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  1. Metro : Last Light free on Epic Games until 11.02.2021. : https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/metro-last-light-redux/home
  2. I writed also, 2 years ago but no one replied.
  3. Yeah if the guild isn't so much active people go in other guilds, same was in Guild Wars 2 ,we were big and had events and later people just disappear
  4. Elite Dangerous had many great updates. Would like to know if people from community would like to make AJSA Squadron ?
  5. Any changes on accepting people into stream team? i think if we get a good team more people will join the AJSA community
  6. Big Welcome
  7. When is the next pick for the stream team member?
  8. who to contact for invite?
  9. Can i join the stream team ,i represent AJSA on twitch always , you can check here https://www.twitch.tv/mladenius_maximus
  10. Anyone got spare PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ?
  11. Does anyone play Conan Exiles , it is still early access but the game is good , we can set up AJSA server or start on some server and make clan.
  12. There is now one big server but im on Channel Valencia 2,if im not ingame whisp me on discord
  13. youtube haters, content

    In the last video Joe has open to us why he disable comments and likes.I follow Joe long time now since 2009 and part of the community since 2013. Everyone have ups and downs ,sometimes people lose faith in us. Your channel is build on Video Game reviews and now when you want do something many people not like cause they need time to get used to it.You are very great reviewer and do very good job. I wish all of best for his channel and i will always help community to grow and what ever happens we will be beside Joe always. And for others i do not write this cause im part of AJSA community but to let him do stuff he likes. I stayed Sub on his YT cause i like his Game contents,he want to do movies its ok i will wait until there is game review cause he is also human like we are.We are all here because of Joe ,he made us come together and play together.The people ranting on youtube only go there for videos ,they do not know the hard work you do in record ,than edit video.Now is time we help Joe and understand him. Hey even i not like sometimes some movie reviews i skip them and wait other but not because of joe but because i not like movie and i not hate what he do, what he like,That makes him happy.I write all this because i am feeling injustice for Joe ,he do all this years putting honest reviews and i want to share my support to him.Hell my fav. Rome 2 was 40 minutes, you know how much that is time for just edit.Once again You have my respect always. So if he read this its ok,if not its ok again also,Joe have my respect.Stop hating stuff that make other people happy. And i will see you again at next Angry Joe Show :-)
  14. Greetings Adventurers, This week we are excited to launch a new drop rate event as well as Arena of Arsha! This is a unique PvP Option that allows players to host and compete in more structured PvP Encounters. This weeks patch will be 1.03 GB. All patch notes you can also read at : https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/patch-notes-july-26th-2017.35023/