  8. Does the AJSA have a GRP clan yet or does anyone have a clan i could join please?
  9. so i need to upgrade my headset because my current one is on its last legs. anyone know of any good ones?
  10. ive been playing for about 6 months before it came to steam but yeah its a pretty good game i would recommend you try it out
  11. Thanks ross ive got one now
  12. have these invites been sent out yet? or am i just missing one?
  13. i will most probably be on EU but i read on a FAQ that i can make characters on NA if i wanted
  14. thanks and yeah i wont be able to play till about 5PM UK time so i dont know when that is for you guys
  15. thanks