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  1. It'd be cool to get Deus Ex off of this. I'll try.
  2. Looking forward to it. Hopefully it doesn't cause alot of Crashes.
  3. I'd want to see more Territorial Control inflicted within the Wasteland, Set markers and Borders to areas that are dangerous or owned by a specific Faction. Plus a even more Awesome and more likable Factions.
  4. Now that I think about it, Its either the Russians or the Chinese Game creators like to use.
  5. Artorias within Dark Souls
  6. The Templars and Mages both have a side of their story which is true and gives you the idea of the other faction must be bad from their story. Of course you don't know if any of them are lieing about the situation unless you truely know the history but facts are facts. I personally side with the Templars due to their thought on containing the Evil the Mages bring to the world and how their control over magic causes them to be a threat to humanity along with their Demons to wreak havoc. Don't get me wrong, I think the Templars are just as bad. To be honest though if it was a option, I would eliminate both Factions since if one is eliminated the other will rise in power and just abuse the ones below them since the other is basically their Rival who keeps them in the Balance. Both Mages and Templars need to be destroyed.
  7. Shogun 2 has so much to offer compared to Rome 2. Go for Shogun 2.
  9. Condemned within the Mall with the Gang of Mannequin men.
  10. Its pretty much just the Media going on and off about how everything is bad. People take things to seriously and they try to eliminate something that has nothing to do with anything. Some kid randomly gets murdered? Well we found out on his Xbox Live account he played over 2 Hours of the game known as Call of Duty for every week of his life so far. He must be some sort of killer right? Video games are literally meant to show you the horror of killing and destruction, Sometimes it may be fun but no one randomly walks off from their television and slams his fist into a random person face and throws them out of their car to drive off just because a Video Game did it. Im sorry but it just gets me mad that the Media/Government want to blame Video Games for things like Mass-Shootings...
  11. You're Next, Movie was incredibly Dull and Predictable. The Purge, To easy to just leave the Theater and know what happens before you exit the door. Tapes Different Stories leading to one? It was all sick and terrible kind of Scenarios. I stopped halfway and just read the rest on a Wiki.