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    Fifteh Calibur

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    San Diego
  1. @@@sent Account name: jiver50
  2. Just transferred from Tarnished Coast, Jiver.2408. Reporting in, if a little rusty .
  3. Jiverfifty on PC, see ya ingame!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm Jiver50, just signed my many gamer lives to the angry army. I decided recently to transition to PC from the Xbox 360, mainly because I don't have $500 but had a pc that could run most new games with okay graphics. These days I casually play BF4 (PC). I've restarted playing Planetside 2 and switch between WoW and Guild Wars 2 whenever I want to play a more laid back game. Always been a fan of the chaos that is shooter games, I love being a marksman type class with a sniper rifle but can do roughly anything well. I joined because I love Angry Joe's vids and since moving from console to PC, I don't have that many people to play with lol. Looking forward to meeting and playing along with others of the Angry Army, may those who oppose us tremble .