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  1. chuckwagon253 liked a post in a topic by Null in Mortal Kombat X   
  2. fridgeracer liked a post in a topic by chuckwagon253 in PS3 games - recommend me some   
    If you're into Wrestling games I highly suggest WWE All Stars.  That game is so much fun.
  3. Sigma081 liked a post in a topic by chuckwagon253 in Heavy Music fans in the AJA   
    I hope it's fine for me to post this here. So, I work for a band from my area, I Declare War and go on tour and sell there Merch for them. If any of you guys want to come hang out that would be cool. I leave on Thursday for San Diego. I know everyone might not be in to this kind of music.  But I thought it would be cool If I got to meet some of you guys. I will be all over the place this year. I'll post the dates and tour flier below.

    2/21 San Diego, CA @ Soma
    2/22 Phoenix, AZ @ Nile Theatre
    2/23 Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
    2/24 Odessa, TX @ Club Patron
    2/26 Kansas City, MO @ Czar Bar
    2/27 Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom
    2/28 Oklahoma City, OK @ Chameleon Room
    3/1 Fort Worth, TX @ Tomcats West
    3/2 Little Rock, AR @ Vino’s 
    3/5 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
    3/6 Wilmington, NC @ Ziggy’s by the Sea
    3/7 Springfield, VA @ Empire
    3/8 Wilmington, DE @ The Harmony Grange
    3/9 Amityville, NY @ Revolution
    3/10 Albany, NY @ Bogie’s
    3/11 Buffalo, NY @ The Waiting Room
    3/12 Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theatre
    3/13 Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar
    3/15 St Louis, MO @ Fubar
    3/16 Minneapolis, MN @ Skyway Theatre, Studio B
    3/19 Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theatre
    3/21 Reno, NV @ Jub Jubs Showroom
    3/22 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
    3/23 Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
    3/24 Spokane, WA @ The Hop
    3/26 Sacramento, CA @ Assembly
    3/27 West Hollywood, CA @ The Whisky
    3/28 Lancaster, CA @ Industry Theatre
    3/29 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
  4. vFadeToBlackv liked a post in a topic by chuckwagon253 in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    I thought this game was available at launch. I was really bummed that it wasn't. When it's up I'll be playing it for sure.
  5. Laxor liked a post in a topic by chuckwagon253 in Worse Game You Ever Played?   
    I will say the worst game I myself have ever play is Iron Man The Video Game. Controls where fucking awful. Flying felt awkward as hell. Loving comic books can come back and kick you in the ass. 
  6. Conor liked a post in a topic by chuckwagon253 in PlayStation 4 PSN ID List   
    My PSN is the same as my forum user name
  7. Mondez liked a post in a topic by chuckwagon253 in Hi, I'm chuckwagon   
    Hi guys!
    I just signed up to the site and can't to get to know some of you! My name is Charlie and I'm from Seattle Washington.  I can't wait to get involved with the community. I honestly don't know what else to say. If you want to know anything just ask I suppose! 
    I guess I'll post a picture of me too!