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  1. Looked for topic on this but couldn't find it. I'm a big transformers fan. I'm really excited for this game especially after that shit fest Rise of the Dark Spark. Bummer you can't play as the Decepticons though. Other than that the game looks great so far.
  2. I purchased the Playstation Gold Head sets. I enjoy them...
  3. So when I went and paid off my pre-order for Lego Bat Man 3 Beyond Gotham; I went ahead and bought the Season Pass. When I entered the code it didn't work. Do some codes not work until in the content is on the store or is it a faulty code? I'm probably going to wait till the launch date.
  4. I'm having issues watching videos on it at times. But I like the lay and everything.
  5. I'm very excited to play this game!
  6. Pretty pumped on this update.
  7. Super happy they put up Strider. I have been wanting to play it now I get for free. WOOOO
  8. I bought this game and the only word I can use to describe it is "Lazy". EoR barely did anything almost every is done using what High Moon used. Rather annoying to think about. I enjoyed playing all of High Moon's Transformers games(even DoTM). It's shame it was tarnished with this.
  9. Anything I like really. Metal, Hardcore, Hip hop/Rap. As long as it sounds good to me.
  10. Man, I am so surprised someone said the Transformer Movies games. The first movie game I feel had great Transforming animation. But, the gameplay I didn't feel too much. But I enjoyed Revenge of Fallen and Dark of the Moon a bit. Nothing ground breaking by any means. But I was into it. I enjoyed X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Spider-Man 2, The Amazing Spider-Man game.
  11. I guess a little spoilers coming for Origins. But the end credits teaser kind of hinted towards a Suicide Squad game. That would be pretty cool. As long as I don't loose my save file again.....
  12. Web of Shadows is the best currently available right now in my opinion. The Amazing Spider-Man games are okay in my opinion. I've played both now. I enjoyed the first one and played the crap out of it. It wasn't horrible. The swinging was just kind of let down since you connect to nothing. But I was into the story, it kept me entertained. The second movie game on the other hand just randomly throws villains at you builds no story behind them for the most part. The entire Menace/Hero system ruins the enjoyment of free roam. You can just swing around and collect comics because people will get all but hurt over Spider-Man not helping with random shit across the city. Which is stupid that they make the city think he HAS to help or he is a problem. But the rest of Beenox's Spider-Man titles are amusing. S.D. honestly being the best. I love playing with a Spider-Man from different Universes. They had a great selection of villains in my opinion as well. Edge of Time, in my opinion was a alright game but I feel the game had a lack of baddies. But I enjoyed the choice of the main villain and the little twist at the end. Friend or Foe is a easy platinum and 1000/1000. The game is market for kids so don't except anything too crazy. It's just a simply beat em' up button masher. It has a pretty cool roster to me. So my list of the current Spider-Man games in order of check out worthiness is: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Spider-Man: Edge of Time The Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man: Friend or Foe
  13. So tonight I was playing Warface on my 360 with a buddy and then all of sudden my Afterglow Gaming headset started admitting a constant buzzing sound and wouldn't turn off. All I could find online was to let it die and just charge it and it will be fine? Has anyone ever had a problem with this brand of headset? I've had it for a while and never experienced this before.
  14. I'll probably give it a shot.
  15. EA still has a broken game and just puts out another. Maybe they will learn from their failures but probably not.